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New album: ReOrder – IAMREADY [Black Hole]

After 10 years of making the trance scene better with his music, ReOrder finally released his first album. He took his time, but he took it well. It may be easy to say: "I am gonna do an album", but the decision on actually doing...

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New album: Lowland – We’ve Been Here Before

To introduce ‘We’ve Been Here Before’ as Lowland’s first ‘regular’ album would apply serious pressure to that word. It is however the first Finland’s Petri Alanko has recorded with a broader remit than his conceptually driven and now widely revered ‘Classic Trancelations’ series. Nonetheless stepping into...

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Looking for a trancer to trance with

This is a post I never thought possible to write, but here it is! is a project very close to my heart and for a long time it's been a "one man" job. But lately, the project grew up so much, and it is in...

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