Feelings review: [Trance] EXPOSURE with Romanian Trance Family

Ok. It's been a while since the event happened. It's been a while. I supposedly cooled off and I am, now, able to tell you about THE trance party where I remembered how to dance to trance and enjoy it to its fullest: Romanian Trance Family pres. Exposure with Daniel Kandi, Suncatcher & Exolight, Tesla System and Guard14. Came to Bucharest for this party with only one goal: to have fun. And that's exactly what I did.

My first regret is that I lost the warm-up from Guard14 and therefore, couldn't properly dip my toe into the party. Instead, I dived right in with Suncatcher & Exolight's set.

The second one is that I had to leave shortly after Tesla System started playing, and I lost one of my favorite sets of this year! I got the chance to listen to what he played and it was too insane to miss.

I decided to put my phone on "do not disturb" mode and to remember how is it: to party without photographing or filming any of it. Why? Because I wanted to feel the party through music, rather than a screen. The party had already professionals doing that, and me trying to capture something good, was not helping anyone. OK. I have 5 photos on my phone from the event, because I wanted to keep Trancers's socials active, but I failed like a pro on doing so.


I went straight to the first row, said hi to the people I met on the way and that was pretty much it. I may have missed a lot of people on this "quest", and I am really sorry if you saw me I didn't at least smile back. when I am focused on something, I tend to ignore things and people around me. :-s (but working on doing better). Beside a few breaks to breathe some more air outside, I danced my soul off and enjoyed every second of it.

Suncatcher & Exolight . These 2 guys do magic no matter what: producing, djing, being nice friends, you name it. Their set was awesome. Even though it started at a lower bpm, than I usually fancy, I liked it. A lot of that Anjuna vibe at first, but right into the emotional uplifting in hour no. 2.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

I went straight to Goosebumps City when I heard Footprints on the Moon Soul and continued so when I don't deserve you from Paul van Dyk (the Giuseppe Ottaviani remix) kicked in. It is impossible to have 2 of your favorite tracks one after the other and not close your eyes to feel every sound, every second of the moment.

I could talk and praise the guys for hours, but I think showing you what (1/2 of) their set was about, is best: here is a link.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Daniel Kandi. This man, needs no introduction. Every trance fan knows him, knows about him, knows about his music and his energy. He played a very good extended set, showcasing new tracks perfectly matched with old tracks.

Favorite track: The Perfect Match (with Aligator). This track brings up so many good memories, so many good moments, I am always close to bursting into tears. But these would be happy tears.

Image may contain: 1 person

Tesla System. Oh well, he was the surprise of the night for me. Listened to some of his online sets, talked about our vision for the trance scene, but never experienced him behind the decks. I knew he is good, but never believed he is this good.

Incorporating a lot of his mashups, gave the set a really personal touch and this was turning point for me to enjoy it even more. Also, his energy is contagious. You cannot stand still, seeing him go mad and really loving what he does. Test it yourself: link of the set. There is, also, a very special moment dedicated to Snatt Dragos, one of the pillars of the Romanian Trance scene. His passing has a hard hit for the community and it is very nice to always remember him and his work.

Image may contain: 17 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

The party was very nice and I am happy the Romanian Trance Scene has found its way again. The venue was good; much better than the previous smaller parties and I hope this will be the start of nice collaboration. They already announced a new party on May 25 (more details about that soon).

Technicalities, like sound system, and other stuff like that, I leave it to you to tell if it was good or not. Only mention: at some point I felt that my party earplugs are a lifesaver, 'cuz (at least) in the front row, some sounds couldn't be processed properly by my ears. Maybe it was only me, or maybe not, I just felt the need to mention it.

Also, another thing that kinda didn't work for me, were the visuals. The setup was great, but the actual played visuals were too much on the eyes. Also, sometimes quite off with the vibe of the party. Cartoons should remain cartoons and never combined with trance music. My opinion. Maybe some liked them, maybe not. I know I didn't. But hey!, there is always room for improvement. :)

Overall, I left the party with a broken heart for not being able to stay till the end, but happy this party happened. It was good. And kudos for all the people involved to make it happen. Cheers to many more!


Photos in this article: Claudiu Atanasoaie Photographer.

