One city. A lot of dreamers: Afterhills 2018

Hello, I am Oana and I am a trance addict. I am a music addict. When I see an event I know I can attend my heart fills with joy and tries to pump out of my chest. I start to experience heavy breathing and a lot of goosebumps. I have huge withdrawals from the previous event I attended and I feel like dying if nothing else is announced. I am getting high on music and I cannot imagine life without it.

I missed Afterhills last year and I still didn't forgive myself for that. Even tough I was partying in the mighty Amsterdam, I still wished to experience the first major festival in my city: Iasi (Romania). So when they announced the official dates: May 31 - June 4 2018, I knew I have to block my calendar for these days. My addiction will be fed and I will be happy.

And after teasing us for weeks with the day they will announce the first phase line-up and tickets, they finally did it. Who registered on their website was lucky enough to be the first to find out and buy his ticket to happiness.

The 1st phase of the line-up looks something like this:

Of course, I don't know all the names. But of course, I will google everyone! I heard of Hurts and their live performances and I have a very excited colleague at the office about them. I listened to some of their tracks today and I was impressed. I like what are they doing and I will put them on my TO SEE list. I do not usually listen to The Crystal Method, but I enjoy their music at the parties. And I am expecting an explosive set. Seen Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano at the Untold Festival #1 and I enjoyed their set. Not too much, because ATB was next, but they did a great job. A lot of Romanian names on the line up too. Great names actually: Firma, Subcarpati, Suie Paparude, Zdob si Zdup, these are few of them I didn't see for quite a while and I am excited to see again.

Aaaaaaand of course, the trance names (for now): Vini Vici, Bogdan Vix and George Andreas. Vini Vici does an amazing job behind the decks and I cannot wait to see them (him) again, but this time in Iasi. Bogdan Vix is a great artist and human being and one of those few people that still keep the Romanian Trance Scene alive. He is working really hard on multiple fronts to make this happen: producer, DJ, promoter and trance addict. George Andreas is an upcoming DJ and I am curious of how a live set from him might sound. I've heard some of his mixes, but I wanna see him live too.

The first 5000 tickets are already on sale for only 187 Ron (~40 euros). You can grab yours from After December 15, tickets will cost 235 Ron (~ 50 euros). You can find more details on their website. You might want to buy your ticket now and be a loooot happier after they announce even more artists. The ones you were waiting for. (*wink)

Till then, just warm up yourself with my very first set and hopefully not the last one. Trance on!

On the Road: The Time Machine, Milan [+Extrema Global Music team reunion]

Well, this not fresh news, but we're going to Milan in a couple of days for The Time Machine! We're gonna experience a 6 hours b2b set with the amazing Extrema friends Manuel Le Saux and Astuni on March 18, all powered by Trance Gate events.

I will be able to enjoy a night full or trance classics. Even if some of the tracks may be older than me (much older), I am huge fan of classics and I am always giving my heart and soul on the dance floor when I hear them.

Sorted hotel, plane tickets one month ago and my excitment levels are going higher every day! I am finally gonna personally meet the two guys I am working with for a year now on the Extrema Global Music. Both of them, Manuel and Astuni are artists I'm following for quite a while now and to finally see them playing is one of this year's goals. I am pretty sure I don't have to worry about the tracklist, they are amazing at sorting tracks for an unforgetable night.

Aaaand I have some big plans for 2017 starting this trip! If everything goes well, this would be the #ontheroad vlog you'll see from me and one from many more to come! I will try to keep you posted as much as I can.

Will reunite in real life with the two guys and I can't wait. Even if for them is kinda of a short trip, I am planning to take advantage of it as much as I can. Also, I can't wait to recreate this pic. ^_^

PS. You can follow the event here: FB event.



