New Track: Jak Aggas - Strangers Like Me [FSOE]

Strangers like me, strangers like you, strangers like anybody else. Strangers on the streets, strangers at the gym, strangers on the dancefloor. But are they actually strangers? Or just humans, humans we'd like to be friends with? That is the question that popped into my mind while I had this track on repeat. Jak Aggas - Strangers like me was released yesterday on FSOE and it is definitely a track to have in your cart.

This track is about energy, positivity and dreams. Dreams of those we met past years, dreams of those we'll meet someday. It is about people. Simple people. Happy people. Beautiful people. This track gave me a very strong feeling of a community, of a whole. It is a cheerful uplifter and true choon. My thoughts might sound weird, but this is the vibe I am getting while listening to it.

I get a lot of happy thoughts and it puts me in the right mood. The mood of dancing, the mood of losing myself. The mood of pure joy and goosebumps. It is a great track to hear on the dancefloor and that could've been seen at ASOT too, when Fila dropped it for the first time. It's easy to lose it on this one. It is easy to close your eyes and just enjoy the purity of music.

Track has got already a lot of support from of course, Aly & Fila and most of the trance community, so  you might wanna give it a spin too. Grab your own copy: and support Jak Aggas in his adventure!


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New Track: Unbeat - Won't let you in again [Extrema Global]

As part of the Extrema Global Music team, I get to listen to our releases before anyone else, enjoy and get really excited about them on the first listen. I have been a fan of Unbeat and his work for quite a while now, and when I heard his latest track, I remained speechless. He is one to watch in the scene. He deserves it. He works for it.

Usually, it is not ok for me to get speechless while working on writing the description for a track, but with this one I was actually happy. It's been a while since a track did that to me, and I had to really put my mind to hard work to find the proper words to describe it.

This track is dreamy enough, sensible enough, but also strong enough! I really like the beginning, the ending, everything! I am easily getting bored of the intros, but here is not the case. It catches my attention from the very first seconds. I love the angelic voices, the raspy male one, everything! I had it on repeat since we got is as a demo, and I do not regret it.

You can try it too, by buying your own copy here.


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Subculture [Mixed by John O'Callaghan and Cold Blue]

You've seen this news on their socials. You've heard some tracks before. But I suppose, you never thought this will be the compilation of the year so far!

Call it a compilation, call it an album, call it whatever you like, this is a masterpiece! A masterpiece of handpicked tracks by John O'Callaghan and Cold Blue. Calling it simply Subculture, is just one of the things they "slap" up with.  You already know how huge of a fan of this guys I am. You know already how this article's gonna be. Full of excitement, full of happiness and playful thoughts.

Compilation of the year? Yes. Alongside other great ones, I really believe this deserves to be in your cart, in your playlist and on repeat! The tracks are all of them, so greatly built and they, all, tell a story. A story that turns into a fairytale, once the get all together on this. Subculture is a fairytale of a compilation. It is a dream. A dream came true, thanks to these 2 amazing producers JoC and Cold Blue. They are in it to win it and I hope they will never stop. As long as they are present in the scene, there is no way the trance music will ever fade. These are 2 brilliant minds to hold on, and everything they release is pure gold.

Both have used its occasion to put their own production material on the frontline of its mixes. So often the mainstay of their sets, across its 29 tracks, no fewer than 19 first gleamed from the DJs’ own studios. In doing so, it offers not only the most authentic of representations of their sets, but also as producers in their own right.

Filling in further Subculture shades from their significantly broad palette, you’ll find music from many others from their cadre. Giuseppe Ottaviani, Temple One and Craig Connelly are just some of the Subculture-ists whose work features significantly. Further in you’ll also find music other attuned trance operators - David Forbes, Sied van Riel, Liam Wilson, Alex Di Stefano among them.

First to the decks is the Subculture kingpin himself, O’Callaghan. Included amongst are upcoming single ‘Choice of the Angels’, album-premiering ‘Permutations’ and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s freshly juiced spin on the classic ‘Out Of Nowhere’. Temple One’s made sizeable waves for the label over the past 12 months. Reflecting that in sharpest possible focus, John works Temple’s ‘Encounter’, ‘Sun After Rain’ and ‘Reaching For A Dream’ into the mix. Two of Craig Connelly’s productions strike in succession at the midpoint with ‘A Reality’ and his latest 'Lost Without You’. Sied van Riel and Giuseppe Ottaviani meanwhile edge the mix-needle ever closer to the red with (respectively) ‘Hold Me Close’ and ‘Till The Sunrise’. It’s John’s own production hand that deals the disc its final coup-de-grace. In convoy, you’ll find current single ‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’, built-for-the-album ‘Requiem For An Angel’ and Stine Grove’s seraphim toned ‘Our Destiny’ - collectively bringing it to its zenith.

Now, if all that isn’t a quite, quite enough of a concentrated artistic dose for you, just wait and see what see Tobias Schuh has in store. Since his debut a decade ago, Cold Blue has enjoyed ever-greater acclaim with each year that’s passed. Those still awaiting an album debut can take in-lieu-of solace with what the man from Mainz has lined up. He binds no less than fourteen of his tracks and mixes into a beautifully arranged and thrillingly structured dive into the Blue. Among them are recent singles ‘Speed of Life’, ‘The Clash’, ‘Once In Time’ and ‘On The Outside, as well as current hit ‘Learning To Live’. There’s also a raft of his most recent remixes, expanding the floor reach of Lowland, Alex Di Stefano, David Forbes and others. Premiere material abounds too, with hot-off-the-desk exclusives like ‘Before We Leave’, ‘The Wave’, ‘A New Spirit’ and ‘Daylights’.

You can order your copy of the compilation here: ‘Subculture - Mixed by John O'Callaghan & Cold Blue.

Mix 1 - John O'Callaghan

01. John O'Callaghan - Permutations (Intro Mix)
 02. Liam Wilson - Always With Me
 03. Temple One featuring Deidre McLaughlin - Reaching for A Dream
 04. John O'Callaghan - Choice of the Angels
 05. John O'Callaghan featuring Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
 06. Temple One - Encounter
 07. Activa – Meridian
 08. Craig Connelly featuring Kate Miles - Lost Without You
 09. Craig Connelly - A Reality
 10. Temple One - Sun After Rain
 11. Sied van Riel featuring Natalie Gioia - Hold Me Close
 12. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise
 13. John O’Callaghan - Next Stop Muddy Waters
 14. John O'Callaghan & Stine Grove - Our Destiny
 15. John O'Callaghan - Requiem For An Angel

Mix 2 - Cold Blue

01. Cold Blue - Before We Leave (Intro Mix)
 02. Cold Blue - The Wave
 03. Lowland - We've Been Here Before (Cold Blue Remix)
 04. Cold Blue - A New Spirit
 05. Cold Blue - Speed Of Life
 06. Cold Blue – Daylights
 07. Cold Blue - Learning To Live
 08. Cold Blue - The Clash
 09. Cold Blue - On The Outside (Original Mix)
 10. Jeff Rona - Like Water (Cold Blue Remix)
 11. Cold Blue - Before We Leave
 12. Alex Di Stefano - Never Back Down (Cold Blue Remix)
 13. David Forbes featuring Emma Gillespie - Shadows (Cold Blue Remix)
 14. Cold Blue - Once In Time (Original Mix)


JOOF Editions Volume 4 [Mixed by John OO Fleming]

I was telling you about this last month and now I finally have more news! JOOF Editions Volume 4, mixed by the man himself John OO Fleming is finally on pre-order and ready to rock you world. I am really happy with this. I am really happy seeing great music put together by a master on a perfection of a compilation. I am really happy this is happening on the scene.

Over 276 minutes you’ll find material from a virtual Who’s Who of prog-trance’s best known and capable. Max Graham, L.S.G., Quivver, Union Jack, Airwave, Orkidea, The Digital Blonde, Moshic – you name ‘em, they’re represented. Equally there’s audio from its 21st Century class - Jerome Isma Ae & Alastor, Guy J, Stan Kolev, Tim Penner, Basil O’Glue, Rick Pier O’Neil, Paul Thomas, Façade all making ‘V4’s cut. For every recognisable name though, there’s a track from a producer in whom John’s seen significant future promise. JOOF Recordings’ arrivals like Alex Morelli, The Stupid Experts, Roby M Rage and Robert Elster all marshal. As naturally does the deep floor conquistador himself, with John including new JOOFware like ‘Planet X’, ‘Protected By Karma’ and his latest single, ‘We Close Doors’.

At its outset, ‘Editions 4’s style-band is locked into the cooler paced, ether-soaked and more celestially esoteric. Zero convulsions or shock value contrivances, its feel is a constant flux of minor ebb & contrasting flow. An engrossing trip, it’s one that looks not out… but up. As it progresses - matched by sounds, by degrees tougher, more impressing and forceful, its pace imperceptibly increases. Galactic in feel, size and tone, piece by painstaking piece, another classic’s been built.

In delivering his fourth ‘JOOF Editions’ odyssey, John 00 Fleming feels that it’s “the most exciting of times” for the album to arrive. “Our sound is finally back where I dreamt it would be… And it only took 14 years he deadpans. That corner’s been turned and it’s become a force again. Year on year since they began, he continues, I see the ‘JOOF Editions’ releases as the ones that most clearly and authentically document that upswing”.

Be of no doubt though, said “upswing” is no chance happening, but the result of a concerted push by John and others. Taking one of trance (or even dance music’s) most inherently underground styles to arenas like A State Of Trance and Dreamstate is something that would have seemed improbable just four years ago. Fresh from playing ASOT’s first ever progressive stage last week, he said: “these things take time to resolve”. That’s healthy though, and naturally all the more satisfying for the time it took. The style, or indeed set of sub-styles, he considers are not ones you can pin words like ‘overt’, ‘instant’ or ‘obvious’ to. Paradoxically that’s one of its main appeals”.

“In essence, our music is the only viable bridge between the trance genre as a whole and a swathe of other electronic music areas. By the same token, the opposite end of Trance had to run out of evolutionary road before the shift to progressive could happen. It had to reach a point where it couldn’t get any harder, or more uplifting, mainstream, extreme, etc. That cycle’s resolved now. Its race has been run. And that’s why we’re here”

On finishing the compiling of ‘JOOF Editions 4’, he’s also 20/20 on where music for future ‘Editions’ will be sourced. "It won’t be coming from trance. Our intake will be from the progressive and techno areas".

JOOF Editions Volume 4 Mixed By John 00 Fleming is released March 12th - you can pre-order it HERE!

Tracklist: JOOF Editions Volume 4 Mixed By John 00 Fleming

1. John 00 Fleming & The Digital Blonde - Amanitas
2. Moshic - Mol-Do-Va
3. Dmitry Molosh - The Fall (Framewerk Remix)
4. The Stupid Experts - Night And Day
5. Matteo Bruscagin & Visnadi - Drps Classic (Guy J Remix)
6. Fausto Fanizza & Thomas Schwartz Feat. Piper Davis - Midnight (Extended Mix)
7. Stan Kolev & Matan Caps - Revive
8. Yunta - Narguile (Subandrio Remix)
9. Golan Zocher, Kamilo Sanclemente - La Luna
10. Alex Morelli -Sleeply Nation
11. Tim Penner - Goodbye (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
12. LSG - Netherworld - (Rise And Fall Remix)
13. Max Graham - Moonchild (Tim Penner Remix)
14. Basil O Glue - Everyone Has A Story
15. Quivver - The Rat
16. Mark EG Vs Nico Kohler - Underworld (Kreisel Remix)
17. Rick Pier O Neil - Throaty
18. Dezza - Escapist
19. Paul Thomas - Alpha Papa (Extended Mix)
20. Union Jack - Cactus - (Airwave's Dark And Long Remix)
21. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Kubrick
22. Lio Q - A Non Domino (RPO Remix)
23. Orkidea - Nana (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
24. John 00 Fleming - We Close Doors
25. Optimuss - Saturn
26. Paul Anthonee, Haze-M, Inner Rebels - The Love Is Over Feat. Haptic
27. Kalden Bess - UNDFND Kontrol
28. Artbat - Wall
29. Tom Hades ,Irregular Synth - Witches (Stigmata Remix)
30. Royal Wolf - Crveni Djavoli (Roby M Rage Remix)
31. John 00 Fleming & Roby M Rage - The Devils Gates Of Heaven
32.Basil O’Glue - The Mars Project
33.Aquya - Subsystem (You Are My Salvation Remix)
34. Airwave - Dancing Desperado
35. Facade - October
36. Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance (Airwave's Cyberbreaks)
37. John 00 Fleming -Planet X
38.Robert Elster - Straight To Base
39. Allaby & Bedders - Hollywood
40. Visua - The Time Has Come
41. Visua - Dream On
42. The Digital Blonde- Argo
43. John 00 Fleming - Protected By Karma
44. E-Clip Vs Micky Noise - The One
45. Tim Bourne - Akasha
46. Tim Penner - The Guardian

Captain JoC speaking: Next Stop Muddy Waters [Subculture]

Ohhh yes! This track speaks for itself. This artist needs no introduction. This release promotes itself. John O'Callaghan release last week on February 16th Next Stop Muddy Waters under Subculture, of course, and it is mint! Not less than you'd expect, but a whole lot more! It is sitting in the Top 10 Trance Tracks (no.6 while I am writing this) for a reason!