If you want to check the whole album, go here. Or if you're in for the aftermovie, check out this link.

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ADE '18 memories: Solarstone presents Pure Trance - a pure night to remember

It isn't easy to talk about one of the greatest nights of ADE. It isn't easy to keep yourself cool for a couple of days (weeks) and try not to write 100 articles about it. It is not. But it is easy to remember what happened and get the goosebumps again and again because of the memories of a Pure Night to remember. On October 20th, at Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam Solarstone celebrated his birthday with a Pure Trance Night.

Being my first ADE year, I was nervous with each event I attended. Do not ask me why, because even I don't know. I am nervous when it is about and its first experiences. I heard a lot about last year's events, so I was curious about 2018's ones. 

Understood that last year,there were some issues regarding the location and facilities, but this year people were happier. Heard no complaints around me and I had a nice experience. The space was pretty fancy, but the lasers, the music, and the people made it a real trance party. 

When I got to the party, Orkidea was playing. Orkidea was warming up the crowd even more, after Hal Stucker. And he was doing one hell of a job! I've always enjoyed his music and listened to some of his sets. But experiencing it live is something out of this world. He was the right man for the job. I am not soooo much into the progressive sets, but from time to time some manage to amaze me. And hit me in the feels. I experienced joy, smiles and lots of fun with my friends. I do not remember too many tracks (you know I can't remember too many tracks), cuz I focus on the feelings I experience on the dancefloor, but I remember Orkidea's remix of Coldplay - White Shadows. 

Then, the Pure Trance man took the decks and did what he knows best: amaze the crowd. Solarstone celebrated his birthday in style and threw an amazing party. I've seen Solarstone a couple of times and he always delivered. Played a couple of my favorites, but the ones that reached most of my heart are: Solarstone - Thank you and Solarstone - Love Theme from Blade Runner (Pure Mix).

The whole night was an emotional rollercoaster. And when Giuseppe Ottaviani joined Solarstone on the stage for the Pure NRG set and begun theirs set with "Age of Love" I went straight to Crazy Huma on the Dancefloor mode. I was crying, I was enjoying the goosebumps of this track, I met new people feeling the same as I did. Age of Love if one of my all time favorites, so to start a set with that one, meant only one thing: the set will be PERFECT. And it was. 

I made these gifs to capture the madness of the sets. I could not take any photos, since these guys were enjoying their work too much to stay still. Both PureNRG and Lost in Noise sets were definitely my favorites from that night. Closer to my soul in style, closer to my soul in music. 

It was a crazy night, an amazing night to end the ADE experience with. I couldn't thought of any other party to chose for this. What are your favorite memories with a Pure Trance act or party? 


Yeeeey! Giuseppe Ottaviani day!

I posted the pics from Timeshift day 2 on page the other days, but didn't had the chance to sit, relive that amazing night and put down my thoughts about it. Now, that I am thinking about it (while listening to a new set from Giuseppe, of course!) cannot belive it was real!

It all started with me running from the other side of Bucharest to the venue for THE most important meeting of this summer: meeting with Giuseppe and finally a very nice chat with him. Even tough I've seen him before at other events and said hi, nothing compares with actually sitting in front of him for almost an hour and talking with him about music. I was a highlight I will never forget and I am over the moon (even now, months after the event) that he accepted my invitation. From seeing him prepare for the set to listening his thoughts about this industry, everything went perfect. You can read all about it here.

After having this interview, we went back to the hotel to prepare for the new night. We got back to the venue right when Markus Schulz was about to start playing. We lost Yoel Lewis and Arkhnam Nights, but I heard they were great! Markus has a really entertaining set. Even tough I am not a huge huge fan, I liked it and danced my shoes off it! Proper warm-up for what was about to come.
DSC_0048 copy

Giuseppe had a great set. Obviously. I could never be dissapointed by what he does. Started with a couple of IDs, continued with more IDs, but also played tracks like: Loneliest Night with Tricia McTeague, Home with Jennifer Rene, Lumina, Firefly with Kyler England, Prophecy (PureNRG) or some Romanian trance from Starpicker - Sinophia.

As he lately does on his Live 2.0 shows, he had multiple camera capturing the set. And, a part of it was streamed live on his monthly Go On Air 2.0. Check it out and tell me if I am wrong with saying how great it was!

