5+ reasons I am not missing Paul Van Dyk - From Then On @Kristal Club, Bucharest

This is getting closer and closer with each day. I cannot belive there are only 2 weeks till I go to Bucharest to experience what sounds like an amazing event. ^_^ I have no doubts I will enjoy every minute of it and I cannot wait to be there.

Beside me beeing really excited to be there, I also have some specific reason of why I chose to go and why I am expecting nothing but greatness from it:

1. Paul Van Dyk. The trance god himself is coming back to Romania. Even tough I never saw him playing in Romania before, but in other countries, I cannot wait to experience his work once again. He is an amazing DJ and his live sets are to die for. Also, he is one of my trance crushes, so no other words needed.

2. Jordan Suckley. This man is an amazing artist and a true show-man. If you are not following his journeys on his Social Media accounts, then you're losing something great! His scratches, his playings with the decks are great and I cannot wait to experience those live.  I always like when a DJ is more than a DJ behind the decks and when there is something extra added to the performance.

3. Bogdan Vix. It's been a hard year for him, for the trance community and for the Romanian Trance scene. He got through all of what happened with all the goods and the bads and he seems to be doing a lot of great music lately and getting a lot of support. (3uphoria just got released. Take a listen and grab your copy. It will definitely worth it.) I am glad he does this last trance event for us for this 2017 and I hope he will not stop here. 2018 already sounds promising. I heard some rummors. ;)

4. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - I first saw him at Luminosity and he had a really good set. I want to repeat that experience. Plus, there are some of his tracks that I will never forget: An Angel's Love (w Sylvia Tosun), The Reason (w Natalie Gioia) and others that make me his forever fan.

5. A new TRANCE gathering. I am always saying trance is connecting good people and that the trance family is something really good for the world. I cannot wait to see some dearly missed faces and to reconnect. It has been a while since we last saw each other and nothign compares with a good old get around face to face (not just online) with all the memories and plans for future getaways.

New trip to trance heaven. Amazing music to celebrate again and again. This reason doesn't need a number. It is the first, the second, the third, the forever reason for every event I chose to go to. I love this music so much. It is a huge part of my life and I cannot imagine what I'd do if it weren't for TRANCE music and all its feelings.

Do you think it this enough to let people not miss this event? Do you have more thoughts? Just let me know below! Trance on!

Trance Gate Winter Edition with Gai Barone, Cold Blue and Shugz

Italy is a very special country for me. Beside having great food and wine, they also have beautiful trance people. People which I met this year. People I am already missing too much. Yes. They are crazy party people, but amazing ones to have beside you while singing along and dancing to yout favorite tunes.

And on December 2nd, Trance Gate has its Winter Edition and invited some really cool artists on the line-up: Cold Blue, Gai Barone and Shugz.

So, when I saw this event I said there is no way I could miss it, but I haven't discovered how to teleport myself yet.  My first time in Milan was amazing. The city, the hotel, the venue were perfect. So, I can't belive I cannot repeat the experience again this year. The Romanian Trance Community is already partying on December 1st with Paul Van Dyk, and available flights are not helping me to get there on time. Buuuuut, I will definitely recover with their next event next year!

If this event is possible for you, don't miss it. The venue is great and the sound is perfect. I am pretty sure everything will be ok and that this will be an event to remember.

Full line-up:

Gai Barone (ita) https://soundcloud.com/gai-barone
 Cold Blue (Ger) https://soundcloud.com/coldblue
Shugz Music (Uk) https://soundcloud.com/shugo_srd
Opening by: Francesco Sambero

Other info:
- VENUE: SPACE 25 Toffetti
- SATURDAY 02/12/2017
- START: 23.00 (Closing: 05.00)
- TICKETS: Only Door-tickets | price: 20€
- TABLE RESERVATION: trancegatemilano@gmail.com
- Infoline: +39 3289650326

Facebook RSVP
Trance Gate On Facebook 

December 1st. Romania is in for a proper trance celebration!

Ohhh yes! Yes yes yes! Million times yes! That is what I was saying on the official event when I saw the announcement: Paul Van Dyk if coming back to Romania with his celebration party for his last album: From Then On.

After missing him at Electric Castle, I literally hated myself for not working a little bit more to make that happen. Even tough I saw Paul last year at Luminosity, there is nothing compared to him on the stage smiling and giving you the best time of your life through his music. Soooo, when I saw the announcement I got really really excited and booked my tickets right away.

Considering December 1st is also the National Day (of course work holiday too :D), this is great news! The whole Romanian community will celebrate in style with some really hot names from the trance scene: Paul Van Dyk, Jordan Suckley, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and our own Bogdan Vix. Needless to say these are all great music people and amazing DJs. Saw all of them before on the stage, and they simply know how to please a crowd.

The event will take place at Kristal Club, in Bucharest and will open its doors starting 10pm. Early bird tickets are already on sale for the price of 100 Ron (around 22 euros). You can grab yours here.

The hosts, INPUT, are brand new in the scene, but I really hope they will continue. I know they have support from TrancEnDance, so there if definitely some legacy. Beside taking care of an amazing line up and cool location, they also announced that the lights, visuals, the show will be provided by one of the best people in Romania - Arena Events. These guys were behind some nice festivals here, like Untold, Afterhills, Electric Castle, Neversea, so I am expecting greatness!

No more words for me now. Since I am speachless with all these news. I'll just go and warm up for a month for this event! Hope you'll do the same! Trance on!