10 reasons - Why I'm going to 10 Years of TrancENDancE with Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate with Emma Hewitt, Ruben De Ronde, Snatt & Vix #ontheroad

You had to see this one coming! I started last month to ask some people why are they choosing a specific trance event and not another one, and the answers completely amazed me. There were some reasons I never thought off, and some that I agreed with instantly. Even if was a bit too busy lately and we couldn't be too active on the event's page, we followed closely what the romanian trance family is sharing, saying, enjoying or requesting there. We even read some of those ”why I am not coming to this event” posts. Buuuut, since we are the positive people and optimism is our middle name, we had to find out the Top 10 reasons why we're coming to this TrancENDance's 10 years anniversary with Aly & Fila, Ruben de Ronde, Cosmic Gate, Emma Hewitt and Snatt & Vix next friday, on October 21st at Arenele Romane! So, find your most comfortable position, grab your popcorn and let's do this!

1. New trance gathering. New TrancENDance party. I always appreciated what others do for trance music, and TrancENDance makes no exception. The guys behind it, Snatt & Vix are really nice to keep doing this even after 10 years, years that I am pretty sure they weren't too easy. Even if it may seem simple to organize an event, it isn't. A lot of things to consider. A lot of people to please. But the guys made it. Managed to bring a lot of awesome names and made the Romanian Trance Family happy. Just take a quick look through their ”history”: Mark Sherry, Daniel Kandi, Markus Schulz, Ashley Wallbridge, Jochen Miller, Ronski Speed, First State, Myon & Shane54, ATB, Darude, Ferry Corsten, Leon Bolier, Sebastian Brandt, Solarstone, Sied van Riel, Kyau & Albert, Heatbeat, Arctic Moon, Johan Gielen, Christina Novelli, Alexander Popov, Susana, Mark Sixma, Simon O' Shine, Aly & Fila, Emma Hewitt. If this doesn't put them on your ”good” list, I don't know what will.

2. Aly & Fila (well, just Fila). Both guys are amazing, and as I said in a previous article, they have one of the best trance radio shows ever. FSOE was, it is and I am pretty sure it will always stay true and faithfull to trance music. I just saw Fila 3 weeks ago at FSOE 450 Manchester and cannot wait to see him again. His sets are always different, always surprising and pretty much perfect.

3. Cosmic Gate. I do have some music crushes and Cosmic Gate are one of them. These guys are some of those who made me feel in love with this awesome trance music and I was desperatly looking to see them again. They are not coming to this side of Europe too often, so when I saw them in the line up that made my day. They came to Romania 3 years ago in Cluj at the Delahoya Music Festival, and I went there just for their set. I am that in love with their music. They had an amazing set, and the crowd, even if it was too small for them, makes me smile every time I remember that night. Looking forward to repeat it, in a week.

4. Emma Hewitt. This woman is just perfect. It's her second time here in Romania, and trust me it worth seeing her again. And again. And again. She's above a lot of artists when it comes to live singing and an awesome person to meet. I can't wait to hear ”Be your sound”, ”Coming home”, Restless hearts”, ”Rewind” again and to relive the beautiful moments from TrancENDance with Emma Hewitt, Sundancer and Snatt & Vix!

5. Ruben de Ronde. I never saw him live, but I listened to a lot of his sets online. Also, I heard he is the real deal when it comes to warm up sets, building up the night for the fans and artists playing after him. Looking forward to meet him and enjoy the magic.

6. Always looking for a trip to trance heaven. If I could, I would live in a trance heaven every day. So whenever there is a trance party near me, I have to be there. Also, the nice people of Iasi made the trips a loooot better by providing 4 flights/ day to Bucharest and better prices than other ways of transportation. So now, there is just one hour separating us from the Romanian Trance Heaven - Bucharest. ^_^

7. The trance family. Here I am just gonna repeat myself and say what I am always saying about this amazing community. Trance is connecting awesome people, and this event makes no exception. I met a lot of beautiful people this year, I will reconnect with them in Bucharest, but I will also make new friends. Here’s the thing with the trance community. Even if it may sound cliche – this trance family term, ohh best family in the world.. and so on, it is actually  TRUE. It is a fact. I am not saying other ”music families” are not awesome, because I don’t know them and most likely they’re awesome too, I am just talking about my opinion about the community I am a part of.  Most of the people I met are so friendly, so nice, so perfect, I couldn’t ask for more.

