Ever wondered what a trancer does in his spare time? Beside listening to trance all day long and supporting her favorite music and artists? A trancer, of course, like any other simple human beeing does eat, does go out, does enjoy some of the best places in town, etc. But a trancers that blogs also writes about them. They may not play trance music inside, but I had to associate it with a trance masterpiece. So hit play and enjoy my story. 🙂

The other day I’ve been invited to test out a new place in Iasi: Bistro Moo. New as in “re-branded” and switched to the food industry, ‘cuz they were already seelling the best ice cream in town for a couple of years under Moo Cafe. I’ve heard about the change,  and I hoped they won’t give up on the sweetso. I was also expecting something at the same quality level as their ice cream. For someone who does it that good, there were small chances for them to screw up with the food.

Before feeding us, the Bistro people made us feel welcomed. With a smile, some good words and an amazing mood. They also told us some stories about home made pasta and even let us try cutting some from the special pasta machine. Beeing a pasta fan that was pretty incredible to watch. I tried my best to also find out the recipe, but the chef wasn’t coping. 😀

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All good, all awesome. The served us with some good wine (Their selection is a pretty great one) and asked us what have we choosed from the menu. Since I am on a diet, I tried my best not to order some pizza or some pasta and I went with some grilled salmon and vegetables. And that was one of the best cooked pieces of salmon I have ever had. Charcoal grilled salmon. And steamed juicy vegetables. Treated also with a very nice lemon juice sauce. Hungry yet?

I also got the chance to taste their cooked pasta. Went for tagliatelle alla bolognese. The pasta tasted good, but I was a little bit surprised by the sauce. Maybe I was expecting too much, cuz my trips to Italy this year influenced my taste buds too much (haha). Even though it wasn’t what I expected, it tasted good and I can say Bistro Moo is one of the few places in town where you can have good pasta.

Also, did I told you yet about their sweets too? They started with them and they will never give up. They have the best gelato in town and of course some of the best sweets. If you’re ever craving for an eclair, this is the place to go. I just tasted the one with pistachio and a little bit of another one with walnuts and they were a-ma-zing! Nothing compares with a good not too sweet, but very tasty eclair. Taste buds went to heaven and back and all that thanks to the talented people from Bistro Moo.

My fellow trance Italians have a flag: Pasta, pizza and party hard. And those were the first words that crossed my mind when I entered Bistro Moo. All reorganized. All linked to Italy and its good food and awesome taste. It made me think of them instantly and I am sure the place will have a special place in my heart because of that. But also because of the food and sweets I had there. And the wine. You know, I like wine.

If you ever come to Iasi, you might want to check this place. Your taste buds will definitely be pleased and you’ll never walk out of there hungry. The choices they have are for all tastes and ages and the place is warm and cozy. If you are a local, you’ll definitely become a regular. They also have a business menu, that changes every day, so you can explore something new with every lunch. You can find out more about them on their Facebook page.

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