A mystical remix to dream to: Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab - Noom (Estiva Remix) [Wake Your Mind]

Me telling you for the Nth time I am a huge fan of Cosmic Gate and their music is old news. Me telling you how awesome Super8 and Tab are is again old news. But me telling you I am also into Estiva's work may be something newer. Wake Your Mind Recordings just release his remix on Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab - Noom and it is mint!

Nic, Bossi, Janne and Miika mastered the original, but Estiva wrapped it into a mystical journey! Less released, more unleashed, when ‘Noom’ came spinning out of ‘Materia Chapter.Two’s clear white yonder last year, scene-wide fever followed. Every bit equal to the sum of its artists, its cruising pads, thermal chords, synth elevation and mother of all mainlines bossed primetime like no other.

That magical whistle, the progressive touch, the build up are just perfect. Moodying up ‘Noom’s tone, the Dutchman’s also Prydz-out its tempo, lent extra roll to the drums, applied more steel to its synths, flint to its FX and furthered its epic soar.

It is a track to lose yourself too. It is giving me a very free spirit vibe and I just close my eyes and my mind goes beyond this world's perspective. I am going to a land of mysteries. To a land of joy and happiness. To a land of possibilities. It is a track to wake up to. A track to dream to.

One to steer you into the spring, Estiva’s remix of Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab’s ‘Noom’ hits stores & floors this week. Lay hands and ears on it here.


"Damaged" duo releases new track: Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones - Pursuit [Vandit]

When these two get together, be sure they will blow your mind with what they release. Two masterminds, one track. One hell of a track! Jordan Suckley and Sam Jones released "Pursuit" on April 6 with Vandit! Having previously left crater-sized impressions on clubfloors with their ‘Hijacker’ and ‘Wilma’ team-ups, this particular twosome already have an impressive track record together.

With expedited beats, furiously hissing hi-hats, staccato percussion and whip-crackin’ FX, the track shifts into fifth in no time at all. A tempo less measured in bpm and more in bhp, it sends wild stabs, crowd inciting pitch-bends and shunting bass roaring through its cylinders.

End-of-the-night, techier-minded mayhem”, (said DJ Mag in their 8/10 review) that “resolves around a right old razorblade of a mainline”, you can pick up the ‘Pursuit’ from today:beatport.com/release/pursuit-extended/2233717.

Do not even know what to say. The track speaks for itself. It is so powerful and so dark, you cannot miss it on the dancefloor. It is a track I would have in my gym playlist too. Cuz it driving enough to make me go through the routine flawlessly. It gave me some shivers, the track has some of mystery in it. Shivers of excitement, shivers of energy, shivers of magic. Magic to believe I can do everything I want everytime I hear this track in my earphones.



New track: ALEX M.O.R.P.H. & MARK SHERRY – MAGNETAR [Vandit]

Whenever you see these two names in a track's title, you know it is huge! Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s uplift and Mark Sherry's tech madness combined will always turn into a proper choon! The 2 trance minds are insanely great and it kinda makes you wonder, why this didn't happen earlier. Why Magnetar didn't appear into our lives a couple of years ago.

Wasting zero time, the pair’s first studio union rolls out at pace with drum punch, metal-on-metal percussion and crowd-infecting vocal whoops & loops. Techy FX and bleepy, beamed-from-the-heavens sub-riffs are dispensed from Mr Sherry’s soundbanks. That leaves Alex to hardwire a mainline so galactic in scope & effect, a return from ‘Magnetar‘ may be beyond us all!

Magnetar  is exactly what you would expect from a M.O.R.P.H. and Sherry mix. A very nice melody, dreamy, uplifting but also playful combined with a strong and driving upbeat. Good track to listen to at the office and drive your rocker colleagues mad with having it on repeat. Good to start the day with too. It definitely kicks in the energy!

The mindboggling properties of their debut union are available now here beatport.com/release/magnetar-extended/2224170 through Beatport. Or you can feel its cosmic blast via VANDIT’s Soundcloud page!





Dangerously perfect track out today: Richard Durand: Savage [Reloaded Music]

Ohhhhhhhh! This is soo good! This is sooooo delicious! Richard Durand - Savage finally got out today and of course I grabbed my copy, minutes after it got published. I had it on the to buy list for too long.

Mister Reloaded, Richard Durand, satisfies us with a severe club sound. The track title says it all, Savage stands for the new direction Richard has taken to destroy all the charts. Once again Richard is back to do what he does best, creating high-quality productions.

This is so right. This is so real. This is sooo savage! I don't even know how to properly express what I am feeling right now. I had the track on repeat for the last 3 hours, already drove crazy my colleagues at the office, I am in a constant dance party since I hit play. Danced on the bus on my way home (it is usual. it is normal) on it. I almost stopped to dance in the middle of the street. That is what this track does to me. And this is one of the criteria I put a track in the cart and grab it.