8.'s secret projects. I am always trying to do new stuff for the blog, for the trance community every time I come to Bucharest and this event makes no exception. So stay close. ;)

9. Forgetting about ourselves for one night. Partying always has been a major stress relief, and if you add trance to the mix is even better.

10. Love for trance. Love for music. Love for sounds. I describe myself through 3 simple things: design, trance music and blogging. Design is part of my life as a job, blogging as a passion and trance music as just simple air to breathe every day. I fell in love with this music back when I was in high school, have a lot of perfect memories with it and I cannot imagine life without it. It is the music that has always been there for me. The music that made me laugh. The music that made me cry. The music that made me love.

If you have more please feel free to share them by commenting below or just message them to me Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I hope I will see a lot of you awesome people in Bucharest, and till then don’t forget to support your favorite artists and keep listening to this awesome music.


Follow TrancENDance on Facebook too, to be up to date with their adventures. Snatt & Vix are also doing live sessions on Facebook every Sunday, so if you're in need for some good music to end your week just tune in! Last episode was all about psy, previous one was about classics. They are trying to come with new things every week, so you definitely find something to suit you.

ON THE ROAD: FSOE 450 UK 'Kingdoms'

Here we go! On the road again. This time to FSOE 450 Kingdoms in Manchester, UK! And I can't express enough my happiness regarding this one. As soon as I saw the line up, I knew I have to get there and enjoy heaven on earth again. On October 1st, we all unite again and feel the most beautiful sounds. We'll be one big happy trance family dancing on the dance floor all night long!

The line up is pretty perfect, if you ask me and I can't wait to finally see all these amazing artists: A & ZAlan MorrisAly & FilaAmir HussainDan StoneDarren PorterDriftmoonFady & MinaFerry TayleJames DymondJordan SuckleyLiam WilsonMohamed RagabOmar SherifSolarstoneGiuseppe Ottaviani Pres. Pure NRG LIVE, ReOrderSimon O'Shine and Simon PattersonI saw Aly & fila a couple of times, Darren, James, Jordan and Simon O'Shine this year at Luminosity, and can't wait to see them again. Also, the other artists I never saw. They are all amazing and deserve all the support in the world.

Aaaaaaaaaand the special guest they announced on July 9th - Gouryella! Even since I got the tickets, I knew it will be great, but when they confirmed Gouryella as their special guest, I was thrilled. I always wanted to experience a live set from Ferry under this alias and now I finally can. ^_^

And the location they choose is great: Victoria Warehouse. On October 1st it will definitely fill up and we'll all smash it! Just take a look at some pics of the venue and imagine the possibilities.

victoria warehouse manchester uk

I know trance scene is quite strong in UK, but this event just raises the bar even higher. After the huge success of FSOE 350 in 2014, FSOE 400 last year (the event that got a special celebration at The Great Pyramids!!!), over 40 DJs playing at these events in Egypt, USA, Australia, Poland, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico and Belarus this radios show and its celebration made indeed history for all the trancers out there.

It is not just the line up that draws me into this event. It is the story. The connection with Egypt. With Ancient Egypt. I've always been a fan of Ancient Egypt, his legends, the architecture, their religion and everything related. I love how they incorporated all these elements into the FSOE culture: from music to flyers. From people to vision. Just look at Anubis on the flyer and you'll understand my point.

