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Interviewing artists: AIRBASE

I am saying this in every interview, but it is real! Every interview I have is very special to me and each one has a special place in my heart. This time, Airbase "takes the stand" and makes me over joyed. Met him at Luminosity for the...

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Thank you, Dragos [Snatt]

Damn, this is hard. But I have to write it down. On February 23, I got one of the worst news ever. I am still struggling to belive that it is real. I still can't face the truth about you being gone. I still remember...

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Special interview is special! I finally get to show you my interview with the amazing Darren Porter! I had a blast meeting him for the first time at Luminosity and after that grab a drink in Manchester at FSOE 450. I got really inspired after chatting...

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