After Giuseppe, it was time for the one and only Standerwick to come and make us fall in love again with trance music. Not only he had a great set, but we enjoying the sunrise with him playing was something I will not forget too soon.  We had a lot of funny moments in the backstage too, before the set and I am happy I got to see the goofy Ian again.

Awesome memories. Awesome people to see again. Awesome music to dance. Awesome goosebumps to have! This is the long story short of my second day of Timeshift. I hope you had an amazing one too. From what I saw over the social media, you had a great one. Memories from 3rd day and a very special semi guest post coming very soon on! Stay close!








Trance memories of this summer: TND stage at Timeshift [Day 1/3]

I was editing the photos the other days and all the feels hit me back! The TrancENDance stage at Timeshift was the highlight of this year for the Romanian Trance Community. I wrote about the festival and my expectations here, so I won't be bothering you again with these. I will just tell THE story.

Even though the festival started on Thursday, the first day meant for me and for a lot of people Friday. Friday, because that was the first day with trance music. The first day where we could go and enjoy the sets of Hazem Beltagui, Estiva, Ruben de Ronde, Cosmic Gate, John O Callaghan, Ben Nicky and Bogdan Vix.

And this above picture sums it all for me: amazing music, people and great artists. Of course I chose John O'Callaghan as representative for the first night, because it was the best set of the night (at least for me). It was the set that made me put down the camera, the phone and just enjoy every second of it. Starting with Two Trees and going on with so many amazing tracks, from which I remember: John O'Callaghan ft. Audrey Gallaghar - Big Sky, John O' Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself, Cold Blue - Once in Time, Maria Healy - Desiderata (Giuseppe Ottaviani remix) made indeed a perfect set. I would love to re-live it, but sadly there is nowhere to be found. Aaaand the highlight of the highlight set was when John played one of my all time favorties: PPK - Ressurection. That made me go all goosebumpy and forget about the world. The only things that mattered were right there. On the dancefloor. The music. The artist. Me. My friends.

Of course I enjoyed the others sets too. Of course I enjoyed seeing again my duo music crush Cosmic Gate and relive all the nice memories I have with them. The crowd went crazy on their set. No matter if it was a newer track or a classic we grew up with. I enjoyed seeing Ben Nicky and the crazy man he is.

I enjoyed Ruben De Ronde's set and I still belive he is the right man for the job when we talk about warm-ups for a great party. I am not too much into the progressive / warm up sound because I am the type of girl that could go straight into crazy mode on the dancefloor at any time and I prefer the more uplifting part of trance. I listen to progressive at the office, I am ok with it at events and I get the need of it, but 3 full sets of that were a bit too much for me for the first day of Timeshift. I am not saying I didn't enjoyed them. Hazem Belatgui had a really good set and crushed my soul into pieces when he played Paul Van Dyk - New York City (do not recall if it was the original, a remix; I am too bad in properly recognizing this). Estiva is an uber energetic man and I liked what he did with and for the crowd. I just got into a point where I was very close to boredomness. I just wanted a change in the rythm. But that's just me. Beside that, I enjoyed seeing the crowd feeling it. I enjoyed seeing the crowd sing along almost every song and have a great time.

It was overall a very good day and I am happy I got the chance to reconnect with some friends. I am glad I got to see again Bogdan Vix, the man that hold the fort for 3 full days for all of us. It was a very emotional reunion for the whole community as well, because of all that happened with Snatt and we knew this event happened because of him and his dreams too. Snatt & Vix was (and still is) a representative duo for Romania and for the Romanian Trance Scene. Huge huge thanks to them for keeping it alive and kicking!

DSC_0699 copy

If I would have to mention some of the downsides of this festival, these would be: bad/ pour management/ organization, pricy, but very pricy, and few to zero security. It all began with me going for my press badge and waiting for it for around one full hour. Don't get me wrong. I am not in for the free pass hunt. I am in this for the music. And for all the artists I appreciate and try to support every day. But, if I can take the blog with me I will take it everywhere. It is a part of me. It is the part where I tell all my trance stories. Either it is all unicorns and rainbows, either it's not.

