ON PROMO: Nikolauss vs. Asteroid - Earthbound [Extrema Global Music]

This is huge! Two of our favorite Extrema artists, Nikolauss and Asteroid got together and delivered this beauty! Both great artists, both produced great tracks, but the result exceeded our expectations. Earthbound is THE track. The track you need to It is all about true feelings and real passion. Passion for nature, passion for sound, passion for life itself. It has a special energy to it. So, just click that play button, feel that energy and enjoy it to the fullest! Trance on! 

I was writing the other days the description for this track and I had to tell you more about it on the blog. Not just because it is a great track, you should know about, but because of the two people that made it.

Nikolauss is not just my boyfriend. He is not just my best friend. He is a great trance producer and I am quite proud about the path he chose. Watching him getting better every day is a privilege. Watching him create and being the first one to listen to his tracks is something I am looking forward everyday after work.

Asteroid is not just one of  the regular artists of Extrema Global Music. He is not only someone with a studio. He is a great guy, and I really hope to meet him soon. He is also studying in the field and trying to reach its potential everyday. Also, so open minded, so down to earth and supportive of all artists, not only his music.

And the track they just made it is perfect. My personal opinion. It gave me an energy to a last for a whole week at the office the other days and it made me feel a bit like a superhero. The lead, the breakdown, the baseline all come together perfectly and I can't be any happier to experience it from its early stages. And to show my appreciation and love for the track, I made a video for it.

I really hope you guys will like it and that you'll grab your copy from Beatport today: https://goo.gl/LA8rA3 . Track was already supported by Manuel on his Extrema 489! Also, don't forget to support these guys on social media, because they do deserve all the support in the world!

Asteroid: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, InstagramBeatport

Nikolauss: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube, Beatport

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New track: Suncatcher & Exolight - Nothing Like You (Pure Trance Vol. 5)

Ohhh ohhh ohhh! My excitement levels are going up! Remember when we had that interesting chat with Suncatcher, right before Luminosity and he told us about new tracks coming up? Well this is one of them. Also, remember when he told us about his work on new tracks with a coworker? Well, this track reveals it all.

Nothing like you - is a very nice collaboration between Suncatcher and one of the newest names in the trance scene Exolight. Both Romanian producers, both pretty great. This track is a living proof of that. When I first heard it made me slow down everything I was doing. And it did that in the most positive way. Even if the bpm may seem energetic to some, for me it did the opposite. It calmed me down, it relaxed all my senses and made me slowly fall in love with it.

As I always say talking about technicalities is a waste here. Talking about emotions and how this track makes me feel, that is a different story.There is nothing like this track, nothing like the emotions it gave me. It sent me to a happy place. It sent me to my happy place. And a few tracks manage to do that. I am glad Nothing like you is one of them and that it reminds me of some of the most beautiful moments of my life. And I am not the only one. Exolight also feels like he put his soul into this track. And that's a quality I'll always admire in a trance producer.

[no_blockquote text="This track is very special to me because the creation process involved a lot of feelings and emotions and, of course, because it is my first signed track. Many thanks to Suncatcher and Solarstone." text_color="" title_tag="h2" width="" background_color="" border_color="" show_quote_icon="no" quote_icon_color="" quote_icon_size=""]

And many thanks to you, too,  Exolight. For the kind words and for this track. Also, thank you Suncatcher for introducing us to Exolight. We cannot wait to listen what else have you prepared!

Enjoy the awesomeness and also check out the teaser the guys just posted. Apparently something new is on the way. Also, don't forget to support and follow them on Social media too: Suncatcher (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter) and Exolight (Facebook)

Nothing like you is part of Solarstone's Pure Trance V - a three discs mix put together by Forerunners, Solarstone and Sneijder that was out on October 28th. You can have it all here, or just this amazing track from here.

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cold blue nevada

New track: Cold Blue - Nevada (FSOE)

I am a huge fan of Cold Blue and his music. He's definitely one of my music crushes and he never disappointed. I developed (and still have) an obsession for Poseidon, a track I loved from the first listen, a track I wanted to hear live at Luminosity and a tracks that always makes me smile. I think I got Tobias crazy, asking him to play this track, every time he posted something about Luminosity. He kindly replied that it will be present in the set, but the moment I actually heard it was priceless. Goosebumps all over and no control for me from there. I loved it. I cherished it. won't forget it.

Buuuut, chances are to develop another obsession for Cold Blue's latest track. I listened to a preview a couple of weeks ago and I was literally begging for the full track. Couldn't wait to hear it all and enjoy those beautiful sounds. And the day finally came. Nevada was finally released on October 17th, as part of the Future Sound of Egypt 450 compilation, mixed by Aly & Fila, Dan Stone & Ferry Tayle and Mohamed Ragab, next to some other great names like Ahmed Rohmel, Fady & Mina, The Thrillseekers, Talla 2XLC, Sean Tyas, Standerwick, , Suncatcher and many more.

