New Track: Danny Eaton - Concentration [Pure Trance]

Ohh my! Ohh my! Ohh my! Cannot believe I've been so ignorant till now and that I didn't know about this guy! Danny Eaton - Concentration was just released on Beatport today and for me, it was love at first listen!

This is Danny's debut release, taken from Solarstone's Pure Trance, Vol. 6. The key to Concentration's brilliance is its simplicity, a hallmark which echoes trance's halcyon days. Propelled by a phasing, gated pad progression, the conscientious rhythm programming and restrained, understated synth-work result in a club track which builds relentlessly to a sublime break and perfect pay-off.

I was just looking into yesterday's releases and when you see Pure Trance, you cannot scroll without hitting the play button. And that play was indeed a great play! I listened to the preview, re-listened, grabbed my copy and put the track on repeat. It is so driving, so pure, so magical! It took me instantly into the trance phasis, the Trance[IS] as I like to call it.

This track sounds amazing and Pure Trance is definitely the right label to be released with. It has that pure trance vibe on it. It also has that "old days" trance vibe that will make a lot of trancers lose themselves. Lose into the memories. Lose into the music. Lose into the greatness.

Grab your copy:

If I didn't know about Danny Eaton till now, this track made me know about him. And to put a flag on the name. To look for more. To look for future productions and to enjoy them all. I am pretty sure he will do great. Follow his work and adventures: Soundcloud (he has some cool and free downloads too), Twitter.

New Track: Craig Connelly feat. Kate Miles - Lost without you [Subculture]

There is no doubt, Subculture is one of THE trance labels to follow constantly. There is no doubt they release choon after choon and that they never settle for less than greatness. And their latest release: Craig Connelly feat. Kate Miles - Lost without you, makes no exception. He definitely knows how to start a new year! After releasing last year his debut album - One Second Closer (a master piece of an album), he kick starts 2018 with this very nice collaboration with Kate Miles!

With her voice instilling its emotional core, ‘Lost Without You’s lyrical theme will resonate with many, and far beyond the walls of a club.  Craig equalizes Kate’s lament with chord & pad empathy, a prime time chiming tempo, and synths, strings & bass that speak directly to the dancefloor. Trance elevation cut from classic production cloth, if you’re in need of New Year uplift, step this way!

Of course, I had the track on repeat today. To write about it, and to dream. To dream about love, happiness and pure joy. Because that is the vibe this track is giving me. Kate's dreamy voice perfectly completes Craig's power within the instrumental. It is an emotional track, and of course quite uplifting. I am pretty sure, a lot of voices will be lost singing along this on the dance floor. Because is it that good.

The track was out today and you can grab you copy from here: I grabbed mine and an sure I will be listening to it for the next days literally EVERYWHERE. Will test it at the gym to, but in my mind it already works pretty well with some cardio.

What about you? What do you think about the track?

New Track: Exolight - Starfall [Always Alive Recordings]

This has been a very interesting year for the Romanian Trance scene, for the World Wide Trance scene. Exolight is one of the freshest names in the industry and he is one of the talented ones! His tracks  sound fresh, trancy and are the perfect tracks to have in your playlist.

Recently he just launched Starfall, with Always Alive Recordings and the track sounds amazing. I enjoyed it at first listen and I knew I had to buy my copy once it is out.

Coupling classic basslines with Exolight's knack for the airy & melodic, 'Starfall' bridges the gap between old & new effortlessly with an impressively accomplished new production on Always Alive. The Romanian master returns with one of his best productions yet - Exolight is back with 'Starfall'.

To me, Starfall is the track that I wanna have on repeat while in a cabin, in the mountains, watching the snow. It puts me in the right mood for the season and makes me wanna reconnect with nature. It makes me wander into my world of happiness, it relaxes my senses and it gives me a very zen state of mind.

I really like the melody of it. It is dreamy and has the right amount of energy. An energy that charges senses. An energy that makes me touch each sound and breathe every note from it. The track gave me such goosebumps, I knew I will have it on repeat once I'll have it.