There is no need to say more about it. I know during that period (September - October) that there will be a lot of trance events, but if you want something different and unique you'll definitely want to come to this one. I am just glad to have by my side the same people I went to Luminosity with and I am sure we'll have a blast. So Andrei and George get ready for a perfect weekend. I wish I would've convinced more Romanian trancers to come, but there is still time. I just hope my pitch will be good enough. If  not, the trailer will sum it up. Just watch it, love it and share it with the world:

Also, the guys behind all this madness Goodgreef and Rong Manchester already planned the pre party aaaand the after party, so we'll enjoy around 20 hours of pure trance music. If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. For the pre party they got Allen & Envy as headliners and for the after party they will announce soon more details. Stay close I'll be sharing them with you too.

You can find the official FB event here and RSVP. Also, you can find more details on their website and also buy your tickets from there. Hurry up, there aren't too many left.

Also, if you wanna meet just come to the short brunette with the Romanian flag give her a hug and say hi. I love to meet new people and trance people are the best. Also, I may have some goodies with me to give.  Trance on!

On the road & Interviewing artists: Suncatcher (Luminosity 2016 special)

All those who know me, know that I am really excited about this weekend; really excited to finally attend Luminosity this year. I was telling you some of my excitement a couple of weeks ago, when I started the ”On the road” series, and I am repeating my self since then. Can't wait to land in Amsterdam, to finally meet in real life all the people I met online and enjoy 3 days of pure trance.

Well, I am writing on 2 blogs, and sometimes it is a bit difficult to separate them, since trance is one of those things that defines me the most. A couple of months ago I started a Interviewing artists series on and I am really happy I got the chance to talk with artists like Anske, Simon O Shine, Emanuele CongedduBiotones, Sundancer, Snatt & Vix.  Since then, I always tried to come with something new and even thought some interviews are on hold, I always tried to support the Romanian Trance Family first. There is no need to say, we have some really awesome trance producers and I will try to tell you all about them in the next episodes.

For today, I am combining ”On the Road” with ”Interviewing artists” and doing something really special for me, for the artist, for the Romanian Trance Family. Since this year at Luminosity we'll have again a Romanian artist in the line-up, this post comes naturally: Interview with the one and only Suncatcher, Romanian uplifting trance producer; amazing artist and nice man. I am hyped he accepted to do this interview and took the time to answer to all of my questions. Just hit the play button, listen to one of his latest tracks and enjoy the interview!

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Hi Bogdan! How are you? Where are you reading this interview? 

Hi there. Fine, home for now. Just sitting in front of the computer. I had to go to the office today, but I decided to work from home. I am still a bit nostalgic, after the Coldplay concert I attended on Wednesday in London.

Nice! Let's start with the beginning: Who is Suncatcher and when the idea of producing music first occur? 

Suncathcer is Bogdan Cupcea from a small town (Targu Lapus) in Romania. Everything began with a very good friend, who introduced me to the secrets of music producing. At the beginning I tried eJay, then FL Studio (back then known as Fruity Loops). I fell in love instantly with the program. The name SUNCATCHER is inspired by an old photo: a fisherman throwing a fish nest towards the sun. The title was Sun Catcher. Everything I did was to delete that blank space and unite the words (it was a time when uniting words was kinda cool). 

What are you doing beside music? How is your day by day life? 

I am full time developer. Beside that, I like very much astronomy ( I have my own telescope), photography (even though I am still an amateur) and lately just going out, enjoying summer. 

Why trance? Why did you chose this music genre? 

I inherited the love for electronic music from my brother, whom I am very close to. What drove me to uplifting trance was the fact that you can  literally put your heart into this music. It's all that matters: the music. the goosebumps. I found it extraordinary how nothing and no one else matters while listening to a track; how I disconnect myself from the world. Sadly, these days, there is a particular  focus on how aggressive a track sounds, on how powerful the drop is. But these are the days we live in... 

What should be your biggest musical accomplishment when you look back in the past till now?