This track is just perfect, if you ask me. It brings a fresh sound to the table. It brings an energy I desperately wanted to feel again. It brings hope. It brings optimism. It brings happiness. It brings goosebumps. I will enjoy energizing my mornings with it. Also, I will enjoy driving my colleagues crazy again, by having it on repeat and on full volume (sorry. not sorry :D). But I can't help it. When a track is this good, I never get bored even if I listen to it hundreds/ thousands of times. And I think this is what is all about in a good track. To never get bored of it. To never forget it. I know I'm sure I will never forget Nevada. :)

Just hit the play button and let me know what you think about this track. Am I crazy, or you think this is pure happiness too? Also, don't forget to grab your own copy from Beatport and support Cold Blue, because he deserves all the support in the world. ^_^ Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Beatport.

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New track: Nikolauss - Eureka (Extrema Global Music)

Ohhh well, the day has finally come. Me talking about Andrei's tracks is something that I should always do, but sometimes I am a bit afraid of being too sentimental. Buuuuuut, feelings are perfect in this trance industry, so no more of me ”hiding” and trying to be impartial.

Andrei aka Nikolauss is on the run right now and he's releasing amazing track after amazing track. After his last one, Extrema's 100 release - New beginning it was just right to continue his journey with Eureka. Out on Beatport: October 14th.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/286889684" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Being a producer's girlfriend has it's perks, and one of them is listening to the tracks while in the making and somehow contribute to the creative process. Well, my contribution to this track was its name, because the already thought one had been taken. The possibilities may be huge, while thinking of a track's title, but the reality is completely different. If the artist is not happy, then you have to keep trying. After a loooooot research we came up with Eureka. I felt like it was the perfect match for the feelings this track gave me, aaaand also because I kinda felt like Archimede discovering the mistery in it.

Beside the name (the great name), the track has also a really nice ”je ne sais quoi” around it. Personally, I think it is one of Nikolauss's best tracks ever and I am happy to see him getting better every day. I always judge a track from an emotional perspective, and not necessarily from a technical one, so let's just talk about the goosebumps it gave me; the thoughts and feelings. The real deal.  This track sent me right to the trance journey I needed when I first listened to it. It gave me hope, energy and a shot of optimism. It drove me through some very happy moments and put the huge smile on my face. Also, it is a very nice track to listen at the gym. It really keep you running on that treadmill!

Andrei's tracks are always powerful, but in the same time have the exact dose of emotion in it. He is indeed one of the best upcomers I now in the trance scene and of course my favorite. I am happy to be part of his trance journey and I hope you'll join us too. Big names like Manuel Le Saux, Sean Tyas, Aly and Fila, Astuni, Darren Porter are already Nikolauss fans. :)

Check out Eureka, and don't forget to also follow him on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud. Lots of interesting things will happen' there. Trust me, I am managing that part too. Trance on!

ON PROMO: Manuel Le Saux & TrancEye - Endless Horizon (Original + Nikolauss #140 Remix)

Lately I am listening  a lot of promos that Andrei is receiving, so I was thinking of starting a new thread here on Trancers: ON PROMO. I think some of the guys are really talented and some tracks are really really good. Even if they are smaller producers, even if they are bigger ones, they all deserve the support. You know, I always tried to support the artist I like, no matter what.

And how should I start this thread, if not with a huge track? This week, my favorite ”on promo” is Manuel Le Saux & TrancEye - Endless Horizon. Both the original and the #140 remix from Nikolauss. I won't go into technical talks here, I will talk just about my opinion about the tracks. Massive ones, powerful ones, these tracks are exactly what trance is all about: energy, feelings, emotion, life. I have them on repeat as I write this article. I had them on repeat for a couple of hours. That much I like them and that much I don't want ”the dream” to end.

If you wanna fell what I fell right now, you just have to close your eyes (after you red the article; haha) and imagine yourself running through the forest with me. Running and feeling no pain. Feeling just the energy. Feeling the power. We're not running from something. We're running to something. We're running to that  Endless Horizon. That Endless Horizon filled with joy. With happiness. With emotion. This is quite a collaboration and for sure one of my favorites from Manuel's album - Destiny. Also, the remix from Nikolauss is great. I could start talking about it even more, but I am afraid I won't be as objective as I should, since I heard this remix while in the making and I know all the ups and downs of it. (Living with a trance producer has its perks :D)

I really appreciate Manuel Le Saux and his work. He is a really great music man. A really great man. Some of you may know I already collaborate with him on his Extrema Global Music label, helping with Social Media and all the design work. Those new artworks are just the start of our journey. Working with him is pretty great and I am glad to be part of the family (next to Astuni and Andrei / Nikolauss).

I always loved also, what TrancEye did for trance music and my love for this music genre. He is amazing! I will never forget the emotions, the feelings, the goosebumps his tracks gave me. He is an amazing trance producer and I think he is not getting the recognition he deserves. And there it is. Another reason for me to start writing about tracks I like, artists I love and true music. True emotion. So more people hear about it, start to like it and enjoy the sounds of our souls.

The original track is not new for some of you, since you may have heard Manuel's album, but the remix is. Both, will be released as singles next week, exclusively on Beatport. So stay close. And don't forget to grab your copy. Trance on!