I need at least a paragraph or 2 to let it all out (well, the long story short, at least.) The organization and people behind the festival were a bit overwhelmed by the situations. At the entrance no one would check your bag or at least your entrance pass. No one seemed to care a bit about security. No one seemed to care too much about the consequences about not properly check the people entering at the event.

The TrancENDance stage was the best stage that could happen to this festival. It was the soul of it. It made it the soul for me. Timeshift couldn't be the festival it was without it, no matter what others might say. I know this business can be pretty harsh, and it is not that easy to manage a festival of this magnitude, but the only good thing was the TND stage. The artists, the music, the people and the overall management of things. Kudos to Bogdan, Eko and the other nice people that put their lives, their souls into making this happen! Trance on!

DSC_0041 copy

Trance weekend in review: Trance Horizons, Chisinau [on the road]

It's been a while since I last wrote a review for an event I attended, but I have to tell you about this one. Trance Horizons in Chisinau was out of this world. At least for me. It was an event full of emotions, new challenges and amazing people.

Like all my travels to Chisinau, Moldova it all started with the ride there. Well, with the preparations to go there: prepare t shirt, prepare camera, get more sleep (not) to be prepared for at least 24 hours with none aaaand finally with the ride: gather all the friends and drive to the venue. Of course, wait patiently at the customs to cross the border, and so on. I always do the same.  It became a tradition.

We first went to the meet and greet. A very nice meet and greet from what I understood close to nothing. Being in a room with moldavians and 2 russians, definitely didn't help. But luckily, Feel (Philip) and Alexander Popov were kind enough to speak a bit of English too.  Exchanged a lot of smiles and heard a lot of jokes, kindly translated to me by Mihai (one of the promoters).

This meet and greet has a special place in my heart also, because I finally got to interview Alexander Popov. Since we were to be in the same place for a couple of hours, I couldn't lose this oportunity. So stay close, video (yes, video) interview is coming soon on Trancers's Youtube channel.

DSC_0057 copy

After all the greetings and, of course, photos we finally headed to the venue. I must admit: the venue was way too fancy for me. I usually do not go in such places. I wasn't even dressed for "the occasion". Since a trance event for me means T-shirt, jeans and sneakers I felt a bit out like an intruder when we got there. Buuuut, music got to me and I got over it pretty fast.

The line up was pretty well balanced. Deepshader has a very nice warm-up set and also played some of my all time favorites. The Age of Love beeing one of them. Do not ask me if it was the original, a remix, a mash-up, etc, because I do not know. I only heard something I like and I always forget or fail to recognize de right version.

I saw Dj Feel and Alexander Spark playing for the first time, and I must admit, I liked it. Even tough I am not into that sound anymore, he had a really nice set. There were some small technical difficulties at the beginning, but Feel managed to quickly get over them. I do not remember too many of the tracks they played, but I remember having a blast dancing. And that makes a good set for me.

I last saw Alexander Popov around 3 years ago, when he came to Bucharest for Armada Night and I enjoyed every minute of his set. Without doubt, this happened again in Chisinau. Very energetic, very nicely put together. He also played some classics, some new tracks and I coudln't sit down for a second! A lot of vocal tracks too, so I turned in full mode karaoke. I knew I would not have a voice anymore the second day, but that is the smallest of my problems. :)

The highlight of that night was without doubt seeing Andrei (Nikolauss) play again. I will always support him no matter what. That's what girlfriends do. That's what love does. So, even tough it was 4 am int he morning, even tough I was pretty tired, when I saw him at the decks everything stoped and all the energy came back to me. I do not care about technicalities, I do not care about mistakes. I do not care about anything that he was there. And the crowd (few that remained) enjoyed every minute of his set. Sssssserious uplifting(y)! I will never forget him starting the set with Mauro Picotto - Unthinkable (Astuni & Manuel LE Saux Re-Lift), leading the crowd to complete madness on Nikolauss -  Speedforce and ending in style with Giuseppe Ottaviani - One Day.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

I had a blast and I will never forget my first talks with Mihai about trance events in Chisinau. Very passionate trance man. I really love how he and Mihail are working together to do more for the community no matter the loses. They started with a small party a couple of months ago, a party I played to (yes, I sometimes play too) and now continued with something bigger. Hopefully all will be ok and they will continue this work. Cheers to that!