The fact that I was invited to play at Luminosity Beach Festival. It is amazing to see thousands of people that dance and sing along your tracks. Other important accomplishments would be my collaboration with Ferry Tale (one of my favorite artists) and the remix I did for Tiesto with Paul Miller. Also, there is no need to mention all the times Armin played my tracks in his radio show, or the fact that he ended his set at ASOT500 Buenos Aires with my remix for Agulo feat. David Berkeley - Fire sign

Which single track that you’ve produced has had the greatest impact on your career?

It is hard to choose. There are a couple that won Tune of The Week or Future Favorite in ASOT, or Webvote winner in TATW. I think these wins helped me the most. Another very important win was the fact that Above & Beyond played my track Epic, 3 times in a row at TATW. I will forever be grateful for that. 

How do you find inspiration for your tracks?

Honestly, I have no specific sources. Ideas just pop out in my head, or sometimes I just open FL Studio to see what I can do. Sometimes I develop the idea into a track, sometimes I don't. 

I was pretty excited to see you in the lineup for Luminosity this year. How much can you tell us about how it all happen'?

It is very simple actually. I played at Luminosity 3 years ago. Kept in touch with Bo, one of the Luminosity masterminds. This year he proposed to come back and I instantly accepted. 

How is it for you, to open the best trance festival ever? 

We'll see. Last time I wasn't opening it, but I think it will be epic. I know the expectations and I hope to meet  them all. 

What should we expect from you set? 

Opening the festival, opening the day I will start with a bit of progressive trance, but quickly going in full Suncatcher style. Goosebumps, tears, all inclusive ;)) . I will also play some of my newest tracks, un-released yet. So, it will be everything it has to be.

Your favorite trance subgenre is...

Uplifting, of course. But lately I started to like a lot progressive too; the Anjuna one.

Why uplifting?

Because of my dreamy personality. I think this is the best genre to express exactly what I feel. 

Hardest question of all: What are your current top ten biggest trance tracks of all times?

You're killin' me. I'll tell you ten tracks, but there is no particular order. A top 10 is not enough to tell them all, but I'll try.

  1. Sunny Lax – Blue Bird 
  2. Cold Blue & Del Mar – 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Remix) 
  3. Sebastian Brandt – Mana 
  4. Above & Beyond – Good For Me (Club Mix) 
  5. BT feat. Jes – Every Other Way (Armin van Buuren Remix) 
  6. Armin van Buuren ft. Susana  – Shivers 
  7. Super8 & Tab – Suru 
  8. Paul van Dyk – Nothing But You (Super8 & Tab Remix) 
  9. Daniel Kandi & Neumann  – Lovin' Feeling 
  10. Luke Warner & Mat Lock - Deep Psychosis (Daniel Kandi's Cure Mix)  

With which artist, would you like to swap the places for one day if you could?

Chris Martin, from Coldplay. Of course, having his singing talent will help too. ;)) I just went to a Coldplay concert the other days, on Wembely and it was amazing. I am curious to find out how they feel when a whole stadium is singing your songs.

What do you think about the trance community?

Here, in Romania we are fewer trancers than in other countries, but I find the ”Trance family” term to perfectly describe the community. Even though it may sound cheesy sometimes. Everywhere I played, I met amazing people with whom I could talk for hours and never get bored.

What upcoming talents do you know, appreciate and support? 

I have a coworker with whom I started to work on some tracks. Be sure, you'll hear more about him soon. ;)

We're reaching the end of this interview; do you have a message to our readers? 

I am not good with this. Just: TRANCE ON! 

PS. Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours?

Annoying people. Some may say this is a flaw, but I am kinda proud of this. Haha :)  

Thank you, Bogdan for accepting the interview. Can't wait to see you in a couple of days! 

I hope you guys, enjoyed this interview and see you at Luminosity! Suncacther will open the day, the festival - Friday at 12:00. And, if you wanna meet, just look for the small brunette with the Romanian Flag and a / Trancers gonna trance  T shirt , say hi and give her a hug. I always said Trance is connecting awesome people and I am sure my trance family will become even bigger after Lumi. I will try to write every week till the event and daily from there. Also, the plan is to show you the full experience with videos and photos , so follow me on Trance on and see you there!