The track has already been supported by Aly & Fila (Starfall was also voted Future Sound in the last FSOE episode), Dan Stone, Alex Morph, Manuel Roca and Sundancer. You can grab your copy from here: and support it too.

I can't wait to see what else he has prepared for us! And I am really happy his trance journey is so productive! What do you think about his works till now?

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New Track: Ronny K. & Ben Ashley - Every Single Moment (Astuni & Nikolauss remix)

First Astuni & Nikolauss remix - a remix for Ronny K & Ben Ashley - Every Single Moment,  was just released today, of course on Extrema Global Music. YEEEEES! I was waiting for this collaboration to happen for years! I know they started a lot of projects, but (84 years later...) they finally released something. I really like what they did with the original. You can actually hear Astuni's touches and Nikolauss's #140 power on it.

This remix is driving. It is powerful. It is uplifting. Truly uplifting. I know I may be biased with everything I am saying about it, 'cuz I love both the guys, but tell if I am wrong. Isn't this something you'd listen on repeat? Isn't this something you'd wanna color your morning with?

This is something that gave me energy at the gym, that made fill a little bit invincible and that made me happy Every Single Moment I listened to it. It snapped me out of the ordinary and it brightened my days at the office, on the street, in the bus, at the supermarket, everywhere. I just love it. It is something to hold on.

I already have my copy (perks of having the boyfriend working on it and working with Extrema Global Music), but I will definitely buy one too. Because I like to support artists I like and also buy the music I love. It just got released today and you can grab your copy here: 

Also, support the artists, because they deserve it!

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New music: Andrew Rayel & Bogdan Vix & KeyPlayer ft. Roxana Constantin - Soul On The Run [InHarmony Music]

One week new, but still new! Andrew Rayel, Bogdan Vix, Keyplayer and Roxana Constantin teamed up for the first time and just released Soul on the run with InHarmony Music.

At first read I said: Ok. Cool. New vocalist, new team for a new track. At first listen tough, I was impressed. Even tough this might not be the tranciest track (after some purists), it is still a very good track. I like it. No. I love it. I have it on repeat right now, and it is not only because I am writing about it. I enjoy it. I enjoy the fresh vocals, the piano, the strength, the energy.

A high-octane team-up between Andrew Rayel and Bogdan Vix & KeyPlayer, Soul On The Run finds the middle ground between unequaled power and soul-stirring emotion. Embellished by a tear-drawing breakdown with delicate piano play and Roxana Constantin's angelic vocals, this cut captures the essence of all that Trance music is about.

This track has Andrew's sound and power, Bogdan's soft touch and Keyplayer's well known piano. Roxana comes and completes it perfectly with her crystalline voice. It is a very nice mix. It is driving and quite amazing to wake up to in the morning. 3 minutes dance parties never been better!

It puts me in a very good mood, and that is always a plus for a track. It also reminds of Snatt Dragos (the track is in his memory): the DJ, the artist, the friend, the man. He was a pillar for the Romanian Trance Scene and he will never be forgotten. For everything he's done, for everything he dreamed of. They couldn't honor him better than this.

Track was out on December 1st and you can grab your copy here: It is definitely worth it.


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New Track: Nick V - Feel For You [Rielism Elements]

New track in cart alert! Nick V just launched his first track under Rielism - Feel For You and let me tell you this is GREAT!

For my first review for one of his tracks, I had to choose right. I've waited for this one to come out for a while, but now it's finally here. I just grabbed my copy from Beatport, so I can listen to it anytime and anywhere. I like it that much. Also, Nick is a great and hard working artist and he deserves all the support.

Nick V bursts onto Rielism Elements with a rip-roaring debut that showcases the producer's ear for the lush, melodic and uplifting. Filled with lush, flowing melodies and sun-kissed harmonies, coupled with unique FX, makes for a stunning release that glimmers with elegance. Slovakian uplifting mastermind Miroslav Vrlik is on remix duties here as he injects some additional energy to take Feel For You to the 9th degree. This is euphoric trance at it's very best! - Rielism

Feel For You is quite an emotional track. And of course, uplifting. It gave me a nice energy to start this week. It is not that dark as I lately like some tracks, but it is something that catches your attention in a couple of seconds. It put me in the mood of dance party. But it put me in the mood of a dreamy dance party. It is euphoric. It has that angelic vibe. The track wouldn't be the same without the voice Nick used to emphasize the feelings.

