Last week, on Friday – 25th of April 2014, the Romanian Trance familly gathered for Armada Night with Aly and Fila, Christina Novelli, Snatt & Vix and Ellie White. A night to remember as most of us would say. A night where we all brethed the same music, touched the most amazing sounds!


We had an amazing night, full of great tracks and we definitely weren’t afraid of 138! Fila, from Aly and Fila had a perfect set! And perfect is a small word for this. I personally enjoyed every minute of it and couldn’t stand. I was dancing all around and feeling the music! I saw people dreaming. I saw people crying of happiness. We all, forgot about real life outside the tent event. We forgot about problems. We forgot about pain. We lost ourselves into a fan-tas-tic set. We lost ourselves into the God’s music.


Snatt & Vix, the romanian trance DJs had the first set, a really good warm up set. It really prepared us for the upcoming sets of Christina and Fila. It took us in this ”preparing journey” for what it seemed to be the greatest trance event from Romania for 2014. They promote this genre everytime they have the chance and for that the romanian trance family is gratefull. After two smaller events with Arctic Moon and Johan Gielen, they exceeded every expectation with Armada Night! They had a few songs at the end of their set with Ellie White too. Ellie is a romanian vocalist that fell in love with this music and has some colaborations with Snatt and Vix.


The second set of the night was the one of Christina Novelli. I must say she really surprised me. She had a good set. Even if it was more electro than I expected, it was nice to see her perfoming on the stage. Not every trancer there enjoyed it, but it was something else than we were used to hear from her. The first half of the set made me feel like I was at Ultra Music Festival, full of this big room music. Not a huge fan, but I don’t hate it either. The second half was a bit more like the ”Christina we use to know”: a set with more vocals and a bit more trancy. And it was nice to sing along my friends on this. It felt good. We were preparing for Filas uplifting vocals and we were aware that at the end of the night we might lose our voices. Even though Christina’s set was no longer than an hour, it was a nice energic set.


The third one was Fila. This man is like God for all uplifters from the trance family. Some of us had the chance to talk with him at the Meet and Greet before the event, and let me tell you he is an amazing man! We were a bit nervous, but once he entered the room we felt such a joy and relaxation we finally meet the man that is producing and promoting such great music. There were questions about what he uses when producing, about what he prepared for the night, but it was nice to find out that TRANCE music means to him HAPPINESS. And I guess he’s not the only one that feels that way. He finds inspiration when he’s happy. He’s happy when he’s in front of the crowd. He’s happy when he listens to trance. He’s happy when he discovers a new artist. He’s happy to promote and help him get better. Fila is a great guy, and it was great to have a beer with him and talk about all of this.

It was great to be at this event. It is great to be part of the trance family. It is great and I would never give up on it. I would never give up on HAPPINESS!

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