I also took some photos, you can find them on the Facebook page.

Videos and more stories about the trance adventure coming soon!


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DSC_0662 copy


Last week, on Friday – 25th of April 2014, the Romanian Trance familly gathered for Armada Night with Aly and Fila, Christina Novelli, Snatt & Vix and Ellie White. A night to remember as most of us would say. A night where we all brethed the same music, touched the most amazing sounds!


We had an amazing night, full of great tracks and we definitely weren’t afraid of 138! Fila, from Aly and Fila had a perfect set! And perfect is a small word for this. I personally enjoyed every minute of it and couldn’t stand. I was dancing all around and feeling the music! I saw people dreaming. I saw people crying of happiness. We all, forgot about real life outside the tent event. We forgot about problems. We forgot about pain. We lost ourselves into a fan-tas-tic set. We lost ourselves into the God’s music.


Snatt & Vix, the romanian trance DJs had the first set, a really good warm up set. It really prepared us for the upcoming sets of Christina and Fila. It took us in this ”preparing journey” for what it seemed to be the greatest trance event from Romania for 2014. They promote this genre everytime they have the chance and for that the romanian trance family is gratefull. After two smaller events with Arctic Moon and Johan Gielen, they exceeded every expectation with Armada Night! They had a few songs at the end of their set with Ellie White too. Ellie is a romanian vocalist that fell in love with this music and has some colaborations with Snatt and Vix.


The second set of the night was the one of Christina Novelli. I must say she really surprised me. She had a good set. Even if it was more electro than I expected, it was nice to see her perfoming on the stage. Not every trancer there enjoyed it, but it was something else than we were used to hear from her. The first half of the set made me feel like I was at Ultra Music Festival, full of this big room music. Not a huge fan, but I don’t hate it either. The second half was a bit more like the ”Christina we use to know”: a set with more vocals and a bit more trancy. And it was nice to sing along my friends on this. It felt good. We were preparing for Filas uplifting vocals and we were aware that at the end of the night we might lose our voices. Even though Christina’s set was no longer than an hour, it was a nice energic set.


The third one was Fila. This man is like God for all uplifters from the trance family. Some of us had the chance to talk with him at the Meet and Greet before the event, and let me tell you he is an amazing man! We were a bit nervous, but once he entered the room we felt such a joy and relaxation we finally meet the man that is producing and promoting such great music. There were questions about what he uses when producing, about what he prepared for the night, but it was nice to find out that TRANCE music means to him HAPPINESS. And I guess he’s not the only one that feels that way. He finds inspiration when he’s happy. He’s happy when he’s in front of the crowd. He’s happy when he listens to trance. He’s happy when he discovers a new artist. He’s happy to promote and help him get better. Fila is a great guy, and it was great to have a beer with him and talk about all of this.

It was great to be at this event. It is great to be part of the trance family. It is great and I would never give up on it. I would never give up on HAPPINESS!

More pictures here.

P.S. You can find the tracklists here or other feedback here.

P.P.S. My english is not perfect. So be gentle when you find a mistake. Thank you!

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Punked cu New World Punx la Bucuresti!

De mult spun ca am sa incep sa scriu si aici. De mult planuiesc articolul de inceput. Si totusi cuvintele au refuzat sa curga. Dar, acum am gasit ocazia perfecta. Tocmai ce am participat alaturi de o parte din trancerii ieseni la New World Punx – Markus Schulz si Ferry Corsten, sambata 7 septembrie la Bucuresti. Asa ca voi scrie despre cum a fost si cat de fericiti sau nefericiti eram la final.

Chiar daca cei doi sunt niste DJ nemaipomenti, pana la finalul acestui articol veti intelege si de ce unii eram cam nemultumiti.