Also, don't forget to follow Suncatcher on social media: Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter.

ON THE ROAD: Luminosity 2016

Ohhh well, I was announcing the other days that I will start a new series here: ON THE ROAD, series that will show everything that happens when we're on the move at the trance events we attend! And today we're finally make it official with this post about Luminosity 2016!

Hell yeah! After a couple of years following the event, having on repeat the sets and dreaming about getting there, this year we made it happen. Booked tickets in January, found housing in February and finally bought plane tickets in March, we're right now counting the days till the madness begins.

Quick inside about the event: Luminosity is one of the best trance festivals and it takes place at Beachclub Fuel in Blomendaal, Netherlands. It is a 3 days event, from Friday till Sunday and it usually ends with an amazing trance classics after party at Panama Club in Amsterdam. It is a day type event, starting from 12:00 pm and ending around 23:00. It is on the beach and each year gets bigger and bigger.

Since last year Andrei had two tracks played there (Orion played by Manuel Le Saux and Trancendence (remix by Johan Ekman) played by Johan Ekman), this we couldn't miss it and we had to be a part of it. Hopefully, there will be more Nikolauss tracks played.

I am so excited and for the first time in my life I am really looking forward to a summer holiday (usually I work during holidays). I am excited because I get to be part of this amazing event, I get to meet a lot of amazing people and enjoy really really good music. Plus, a lot of Romanians are coming. ^_^

The line up is just perfect. It speaks for itself. And it got all the tickets SOLD OUT. There is no need for more details:

Friday: Markus Schulz, Sean Tyas, Jordan Suckley, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Will Atkinson, Hazem Beltagui, Chirs Metcalfe, Suncatcher (yeah! We have our own Romanian Trance producer in the line up!), Menno de Jong, The Thrillseekers, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Adam Ellis, Dreamy, Talla 2XLC, Eddie Bitar, Stonface & Terminal, RE:Locate vs Robert Nickson, Allan Morrow, Shugz, Andromedha

Saturday: John O'Callaghan, Bryan Kearney, John Askew, Liquid Soul, Signum, Sied Van Riel, Standerwick, Gai Barone, Andy Moor, Max Graham, John 00 Fleming, Daniel Kandi, Airwave, Mark Sherry, Alex Di Stefano, Orkidea, Arctic Moon, Photographer, Simon O'Shine, Rex Mundi, Daniel Skyver, Lostly

Sunday: Paul Van Dyk, Eddie Halliwell (Bosh set), Super8 & Tab (Anjunabeats classics), Kai Tracid (Classics), Indecent Noise (Hardtrance classics), Union Jack (Platipus classics), Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon 90s Classics), Binary Finary (classics), Richard Durand, Sneijder, Vini Vici, James Dymond, Darren Porter, Temple One, Sam Jones, UCast, Cold Blue, Robert Nickson pres RNX.

There is no need to say I don't know which one I am going to right now, I am still trying to cover them all. ^_^ Hopefully these days, a timetable will be available and I will be able to make some sort of schedule. But knowing me, I will most definitely won't keep it. The instincts will play a huge role here. I have so many favorites, so many tracks I want to hear, that in my mind right now is something like this:

Credits to Mayukh Goswami

There is no need to tell that I want to meet even more trancers there. Just look for the small brunette with the Romanian Flag and a / Trancers gonna trance  T shirt , say hi and give her a hug. I always said Trance is connecting awesome people and I am sure my trance family will become even bigger after Lumi. I will try to write every week till the event and daily from there. Also, the plan is to show you the full experience with videos and photos , so follow me on Trance on and see you there!

Don't forget to follow Luminosity in social media too: Event, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel.