Craig Connelly takes trance music to 'A Sharper Edge'

It was inevitable. We knew it was going to happen again. We knew that Craig Connelly will come up with a new album sooner or later. And the news is finally here now: On May 15, we will all be able to enjoy a trance journey like no other. 

4 singles, 7 vocals and 3 more collaborations in one place. Craig Connelly does knows how to pick the vocalists to work with. Really nice people and voices out there. I only listened to the previews on Beatport and already pre-ordered my copy. I know most of them will also be released as singles later on, but I really want the full experience in my playlist. I recommend you do the same. From all the 14 tracks in the album, I heard a couple in Craig sets and like all the other trance fans, I was waiting for a sign the tracks will have a release date. It started with Tranceatlantic, and then with the newly released Time Machine and now, it is all revealed.

From the previews only, you can start a little dance party in your house. Each track is sharpened to perfection. Strong, but emotional. New, but here to last. I could prematurely say that 'Time Machine' with Tara Louise, is one of my favourites, because super strong vocal :D. But also, 'Earth Dimension C-137' - that somehow has a darker side from my point of view, 'Watch the Way You Move' - it is very dance-ish and it give me some positive vibes, 'The Fire' - the collaboration with Peter Steele I knew it was coming and I really like the end result, 'Tranceatlantic' - the collaboration with Factor B - that I already love and is always sending me on the best trance journey; it's very optimistic, and 'Inhale' with Will Rees and 'Run Away' with Cammie Robinson.

You can pre-order it here:

I’ve so much to talk about with this project, but first I’ll start by saying in my opinion, this is undeniably the best music I have ever created...It’s very a club focused record, every track has been made with the dance floor in mind. There are some subtle moments but I mainly created this album to be an absolute stormer, be prepared for a journey like nothing you’ve heard from me before...

I think we all need this album now more than ever, so if you thought I was taking time off during lockdown think again, this is the start of a years worth of brand new music for you guys to enjoy which I’m sure we will dance to together as soon as we can. - Craig on his Facebook page.

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01. Craig Connelly - Sonic Grey
02. Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - Time Machine
03. Craig Connelly - California 
04. Craig Connelly feat. Karina Ramage - Life Half Lived 
05. Craig Connelly - Earth Dimension C-137
06. Craig Connelly feat Natalie Major - Watch the Way You Move
07. Craig Connelly - Everyone Loves a Triplet
08. Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - What Are You Waiting For 
09. Craig Connelly & Peter Steele - The Fire 
10. Craig Connelly feat. Alex Holmes - Anything Like You 
11. Factor B & Craig Connelly - Tranceatlantic 
12. Craig Connelly feat. Siskin - All for Love
13. Craig Connelly & Will Rees - Inhale 
14. Craig Connelly feat. Cammie Robinson - Run Away


New track: MARKUS SCHULZ & DAIMY LOTUS - ARE YOU WITH ME [Black Hole Recordings]

‘Indestructible’ in name and nature, with its Feb-released/Adina Butar-sung first single, Markus Schulz gave us a big open for his upcoming 2020 album. Now with spring in full swing, he’s primed a new precursor for it - and one that comparably resonates with ‘brighter days’ vibes.

‘Are You With Me’ introduces planet dance to an entity the Dutch music & festival scenes have been familiar with for time - the reflective songs & affecting tones of Daimy Lotus. Lyrically ‘Are You With Me’ delivers something that’s half question and half statement - creatively echoing the complex & occasionally conflicting natures of a relationship. At its centre though, the message is clear: exposing vulnerabilities in the pursuit of clarity is worth the emotional price. Daimy delivers her message with a burgeoning spirit that - come the end of the chorus – becomes absolute.

A task to which it’s more than equal, Markus’s Album Mix lets Daimy’s voice & song do all the heavy lifting. As moving as it is memorable, he backs it with guitar thrum, trace piano and persuasive percussive elements. His Extended Mix meanwhile is an APB for the airwaves. Upping the drums and pulsing with advanced tempo & energy, it has lust-for-life written big print large throughout.

An anthem for those with the guts to lay it on the line (and shake off some uncertainty in the process), ‘Are You With Me’ drops today and is available to stream/purchase here (




Scorchin’ by name, scorching by nature - Super8 & Tab’s label has blazed the proverbial trail over the last twelve months. Dropping genre hybrids onto clubfloors left & right, it’s already put new artists like Avenia, Sodality, Hamzeh, Emerge and Zach Evans on the map.

Throughout the spring of 2020 the two Fins are keeping themselves plenty busy with new Scorchin’ singles, the May-release of their fourth artist album (‘These Little Stories’) and April’s 200th episode of their SuperTab radio show. In and amongst though they’ve still found a window to add a new arm to their label. Tightening the genre aperture, the new imprint stylistically zooms in on their first love - here comes Scorchin’ Progressive!

Beginning operations this very day, Scorchin’ Progressive places Dreams’s (title-says-all!) ‘Halcyon’ into high orbit. The work of Anton Sonin (who previously worked with S8&T on the floor-adored ‘Black Is The New Yellow’), it bares all the hallmarks of the new label’s sonic creed. Built ground-up with cooler pacing, thermal pads and bassy undulation, its melodic and harmonic elements sit in the foreground, while its floor-shifting strengths are cloaked within its production engine.

Halcyon’ delivered, Francesco Sambero’s double-A side ‘Ghosts’ & ’Can’t See Anybody’ is next down Progressive’s barrel, swiftly followed by label debuts for Reznor, Tom Klav and others. Shedding more light on the music itself, Scorchin’ Progressive’ will take centrestage in Episode 200 of Miika & Tab’s SuperTab Radio, which airs April 22. ‘These Little Stories’ - their new artist album (featuring collabs with Armin, Rodg, Christina Novelli, Jess Ball and others) will debut in May.

‘Halcyon’ from Dreams is available to stream or purchase here ( now; more info on all of Super8 & Tab’s upcoming activities is available through the online resources below.


cosmic gate


New compilation incoming! Lock May 1st in your calendars! 

If last years they were pretty busy with their  20 years anniversary artist album Forward ever, Backwards Never, the time for #WYMS is here back! Skipping it for one year, only because of other priorities, the 4th edition is coming back stronger than ever. Outside of club engagements, remixing Armin's "Something Real" and releasing their "You Mind" single, Nic and Bossi spent the last few months shaping an emotional, exceptional and best out of 4 Wake Your Mind Sessions.

The first glimpse of that can be had this very day as the pre-order curtain ( has gone up on ‘Wake Your Mind’s next sensational ‘Session’! While there are sonic riches aplenty on board, first thing’s first, that most critical of release dates for your diary: May 1 is the day, folks - so mark it!

As some see compilations as only 'drag and drop', there is also another side of the story, where these are higher-achieving, more evolved and labour of love music compilations albums. Cosmic Gate's Wake Your Mind Sessions is more like the latter. The guys combined the most recent and best works from Armin, Above & Beyond, Grum, Spencer Brown, Genix and others, but also uped the game with music plucked desk-hot from the studios of CG's most 'dependables'. This compilation is also the premiere point for their own purpose-built creations and new Wake Your Minds Records signings.

For early pre-order adopters, three instant-grats from the album (gardenstate’s ‘Delta’, ‘Paradigm’ from Kolonie and Cosmic Gate’s own ‘Your Mind’) are already available. Further, giving you an ear/lip-smacking foretaste of all that’s in store, track clips are available here and you’ll find the comp’s full rundown spec below. More Cosmic Gate WYMS004 news to follow shortly!

Mix 01.

01. Nihil Young & Less Hate - Loss
02. Jonathan Rosa featuring Kyla Millette - Daylight (Simon Doty Remix)
03. All Living Things - Programme Music
04. Sudhaus & The Wash - Meridian (Solid Stone Remix)
05. Tinlicker featuring Run Rivers - Vanishing (Dosem Remix)
06. gardenstate - Delta
07. Fuenka – Bogano
08. ANUQRAM - Bionic Soul
09. Rafael Osmo - Allenby
10. Spencer Brown & Wilt Claybourne - Womaa
11. Chicane featuring Moya Brennan - Saltwater (AVIRA Remix)
12. Rolo Green – Kuat
13. Marc Marberg - Guarana (Kyau & Albert Rework)
14. Cosmic Gate & Foret - Need To Feel Loved
15. Kolonie - Paradigm

Mix 02.

01. Cosmic Gate - Your Mind (Intro Mix)
02. Paul Thomas & White-Akre - Vyote (Grum Remix)
03. Bryn Liedl - Rites
04. gardenstate - Polyform
05. Genix - Rave Daze
06. Andrew Bayer - Parallels pt. 2
07. Mohamed Ragab - Recoleta
08. Greenhaven DJs - To Those Who Forgot
09. Above & Beyond featuring Richard Bedford - Bittersweet & Blue (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
10. Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays featuring Jordan Shaw - Something Real (Cosmic Gate Remix)
11. Cosmic Gate - Universal Love
12. Patrick White - Flowing Dream
13. Thomas Mengel – Axiom
14. Daniel Wanrooy - Endless Universe
15. Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Cosmic Gate Remix)