Album of the century: Key4050 - Tales from the Temple [Black Hole Recordings]

Ever since the first Key4050 announcements, even since Key4050 first mesmerized the crowds as a duo, people asked for a track from them. At least one. But no one ever expected what they just announced: an album! 18 years in the making, 14 months later after their first performance Tales from the Temple saw the light of day.

Blazing the path for the release of an entire 32-track arsenal’s worth of material on Feb 15, the first music to be made officially available from the pair’s union arrives today. Four of the duo’s festival flamers (‘Utterly Butterly’, ‘Birch’, ‘Finkle und Einhorn’ and ‘The Truth’) are available now through Spotify and as pre-order Instant Grats.

If you’ve seen Key4050 first-hand, you’ll know the type of pressure that’s on the rise here. If not, well this quad will put you in the no-uncertain-terms picture. A compression of carnivorous bass, drum march, staccato percussion and techno-tenacity, pinning together polygraph-tense drops and all wrapped up with their HD studio work, Key4050’s output is energy redefined.

And the fine release news doesn’t end there even. If the aforementioned has you foaming at the mouth for more, well the first official Key4050 single hits stores but a week later. A narcotic, psychotropic passage to tech-trance’s outer limits; ‘Beetlejuice’ drops Feb 1. 

‘Key 4050’s ‘Tales From The Temple’ follows on February 15 (full tracklist details below). For early access to ‘Utterly Butterly’, ‘Birch’, ‘Finkle und Einhorn’ and ‘The Truth’, hit this link (

‘Tales From The Temple’ Tracklist:
Disc 1
01. Beetlejuice (5:09)
02. Wendle (4:16)
03. Birch (5:39)
04. Utterly Butterly (4:16)
05. Dinklebot (5:13)
06. Trevor (4:57)
07. Pikachu (4:57)
08. Settler (3:22)
09. Squirrel (4:30)
10. Quadruplets (4:16)
11. Meryl Beef (5:52)
12. Sweetest Road (4:24)
13. Otter (4:53)
14. Equinox (5:53)
15. Altered Definition (5:11)
16. Otterfly (4:09)

Disc 2.
01. Irwin (5:08)
02. Donadoni (4:43)
03. Schillachi (4:43)
04. Laudrup (4:16)
05. The Truth (4:31)
06. Bortolottay (4:42)
07. Egon (4:31)
08. Take A Break (3:47)
09. Retention (4:16)
10. Jalapeno (4:05)
11. Finkle und Einhorn (4:31)
12. Intersect (4:30)
13. Megatron (4:30)
14. Ubuntu (4:17)
15. Dickie Tummay (4:45)
16. Alka (3:55)

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New album: ReOrder - IAMREADY [Black Hole]

After 10 years of making the trance scene better with his music, ReOrder finally released his first album. He took his time, but he took it well. It may be easy to say: "I am gonna do an album", but the decision on actually doing it is the hardest one. 

After releasing greatness with labels like Black Hole, FSOE, Subculture, monster, and many others, last month he released the most important of his career: IAMREADY. 

It’s inherent in the album medium, but you only get one shot at your first longplayer. That blank canvass, the proverbial clean sheet - the one and only chance to drop that flawless debut into the discography. Artists approach their firsts in many different ways: the eclectic, the collaborative, the headline-chasing, the all-in/bases-covered. 

“Deliver an album with as fewer preconceptions attached as possible. I wanted this record to be a ‘book’ impossible to assess by its cover. One for people to listen to, to absorb and make their own minds up on. One that carried as fewer advance notions or biases as possible. - Tibor

Listened to the whole for a couple of times and I must say: my favourites are: not the vocals. don't get me wrong, the vocals are great too, but the other tracks appealed to me more. 

In Resinstate,  the piano is so sensitive, so warm, it actually invites you to listen to the whole album. That is the role of an intro track and ReOrder did this very well.

Alone may sound sad, but the track is actually a good one to listen in that state. It doesn't make you actually feel alone. Lower bpm, sensitive and driving. The piano, the melody, the voice  of the whole track is about being part of something.  

Digital World is where I get to be really excited about this album. I am into this strong sound of ReOrder, this darkness and I would put it on repeat without thinking. It reminds me a bit of Our Nature (with Katty Heath) in the best way possible. I love that one so much, it made instantly fall in love with Digital World too. <3 

All There Is. Ohhh my. I am a sucker for "angel ish" voices in trance tracks, and this makes no exception. It really pulls me out of any state I might be and send me straight to trance heaven. I really love the vibe and happiness it gives me. 