Also, don't forget to RSVP to the official Facebook event.

PS. Stay close! A full review of Paul's album is coming soon!

Grotesque Indoor Festival #300: Mardi Gras

Something pretty just got into my inbox the other days! PT Events is coming with a very nice theme for the 8th edition of Grotesque Indoor Festival at Rotterdam Maassilo on December 9th: the one and only American Mardi Gras! I am following Grotesque for a while now and it is quite interesting to see them constantly improving and coming with new catchy ideas for their events.

There will be 3 stages: Trance, Psy& Tech and House Classics. Aside of these 3, they made room for a special Silent Disco Party for a better stimulation of your senses. The theme, as announced, will be the center piece of this event and expect the production to be flawless. I am thinking at a party full of colours, fun costumes, amazing vibes and of course good music!

“With new inspiration and last years positive responses, were planning to go a step further. Acrobatics, humor and sensation will be the main feeling and vibe in the three areas but also in the corridors, at the festival market or the lounge area! #GIF300 is more than the average club night!” – PTEvents.

And since there is no event without a perfect lineup, Grotesque Indoor Festival #300 chose some really great names for this year: 2nd Phase, Adam Seller, Dano, Darren Porter, Fausto, Indecent Noise, Marco V, Mark Sherry, Ram, Renji, Reorder, Santito, Snejder, Spider, Standerwick, Super8 & Tab, Toyax and MC Da Silva. Of course, as a music lover I would love to see them all, but since there are 3 stages, I would just probably do a mix between them all and go with the flow. We all know the plan from home is never the same with the madness on the dancefloor.

It all sounds great and the expectations are really high. Altough chances of me being there are pretty low, since my holiday days are so close to zero, I would not miss it if I were you. Think only about the music and this should get you excited. Add the line up and the theme on top of it and you'll have something to remember. And if this is not enough, just watch the after-movie of last year's edition.

You can buy your tickets here and also RSVP to the Facebook event here.

Also, if the after movie is not enough, you can warm up all your senses with a 24 h radio show hosted by Ram on November 4th and 5th and a sick line up!


Grotesque Indoor Festival is the largest indoor Trance Festival in The Netherlands. Focusing on production, special entertainment, artistry, theater-inspired elements and performers, it for sure markets it the most innovation and thought-of events in Western Europe.

Trancersro la timeshift

4 stages, 20 (+) DJs to see and a whole family to reunite at Timeshift festival [ontheroad]

After 4 days of complete madness at Luminosity Beach Festival in Amsterdam (full review coming soon), here I go again! This time at TimeShift Bucharest Music Festival. A festival that promises to fuse the science into the fiction and into the music and take you to another dimension. I must admit: I didn't have too much hope about it when I first saw one of their headliners: David Guetta. But slowly, after announcing even more names and some really strong confirmations from the community, I came to accept this is going to happen. Another festival will take place in Romania. Another festival will drive the music people crazy for one more weekend this summer.

The news about it, the line up, all the details, are not new. Most of you already know them since the first share. TimeShift will take place between July 20 and July 23 at Romexpo on 4 different stages: Mainstage, Kristal by Ahead Stage, Control Stage, Black Rhino and TranceEnDance Stage. These 2 last stages are Black Rhino on Thursday and Sunday and TrancEnDance on Friday and Saturday, as they show in the promo materials.

The most important stage for me is without doubt the TrancEnDance stage. The stage that will mark my whole experience with the festival and complete the "not to miss" events list of the summer. They planned 2 days of true trance madness and I cannot wait to see all the DJs from the lineup!

trancendance scene at timeshift

I will see again: Cosmic Gate, the duo I am fan-girling so much everytime I see them; John O'Callaghan, who I saw a couple of weeks ago and I cannot believe will see again in such a short time; Ruben De Ronde, Hazem Beltagui, Markus Schulz, Bogdan Vix and Standerwick - another DJ (I am crushing on) I am thrilled to see play. Last, but not least my italian music crush, the music lover I simply adore, the one and only Giuseppe Ottaviani and his Live 2.0.  This man is pure music in disguise. He inspires me so much with his music, with his work, I remain speechless every time I listen to him. If I could, I would go all around the world for him and I am pretty sure I will never get bored by one of his sets.

I will also see for the first time Ben Nicky (missed him when he first came to Bucharest), Estiva, Arkham Knights, Yoel Lewis, Chicane, Gareth Emery and (yes, I know :-s) Above & Beyond.  Very curious about what these never seen (for me) DJs will bring up. I saw a couple of recorded sets from them, but I really want to enjoy the full live experience. I know Above and Beyond came to Romania 4 more times years ago, and I will never forgive myself for missing them, but this time, at this festival I am coming no matter what!

Plane tickets ready. Accomodation ready! Flag ready! Camera ready! Friends ready! Me ready! Ready to board on the plane on Friday morning and ready to dance my shoes off for 3 days. Ready to enjoy another trance weekend with the Romanian Trance Family. Ready for the music. The only things missing are some new TRANCE T shirts to rock on the dancefloor. But that is already work in progress!

Ready to also meet new people. To make new friends. To find other music lovers. Are you ready? Who is on your "To see" list? Who dont you want to miss? Let me know in the comments below, or in a message here, on Facebook, on Instagram, Youtube, anywhere you want!

PS. Tickets are up for grabs here, and you can find out more details on timeshift.ro.