Leaving the piano-rich, upliftingly themed vistas of ‘Trees’ behind, the Irishman’s next singles juncture sees him head down a markedly different road. Harsher, harder, leaner, faster and altogether later night in its appeal, this is JOC at his most stripped down and pugnaciously ramped-up. An ID set weapon at his shows stretching back to last summer, ahead of its final uncloaking in December, no small measure of fan speculation accompanied its progress.

The track is energy to the core and it drove me good mad when I first listened to it. Mad because of the hype, mad because of the excitement, mad because this track is too gorgeous. It also had an old vibe in it, a vibe that made me think of the early stages of my trance journey. How curious I was about everything and how every sound gave me a different sensation. This track is all in one. It is about the memories, the happiness, the curiosity, the ups and downs.

Primed through bold drums, bracing tempo, three-dimensional bass and no short order of riding percussion and acidic pH-pow, ‘Next Stop’ displays the toughest of sonic signatures. Punching hard around trance’s midrange, churning, curling and finally all-out blistering 303 send its mercury flying. Converging around an unfurling synth struck mainline, John manipulates the two elements to conspire a drop that’ll leave other tracks for dust.

‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’… is out and you can grab your copy now, here.


New From Perfecto: Paul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd - Love Escape

Into 2018, and Paul Oakenfold maintains the singles pressure built by the likes of last year’s ‘Dreamstate Theme’, ‘Amnesia’, & ‘Deep Space’. Never one to let the artistic grass grow under his feet, ‘Love Escape’ sees him pivot again, with a more contemporary house themed/song-based cut.

To give voice to it, Paul’s once again sought out the talents of a woman who’s now one of Australia’s most established electronic music singer/songwriters. Having previously supplied song to among others Hardwell’s ‘Apollo’ and Oakie’s own 3 million-stream-hitting ‘U Are’, Amba Shepherd gifts ‘Love Escape’ its spirited chorus & insightful verse.

Stylistically spreading the remix love far & wide, Paul’s commissioned three killer reinterpretations to take ‘Escape’ to other clubbing times and dancefloor spaces. Keeping the release’s down-under factor high, Sydney’s JaySounds reins in the bpms, while boosting its bottom end signature. Dropping the LFO into the sub-bass range, he warps out the synths to fashion a spin that’s as eclectic as it is engaging. Further round the Aussie coast, Adelaide’s Dimatik flips the polarity, taking it high up to the trance heavens. Opening the tempo throttle wide, and backed by the big synths, he infectiously cuts, chops & loops the vocal up, servicing ‘Love Escape’s primetime needs.

Casting a moodier, more proggy silhouette through his mix, David Webster brings a more lamenting vibe to Amba’s vocal. Through scudding drums and tight percussion lines, he engages its drive, while amping up its ether through tubular synths, cyber FX and pad-based sweep.

Paul Oakenfold’s famed trip to the white island of Ibiza, sparked the creation of club culture as it is known today as well as his legendary DJ'ing career. The Wonderful World Of Perfecto: With Paul Oakenfold And Friends charts his historic career rise to fame, fortune and musical nirvana and each of the artists collaborating with Oakenfold illustrate a different time period in the DJ’s life. Throughout his career, Paul Oakenfold has been nominated for 3 GRAMMYs, sold millions of records and has been named DJ Mag’s #1 DJ twice. Oakenfold has collaborated with Pharrell Williams, Grandmaster Flash, Ryan Tedder, Perry Farrell, Nelly Furtado, Ice Cube, Tricky, Hunter S. Thompson and the list goes on. He’s officially remixed U2, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Massive Attack and Maroon 5 among others.

Put hands on it here.