I am really happy for what Nick achieved till now and I am happy he got into the Rielism family. He is a very nice person and I just wish he'll go higher and higher with each track. With each melody. With every sound.

Hit play, enjoy Feel For You and also go listen the remix from Miroslav Vrlik too. Same track, but a different vision. Both great! Both released today exclusively on Beatport. Grab your copies and support these amazing artists. Trance on!

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New track in my cart alert! Airborn, Bogdan Vix and KeyPlayer are on the run. They released a lot of amazing tracks this year, and 3UPHORIA makes no exception! The track was released yesterday exclusively on Beatport, but it is in the trancers's hearts for at almost 2 weeks now, since Armin played it in A State of Trance 838!

Airborn, Bogdan Vix & Keyplayer are becoming something of a fixture here at Essentializm and we LOVE it! Following on from their previous instrumentals 'Kaleidoscope' and 'Liberation' which have received heavy play around these parts, the boys are back with their latest offering '3uphoria'. On the menu are Baleric vibes with a progressive and uplifting flavour, best served: LOUD!

When I clicked play, I didn't expect something like this. I didn't expect to literally take me into an euphoria. The track is sensitive; it is something I cannot find the right words to describe. That piano is a lot to handle.  It touches your heart in a way you get the chills. The chills of happiness, of pure joy. I fell in love at first listen. It gave me that state of "Dance like no one is watching". I am writing this after a 30 minutes dance party with this track on repeat and do not regret a second of it. It was great to re-charge my energy after a strong day at work with this track and to enjoy every feeling of it.

I am really happy they chose to work together, because the results are astonishing. And I really hope they will do even more next year. You can grab your copy now from Beatport, or stream it on Spotify! All other buying or streaming options are right here: and will be available starting November 27.

What do you think about the track? Did it gave you the same chills? Did you experienced something else? Let me know!


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New Track: Cold Blue - Speed Of Life [Subculture]

Cold Blue does it again! Yesterday he released under Subculture a new track: Speed of Life. Aaaaaaaand of course, the new track is a true choon!

I just grabbed my copy from Beatport and I put in on repeat. Not only to write this article, but because I instantly fell in love with it. The track is only $2.49, but Beatport has a coupon code of 10% too is you're interested.

Here comes a tune about the journey of life. About the high speed in which we're rushing through all the stages, but also about the beautiful single moments that wait for us just around the next corner. Life is fast, often hectic and overwhelming, so we might get lost in distractions while missing out on the important things that really matter. Let's remind ourselves to relax, open up and enjoy the speedy ride through our lives!

Right from the first listen, I just fell into that mood. The mood where I lose myself. The mood where I find myself. It made me think of all those small moments that marked my life and made me who I am today. It made me melancholic. But It made me happy. Happy that I got through all of those moments, no matter how bad or good they were, and that I am here. Able to do what I love and to love what I do.

This track is powerfull. This track is uplifting. This track is pure energy in disguise. Cold Blue does an amazing job once again and I do not think he will ever dissapoint. I am so happy for all his achievements and I cannot wait to see what else he has prepared for us. There is one way for him to go from now on, and that is UP!

Now, hit that play button and tell me if I am wrong with all the feelings. With all the toughts regarding it. Trance on!

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New track: Amir Hussain & Sarah Lynn - Colour of Your Heart [Amsterdam Trance Records]

Did I ever tell you how much I like Amir Hussain? And not only because he looks kinda cute (:D), but because he is a true music man! And that is (of course) better than anything else. :)

Lately I have been more into his music, and not only because he recognized me and my blog while at Luminosity (still hypped about it), but because I burst out of my bubble to see what else is out there beside my musical obsessions. (We'll talk about them later this year). And I don't regret a thing about it. His music is top notch and he deserves all the support in the world. I know I am always saying that about the artists I write, but it is true.

He released last week a very nice colaboration with Sarah Lynn - Color of Your Heart. The track is also the Theme song for Horizons Festival 2017 and it was released with Amsterdam Trance Records (old Razn Nitzan Music). Beside being a fan of Amir Hussain, I also like the vocals of Sarah. She has such a nice and crystalline warm voice and every tune she touches is a "on repeat" for me.

I am very visual person. Being also a designer that makes me always see tracks coming to life in front of me. It makes me feel like touching all those sounds and dance together. And Color of Your Heart made me fall into a dream. An eyes open dream, where I am in my happy place. My happy colorful place, where my heart literally goes through the whole spectrum and turnes into a rainbow. It took me out of the dark place, the place that makes me feel small. The place where I lost all my inspiration. It took me out of all that and it gave me lots of mixed feelings. Lots of happy thoughts. Lots of all those words I needed to be back here.

You know me. I don't talk about technicalities. I do not care about basslines, breakdowns, leads or stuff like that. I do not even know too much about them. I care about how a track makes me feel. I care about the goosebumps. I care about those endless dancing moments with the track on repeat.

And Amir's track definitely did all these for me cuz' I am listening to it for 2 hours now and I didn't get bored of it. And I know for sure, I will get my colleagues crazy again with having it on repeat at the office too. When a track is this good, I cannot help it. I play it. I dance on it. I go to my trance state of mind and completely lose myself in it. And, repeat. That easy. Amir got it really right with this one and I am happy to be able to listen and write about it.

Tha track got a lot of support (obviously) from Armin in ASOT 830 and 831, from Aly & Fila, Photographer, Allen Watts, Steve Allen, Mike Saint-Jules and many more. And it got support because it deserves it. It also got into Beatport's Top 100 Trance and it is sitting as we speak on the 11th place! Very close to Top 10, I really hope it goes there. I know I gave it a little push, by grabbing my copy. You can grab yours here.

Also, don't forget to support him and Sarah on their socials. Amir was lately quite active and I really hope to catch him on a Fb live again soon. ;)

And if you like what I am talking about here, just wait to see what I have in store for you. I know I always promise lots of things, but this time it is for real. I am out of my dark place and ready to rock (trance!). And like I said, Amir's track had a little something with me getting back some inspiration. Thank you for that!


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New track: Cold Blue - The Clash [Kearnage Recordings]

Ohh  my! Ohh my! Ohh my! There is no secret I am a huge fan of Tobias (Cold Blue) and his work! There is no secret I couldn' fall in love with his newest track and not have it already on repeat! I am no music specialist. I am not a trance specialist. I am not good with technicalities. But I listen. I listen to the music. I listen to the sounds. I listen to other people's work and I am happy I am able to enjoy such amazing tracks.

The Clash - is his debut with Kearnage Recordings and it is one of the best tracks I listened lately. It is the definition of strength. Of energy. It reflects a very powerfull story between all those notes he so graciously arranged into perfection. He says:

It's the untamable power of unmet inner needs. There seems to be just one way to dissolve this stressful force: Fighting for our needs! Don't avoid any clashes. It's your life, it's here and now and this is your chance to build way for your bliss.

And I couldn't agree more! Right after I listened to the preview, I knew what tracks goes straight into my cart on the release day and I am sooooooo gonna abuse the repeat button with this one. It is indeed a track that drives people. It drives people to do better. To do more. To fight. To fight for dreams, for needs, for anything they always desired. I am listening to this on my way to the office, at the office, on my way back home and a couple of times more while I work on other projects. And it is doing his magic! Walks to the office have never been nicer, my colleagues have never been crazier because of hearing this in my headphones and I couldn't be happier because of the positive energy I am getting from this track.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

I am thankful for this one. It helped me stay motivated to work everything out. It helped me get through all my to do lists and it gave me the energy to come back on the blog and prepare even more articles and interviews for you! So thank you Tobias, for this beauty and I really hope we'll hear more from you soon! Trance on!

The track just got out on July 10th and it deserves all the support in the world. Just go and grab your copy on Beatport now and share your thoughts about it!


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