Another reason is the artist I've been following for so long, the artist that never, but never disappoints! Richard has released choon after choon and I am grateful for the perfect music he is putting out there. Savage, definitely,  makes no exception. It is pure energy. Pure fire! It pumped me up, it pumped my colleagues. It pumped the people that had a glimpse of it from my earphones. It is a track I will soooooo overplay and not get bored of. I just hope to hear it played live too somewhere, to completely destroy the dancefloor. :) Maybe Luminosity? Sure Luminosity. Richard will be there, and with something like this in the set, you can never fail. Never.

You can grab your copy too and support the beautiful people that work so hard to give us pure goosebumps: reloaded.choons.at/savage.

What are your thoughts about the track? Do you like sooo much too? Or I am just crazy?


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New Track: Jak Aggas - Strangers Like Me [FSOE]

Strangers like me, strangers like you, strangers like anybody else. Strangers on the streets, strangers at the gym, strangers on the dancefloor. But are they actually strangers? Or just humans, humans we'd like to be friends with? That is the question that popped into my mind while I had this track on repeat. Jak Aggas - Strangers like me was released yesterday on FSOE and it is definitely a track to have in your cart.

This track is about energy, positivity and dreams. Dreams of those we met past years, dreams of those we'll meet someday. It is about people. Simple people. Happy people. Beautiful people. This track gave me a very strong feeling of a community, of a whole. It is a cheerful uplifter and true choon. My thoughts might sound weird, but this is the vibe I am getting while listening to it.

I get a lot of happy thoughts and it puts me in the right mood. The mood of dancing, the mood of losing myself. The mood of pure joy and goosebumps. It is a great track to hear on the dancefloor and that could've been seen at ASOT too, when Fila dropped it for the first time. It's easy to lose it on this one. It is easy to close your eyes and just enjoy the purity of music.

Track has got already a lot of support from of course, Aly & Fila and most of the trance community, so  you might wanna give it a spin too. Grab your own copy: fsoe.lnk.to/StrangersLikeMe and support Jak Aggas in his adventure!


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New Track: Unbeat - Won't let you in again [Extrema Global]

As part of the Extrema Global Music team, I get to listen to our releases before anyone else, enjoy and get really excited about them on the first listen. I have been a fan of Unbeat and his work for quite a while now, and when I heard his latest track, I remained speechless. He is one to watch in the scene. He deserves it. He works for it.

Usually, it is not ok for me to get speechless while working on writing the description for a track, but with this one I was actually happy. It's been a while since a track did that to me, and I had to really put my mind to hard work to find the proper words to describe it.

This track is dreamy enough, sensible enough, but also strong enough! I really like the beginning, the ending, everything! I am easily getting bored of the intros, but here is not the case. It catches my attention from the very first seconds. I love the angelic voices, the raspy male one, everything! I had it on repeat since we got is as a demo, and I do not regret it.

You can try it too, by buying your own copy here.


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Captain JoC speaking: Next Stop Muddy Waters [Subculture]

Ohhh yes! This track speaks for itself. This artist needs no introduction. This release promotes itself. John O'Callaghan release last week on February 16th Next Stop Muddy Waters under Subculture, of course, and it is mint! Not less than you'd expect, but a whole lot more! It is sitting in the Top 10 Trance Tracks (no.6 while I am writing this) for a reason!

Leaving the piano-rich, upliftingly themed vistas of ‘Trees’ behind, the Irishman’s next singles juncture sees him head down a markedly different road. Harsher, harder, leaner, faster and altogether later night in its appeal, this is JOC at his most stripped down and pugnaciously ramped-up. An ID set weapon at his shows stretching back to last summer, ahead of its final uncloaking in December, no small measure of fan speculation accompanied its progress.

The track is energy to the core and it drove me good mad when I first listened to it. Mad because of the hype, mad because of the excitement, mad because this track is too gorgeous. It also had an old vibe in it, a vibe that made me think of the early stages of my trance journey. How curious I was about everything and how every sound gave me a different sensation. This track is all in one. It is about the memories, the happiness, the curiosity, the ups and downs.

Primed through bold drums, bracing tempo, three-dimensional bass and no short order of riding percussion and acidic pH-pow, ‘Next Stop’ displays the toughest of sonic signatures. Punching hard around trance’s midrange, churning, curling and finally all-out blistering 303 send its mercury flying. Converging around an unfurling synth struck mainline, John manipulates the two elements to conspire a drop that’ll leave other tracks for dust.

‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’… is out and you can grab your copy now, here.




New From Perfecto: Paul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd - Love Escape

Into 2018, and Paul Oakenfold maintains the singles pressure built by the likes of last year’s ‘Dreamstate Theme’, ‘Amnesia’, & ‘Deep Space’. Never one to let the artistic grass grow under his feet, ‘Love Escape’ sees him pivot again, with a more contemporary house themed/song-based cut.

To give voice to it, Paul’s once again sought out the talents of a woman who’s now one of Australia’s most established electronic music singer/songwriters. Having previously supplied song to among others Hardwell’s ‘Apollo’ and Oakie’s own 3 million-stream-hitting ‘U Are’, Amba Shepherd gifts ‘Love Escape’ its spirited chorus & insightful verse.

Stylistically spreading the remix love far & wide, Paul’s commissioned three killer reinterpretations to take ‘Escape’ to other clubbing times and dancefloor spaces. Keeping the release’s down-under factor high, Sydney’s JaySounds reins in the bpms, while boosting its bottom end signature. Dropping the LFO into the sub-bass range, he warps out the synths to fashion a spin that’s as eclectic as it is engaging. Further round the Aussie coast, Adelaide’s Dimatik flips the polarity, taking it high up to the trance heavens. Opening the tempo throttle wide, and backed by the big synths, he infectiously cuts, chops & loops the vocal up, servicing ‘Love Escape’s primetime needs.

Casting a moodier, more proggy silhouette through his mix, David Webster brings a more lamenting vibe to Amba’s vocal. Through scudding drums and tight percussion lines, he engages its drive, while amping up its ether through tubular synths, cyber FX and pad-based sweep.

Paul Oakenfold’s famed trip to the white island of Ibiza, sparked the creation of club culture as it is known today as well as his legendary DJ'ing career. The Wonderful World Of Perfecto: With Paul Oakenfold And Friends charts his historic career rise to fame, fortune and musical nirvana and each of the artists collaborating with Oakenfold illustrate a different time period in the DJ’s life. Throughout his career, Paul Oakenfold has been nominated for 3 GRAMMYs, sold millions of records and has been named DJ Mag’s #1 DJ twice. Oakenfold has collaborated with Pharrell Williams, Grandmaster Flash, Ryan Tedder, Perry Farrell, Nelly Furtado, Ice Cube, Tricky, Hunter S. Thompson and the list goes on. He’s officially remixed U2, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Massive Attack and Maroon 5 among others.

Put hands on it here.


Upcoming Paul Oakenfold shows:

February 09 The Palace Theatre, Calgary AB (Canada
February 23 Soundcheck DC, Washington DC (U.S.A.)
March 9-11 Get Lucky Festival, Magna UT (U.S.A.)
March 23-25 Ultra Music Festival, Miami FL (U.S.A.)
July 20-22 Tomorrowland, Boom (Belgium)



An explosion of colours in one track: Cold Blue - Learning to live [Subculture]

This is now just a "new track is out" type of article. This is pure happiness put into words. Happiness because Cold Blue just released a new masterpiece: Learning to Live with Subculture literally 4 days ago, on January 26.

I still can't believe. I still can't understand how this man can come up with such beautiful melodies and F everything up in my brain when I hit that play button. It does F everything up, but in the most pure and beautiful way. This track is so airy, so driving, so romantic!

Cold Blue has been on the run these past years and he will rule 2018 for the whole trance community! From releasing choon after choon in 2017 with labels such as Subculture, Kearnage, Pure Trance, FSOE or Damaged to do even a greater job in 2018!

From its outer limits, deliciously doomy bass & pad movements beam, connecting with the haunt of its horns and strings assuredly chilled in nature. As its sub-melodies subside, the mainline synths take over, serving ‘Learning to Live’ with its final elevating crescendo. Trance to move the mind, body & spirit. 

Learning to Live - for me - is one of the greatest tracks to start this year. From the very first second to the last one, this track caught me. It caught me to listen to it. To put it on repeat. To enjoy it. To have a hell of a dance party on it. To make my day better. To make me smile. to make me happy. And when a track does that, words are beyond anyone and anything.

I don't even know how to express what this track is making me feel. The drive of it gives me the push. The push to dream. But also to work for those dreams. 'Cuz what are dreams if we don't work to make them real?

The track is a full explosion of colours. Colours of love. Colours of joy. Colours of happiness. Colours of hope. Colours of melancholy. Colours of falling down. Colours of getting up. Colours of life. Of learning how to live it, no matter what. No matter the bads, the goods. But live it.

Put hands on it here. Or listen to it below. You'll see exactly what I mean.

Tobias, you killed it. And I can't thank you enough for it.


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New track: Mohamed Bahi - Hope for a Cure [Vandit]

New track! New Track! New AMAZING Track! Or at least, I am loving it. And I am having it on repeat for a couple of hours now. Mohamed Bahi - Hope for a Cure was just released on January 19 and it is a dream of a track! It is his first single of 2018 and it is here to give us the right start for 2018! It sounds very playful and it puts me into a very good mood.

It is the first time I heard of Mohamed Bahi (shame on me), but I understood he is a Vandit regular now. He also released Atlas Highland, In a Perfect World and Habanium and he is quite present between VONYC listeners.

This track is full of positivity. It breaths the joy and optimism. It touches all your hopes and dreams and it makes you fly. Fly to the land of all possibilities. Fly to the land of promises. Where everything becomes true and disappointment fades. The echoic piano, the hooky intro, the cascade of note arrangements, the sensationsal pad and the chord swirl are just a couple of the elements that make this track sounds so great. The drop makes your energy go higher and higher, so that it ends with a full release of all the elements into one big and euphoric uprush.

Hope For A Cure is available now here via Beatport, or you catch a listen via VANDIT’s Soundcloud page here.