Totul a inceput cu o adunare in fata garii la 5,30 dimineata. Da. Cititi bine. Am plecat dis de dimineata spre Capitala cu ganduri de distractie! Nici nu am plecat bine din Iasi, ca deja ne faceam planuri despre cum va fi ziua noastra pana la eveniment si cum ne vom lipi in primul rand de ceilalti tranceri prezenti acolo. Am ajuns destul de obositi in Bucuresti, dar toata oboseala spre mai multa energie. Am profitat de timpul pana la eveniment sa mai colindam pe strazile Bucurestiului si sa ne bucuram aer cu iz de capitala. Au fost o parte care au plecat si mai tarziu din Iasi, fie cu trenul, fie cu masina, dar deja stabiliseram sa ne vedem pentru un warm mititel inainte de eveniment, undeva pe o terasa. Zis si facut. La 8,30 ne asezam linistit si comandam care cafea pentru energie, care blonde pentru bucurie. In mai putin de jumatate de ora am ajuns de la 6 oameni la 10, 15 si tot asa. Ne-am intalnit si cu o parte a comunitatii trance din Bucuresti, am socializat si am dezbatut care mai de care subiecte din universul trance. De la A State of Trance 600, Sofia, unde ne-am cunoscut pentru prima data pana la evenimente din timpul verii, de la ei sau de la noi. Muzica trance ne-a adus impreuna, muzica trance e cea care ne va tine impreuna.

Vine momentul evenimentului si ne indreptam si noi incet spre locatie. Eram entuziasmati deja, de cand am auzit probele de sunet dinainte. Ne indreptam spre evenimentul verii. Sau cel putin asa il clasificam noi. Snatt and Vix s-au ocupat de warm up. Personal, nu am fost prea incantata. Dar multi dintre cei prezenti l-au apreciat si chiar au spus ca a fost mai bun decat main-ul. Chiar daca asa trebuia sa fie ca set de warm up, bpm ul cu care eram obisnuita din partea lor, nu era cel ce m-a intampinat la eveniment. A fost un set bun si atat. Nu as putea spune ca m-a impresionat, sau sa il compar cu ceva. Ma bucur totusi ca multi din cei prezenti acolo s-au simtit bine. Asta era si scopul celor doi dj si al organizatorilor.

Vine momentul intrarii punkerilor pe scena. Vine momentul in care Markus Schulz si Ferry Corsten isi fac binecunoscuta intrare pe scena, moment ce creeaza euforie printre cei prezenti. Nu era om prezent la eveniment sa nu fi strigat Warriors!!!, cand i-au vazut pe cei doi. Ei bine, si cu asta a inceput nebunia. Nebunia e si ea buna, sau ”nebuna”, iar asta veti intelege in cateva cuvinte. Toti stim ca cei doi sunt sau cel putin au fost DJ de trance si multi dintre cei prezenti la eveniment se asteptau sa auda mai multe piese trance, se asteptau sa atinga sunetele prin intermediul bucuriei ce o declanseaza. Desi, i-am auzit ca intreg, un intreg ce nu e 100% trance, noi totusi am sperat. Am sperat sa declansam moleculele sa sara la auzul notelor ce ne ridica de fiecare data. Fiind si promovat ca eveniment trance, mai toate sperantele ni s-au indreptat in acest sens.

Cu toate acestea, am ramas dezamagiti cand majoritatea pieselor erau in stilul Mainstage. Chiar daca saream alături de mulțime, sufletul era cu gândul tot la trance și upliftingul de care aveam atâta nevoie mare parte dintre cei care eram prezenti acolo. Totusi, am incercat sa ne simtitm bine. Am cantat impreuna, am sarit impreuna, ne-am bucurat impreuna.

Bune au fost momentele in care am cantat, in care am socializat si in care ne-am bucurat de putinele piese trance alaturi de ceilalti membri ai comunitatii. Momentele in care am cunoscut si mai multi iubitori de muzica atat din tara, cat si din afara. Granitele evenimentului nu s-au oprit pana nu au ajuns si in Olanda.

Per total, a fost o experienta placuta, dar totusi putin obositoare. Dupa 14 ore pe tren, multe ore nedormite, si mai bine de 6 ore de eveniment am ramas cu amintirile, cu pozele si cu dorinta arzatoare de un nou Trancemission! Abia asteptam sa ne unim pentru o seara sub aceleasi sunete, ”furnizate” de catre DJ-ii comunitatii noastre: Steven White, Dany Dazano si SS. Ne pregatim usor usor pentru un nou an de muzica trance, un nou an de Trance IS* Tribute!