Upcoming Paul Oakenfold shows:

February 09 The Palace Theatre, Calgary AB (Canada
February 23 Soundcheck DC, Washington DC (U.S.A.)
March 9-11 Get Lucky Festival, Magna UT (U.S.A.)
March 23-25 Ultra Music Festival, Miami FL (U.S.A.)
July 20-22 Tomorrowland, Boom (Belgium)

An explosion of colours in one track: Cold Blue - Learning to live [Subculture]

This is now just a "new track is out" type of article. This is pure happiness put into words. Happiness because Cold Blue just released a new masterpiece: Learning to Live with Subculture literally 4 days ago, on January 26.

I still can't believe. I still can't understand how this man can come up with such beautiful melodies and F everything up in my brain when I hit that play button. It does F everything up, but in the most pure and beautiful way. This track is so airy, so driving, so romantic!

Cold Blue has been on the run these past years and he will rule 2018 for the whole trance community! From releasing choon after choon in 2017 with labels such as Subculture, Kearnage, Pure Trance, FSOE or Damaged to do even a greater job in 2018!

From its outer limits, deliciously doomy bass & pad movements beam, connecting with the haunt of its horns and strings assuredly chilled in nature. As its sub-melodies subside, the mainline synths take over, serving ‘Learning to Live’ with its final elevating crescendo. Trance to move the mind, body & spirit. 

Learning to Live - for me - is one of the greatest tracks to start this year. From the very first second to the last one, this track caught me. It caught me to listen to it. To put it on repeat. To enjoy it. To have a hell of a dance party on it. To make my day better. To make me smile. to make me happy. And when a track does that, words are beyond anyone and anything.

I don't even know how to express what this track is making me feel. The drive of it gives me the push. The push to dream. But also to work for those dreams. 'Cuz what are dreams if we don't work to make them real?

The track is a full explosion of colours. Colours of love. Colours of joy. Colours of happiness. Colours of hope. Colours of melancholy. Colours of falling down. Colours of getting up. Colours of life. Of learning how to live it, no matter what. No matter the bads, the goods. But live it.

Put hands on it here. Or listen to it below. You'll see exactly what I mean.

Tobias, you killed it. And I can't thank you enough for it.


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New track: Mohamed Bahi - Hope for a Cure [Vandit]

New track! New Track! New AMAZING Track! Or at least, I am loving it. And I am having it on repeat for a couple of hours now. Mohamed Bahi - Hope for a Cure was just released on January 19 and it is a dream of a track! It is his first single of 2018 and it is here to give us the right start for 2018! It sounds very playful and it puts me into a very good mood.

It is the first time I heard of Mohamed Bahi (shame on me), but I understood he is a Vandit regular now. He also released Atlas Highland, In a Perfect World and Habanium and he is quite present between VONYC listeners.

This track is full of positivity. It breaths the joy and optimism. It touches all your hopes and dreams and it makes you fly. Fly to the land of all possibilities. Fly to the land of promises. Where everything becomes true and disappointment fades. The echoic piano, the hooky intro, the cascade of note arrangements, the sensationsal pad and the chord swirl are just a couple of the elements that make this track sounds so great. The drop makes your energy go higher and higher, so that it ends with a full release of all the elements into one big and euphoric uprush.

Hope For A Cure is available now here via Beatport, or you catch a listen via VANDIT’s Soundcloud page here.

Damaged Presents Charged - Mixed By Jordan Suckley & Coming Soon!!!

Compilations over compilations! Our favourite trance artists, do not rest and they are determined to mark this year as the greatest one till now! If the other days I was talking about a progressive compilation, today we are gonna talk about something to "damage" the dancefloor! Jordan Suckley and Coming Soon got together to release Charged! If you follow Jordan, you know what to expect. If you know him and his work. You definitely know what to expect. If you add the guys from Coming Soon! just imagine, how the end result would sound like.

When the progressive gravities have been plumbed, the melodies spun out and elevating strings, strung, tis time to go beyond the beyond. When everything else tops out, Suckley-strength sonics - nitro glycerine-esque in their subtlety, wrecking-ball-like in their restraint – assume control. Wild West beats, elasticated tempos, lawless distortion and shoot-first/questions-later vocals are the (dis)order of the day/night. In these anything-goes badlands, there’s only one person who truly knows what’s around the next corner and that’s the man behind the mixer.

The quest to become a 9AM Eternal is upon you. Deck-commander Jordan Suckley - the hardest workingman in the trance business, your prime mover. The task: the committing of all the visceral excitement and primeval thrill of a Damaged night out to the mix-comp medium. Signing on the dotted co-mixer’s line (and adding those trademark exclamation marks for good measure) is Israeli duo Coming Soon!!!

Musically, things are going to get a whole lot messier before they get any tidier, so strap in… for Damaged Presents Charged!

So what-gives musically then!? Well where Jordan’s concerned we’re talking about the hardiest collection of blunt force audio Jan can withstand. Among them are Bryan Kearney’s Karney Presenting latest ‘Smiler’, ‘Synapse’ from Aussies HP Source, that Forbes x Durand tag-team-er ‘Coma’ and 2nd Phase’s equally sinister ‘Body Bag’. And that’s all inside the first half! Sutured with surgical precision between are prime-steak cuts from Suckley’s own studio. Recent smash ‘Suspect 1’, Waio’s slice ‘n’ dice of ‘Ritual’, Kutski collab ‘Surveillance’ and the Oakie allied ‘Amnesia’ all whip the flames. Finishing with a classic flourish, Quench’s ‘Dreams’ (in its Nicholson's Cathedral incarnation) and Jorn van Deynhoven rewind of The Space Brothers’ ‘Shine’ bring things to the most anthemic of conclusions.

Coming Soon!!! have risen to their first compilation occasion by marshaling a near artist album’s worth of their own material. Psy with a side of the tough stuff is the natural order of the day. Solo slabs like ‘Trippin In Paris’, ‘Parallel Universe’, ‘Ready To Get High’ and ‘Interstellar’ all have a date with the laser, as do collabs with Waio (‘Alien March’ & ‘Create The Machine’) and Ace Ventura alliance ‘Say What’. Further in Ace’s own ‘Altern8 Patterns’, ‘Fkd Up Kids’ from those Vini Vici boys and Avalon & Waio’s ‘Shiva’ all raise the level mania.

More bang, beat and blast for your buck, Damaged presents Charged mixed by Jordan Suckley & Coming Soon!!! is available to pre-order/order here

Tracklist: Jordan Suckley & Coming Soon!!! - Damaged presents Charged

Mix 1 - Jordan Suckley 
01. Ashley Smith - Kick Back
02. Bryan Kearney presents Karney - Smiler
03. Jordan Suckley & Kutski - Surveillance (2nd Phase Remix)
04. David Forbes - Panic Room
05. HP Source - Synapse
06. Dr. Willis & Myron meet Ricky Fobis - No Regular (Mark Sherry Remix)
07. David Forbes & Richard Durand - Coma
08. 2nd Phase - Body Bag
09. Jordan Suckley - Suspect 1
10. Sam Jones - Patt3rns
11. Simon Patterson - Spike (Vertical Mode Remix)
12. Jordan Suckley - Ritual (Waio Remix)
13. Kriess Guyte - Transcendental
14. Mark Norman - Phantom Manor (Indecent Noise Remix)
15. Paul Oakenfold & Jordan Suckley - Amnesia
16. Quench - Dreams (Nicholson's Cathedral Remix)
17. Steve Allen - Metamorphosis
18. The Space Brothers - Shine (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

Mix 2 - Coming Soon!!! 
01. Coming Soon!!! - Ready To Get High (Vibe Tribe & Somnia Remix)
02. Ace Ventura & Coming Soon!!! - Say What
03. Vini Vici - Fkd Up Kids
04. Katri - Ompasa
05. Reeloop - F*cking Society (Coming Soon!!! Remix)
06. Coming Soon!!! - Trippin In Paris
07. Coming Soon!!! - Parallel Universe
08. Effective featuring Ojini - Godavari
09. Ace Ventura - Altern8 Patterns (Pitch Bend Remix)
10. Katri - Chantsra
11. Effective - Dirty (Synctronik Remix)
12. Coming Soon!!! x Waio - Create The Machine
13. Avalon & Waio - Shiva
14. Coming Soon!!! x Waio - Alien March
15. Coming Soon!!! - Interstellar

Gai Barone helms Bonzai's Progressive Sessions - In The Mix 006

Ohhh Ohhh Ohhhh! This is a compilation to drool for. Or at least I am. Since I first listened, I new I have to have it. This compilation is everything I wanna listen to a chill evening, or every time I want to relax all my senses. This compilation is airy. It is romantic. It is ecstatic. It drive the mind to the dreamiest places.

30 months on from Bonzai's first (Airwave helmed) "Progressive Sessions, Belgium's finest sure-footedly arrive at their sixth "In The Mix"! And who to choose to do this, if not the amazing Gai Barone? With a zeitgeist-like timing, Bonzai have handed the I.T.M mix reins to this electronic music savant. The Italian's first solo mixed release, it puts his singular take on electronic music - one more complex and meticulous in character - into tack-sharp focus.

Be you trance, progressive or house, if the name Gai Barone didn't pass your lips in 2017, well better bet it will this year! Why, you may ask? Because his intrinsic sound is at the tipping point in 2018.

“From the top down, everyone’s saying itThis will be the year of Deep. You only have to look at the direction of arena stages, club line-ups, label output, radio playlists, etc to see where that’s coming from. It’s just one of the reasons I’m so thrilled to be bringing this release in the earliest months of the most promising of electronic music years.” - Gai Barone 

His mix creation is simple: "music of substance, not simplicity. Some find it easier to corral the music I play into the "deep trance' bracket, which I do understand. We live in a world of classification. I do feel there's significantly more range to it though... You are not going to hear one harmonic trancer or deep-prog number after another, after another here. The mixes are designed as end-to-end listens. What happens in between is not always going to be what's expected." 

His “substance not simplicity” mandate rings true throughout Part 1. Gai’s trademark ‘portrait-style’ compiling (each track at once standing out, yet working coherently in the album’s framework) delivers Kymatik’s ‘Knights of the Jaguar’ channeling ‘La Bataeu Ivre, the chugging ‘Inversion’ from Chris Cargo, TR20’s hardier ‘Perception Management’ and the cooler frisson of ‘Behind’ from newcomers Revolutionary Blocks. The mix concludes with Andromedha’s revision of York & Ramon (Hardfloor) Zenker’s ‘China Girl’.

His own music naturally plays a key role in the threading of both mixes. New cuts ‘Tanita’ and ‘Cantica’ both debuts within the first half. ‘Something Between Us’ and ‘The Bloop’ meanwhile etch waypoints in the second. Interlaced between are Oovation’s synth-warping ‘Solar’, ‘The Passenger’ from Montenegro’s AudioStorm, Yuriy From Russia’s elegiac ‘Black Lagoon’ and the drop-side intensity of ‘Dust of Light’ c/o Mark Found. The release plays out with the epic-in-scope, first time teaming of Solarstone & John 00 Fleming with ‘Hemispheres’

A 20/20 insight into his deep house thru harmonic trance range, you can order Gai Barone - In The Mix 006 - Progressive Sessions here. Full tracklist details below.

Gai Barone - In The Mix 006

Part 1 

01° Gai Barone - Tanita (Intro Mix)
02° Tannura - Halfway (Original Mix)
03° Gai Barone - Cantica (Gai Is Coming To Town Remix)
04° Kymatik - La Bataeu Ivre (Original Mix)
05° Lunar Park - Tantra (Original Mix)
06° Chris Cargo - Inversion (Original Mix)
07° Danito & Athina - City Lights (Stereo Underground Remix)
08° Morttagua & Gaby Endo - Urania (Gai Barone Depth Mode Remix)
09° Blufeld - Tristful Sleeper (Original Mix)
10° TR20 - Perception Management (Original Mix)
11° Revolutionary Blocks - Behind (Original Mix)
12° Quadran featuring Tasha - Unlovable (Nico Parisi Instrumental Remix)
1° York & Ramon Zenker - China Girl (Andromedha Remix)

Part 2 

01° Matan Caspi - Shiny Coral Reefs (Alex Vidal Remix)
02° Coyu featuring Thomas Gandey - 1 + 1 (Gerd Janson Arp Mix)
03° Antidote - What Time Is Love (Stan Kolev Remix)
04° AudioStorm - The Passenger (Original Mix)
05° Gai Barone - Something Between Us (Original Mix)
06° Oovation - Solar (Michael A Remix)
07° Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra - Devon (Original Mix)
08° Yuriy From Russia - Black Lagoon (Original Mix)
09° Milla Nelson - Beautiful Beast (Original Mix)
10° Mark Found - Dust of Light (Original Mix)
11° Gai Barone - The Bloop (Original Mix)
12° Basil O'Glue - The Mars Project (Original Mix)
13° Solarstone & John 00 Fleming - Hemispheres