The whole album is a nice journey. A TRANCE journey. It really deserves a listen and why not, some replays. A lot of replays. 

A brilliantly structured and staged recording, which explores the full range of trance music’s frequencies, you can listen or stream (without prejudice!) here:

Tracklist: ReOrder - IAMREADY
01. ReOrder - Reinstate 
02. ReOrder & Weldon - Entropy 
03. ReOrder & Emma Chatt - Alive Tonight 
04. ReOrder - Alone 
05. ReOrder & Weldon – Gravity
06. ReOrder - Back In The Days
07. ReOrder & Cassandra Grey - Goodbye 
08. ReOrder - Digital World 
09. ReOrder - All Comes Back To You 
10. ReOrder - Beyond Time 
11. ReOrder - All There Is 
12. ReOrder & Susie Ledge - Far Away 
13. ReOrder & C-qnz - Reunited

19 tracks. 19 different goosebumps. 19 stories. Richard Durand - The (air) MUSIC We Breathe

Richard Durand may not release an album too often, but when he does release one, the result is just PERFECTION. He told me about the album during this summer when we met and had a chat at Untold festival, he told me the album will be called "The Air We Breathe" and even if I haven't listened to it then, I fell in love with only the name. 

The Air We Breathe seen the light of day on November 2nd and it blew the trancers minds. The sole name is inclusive and it makes you feel a part of it. It transformed a single's name "The air I breathe" into something we all do together: breathing the same air music. Grab your copy and support the magic:

The whole album is a complete journey and it always surprises me. Even if I listen to it since day one, and I have it on repeat, I still didn't found anything boring to it, or something that might make me press the pause button. I is embedded in my soul. Forever. And it is one of my favorite albums ever. 

Let me break it down. Because there are 19 tracks in it and each one gave me THE goosebumps differently.

1. Insolidus - the Intro Mix. With Geert Huinink. This should say enough. Geert is a living legend and his compositions are magical. This combo between Richard and Geert introduces the album in right way. It calms your mind and it prepares it for the journey. The voices are sacred. And the whole build up it is also sacred. The tracks is both sensitive and uplifting. It raised my soul to the right alien level.

2. The Air I Breathe - The track that started it all? The track that Richard said he made it in an afternoon and the track that many said it will become a CLASSIC. The track that Andrei made me listen to it. It was not love at first listen, but at the second, the third, the forth one and so on. I know it by heart, but every time I listen to it, I discover something new I like about it. If now I like the story and how the story is told, later I like the playful sounds of it. If now I like its joy and optimism, later I like its power, its driveness. This track is one of the best this year and I am happy that Richard chose to share it with us and make our souls happy. 

3. Land of Angels - My favorite. From the whole album. If I would have to choose a favorite. I cannot find the right words to describe what this track does to me. Trust me when I say I listened to this track on repeat, on my way to the office, 8 hours while being at the office, on my way to the gym and back home. That means about 10 hours a day, on repeat. But not only one day. I had 4 days I consciously hit that play and repeat button with no regrets. You do the math on how many plays that means. I still listen to it. Because it mesmerised me. The drums make it strong, the voices make it mystical, the vibe makes it out of this world.

4. Kill the Fear - with Mike Schmid. The melody is nice and the vocal fits. Clearly. 

5. The Sacred Vine -  Geert Huinink is again involved and the result is amazing. It has the same sacred voices that hypnotise the audience and  build a very special sort of enthusiasm. It is quiet just when it needs to and it makes you lose yourself deep into it. 

6. Skies Above - It has something from the trance classics soul. It may be the drive, some sounds, but it give me that exact classical vibe. Doing my design work each day is definitely easier with this one in my headphones. It is engaging. 

7. Aida - a bit dark. A bit playful. A bit mysterious. Amazing track to dance to on the dancefloor. 

8. Lotus - Driving. 

9. Universal Minds - with Sied van Riel. Each collaboration is special and this one makes no exception. This is dreamy and full of hope. It is one of those track you listen when you might be down, and want something to make you feel better and smile more. It is optimistic. 

10. Pandora - The Pandora box track. It opens a whole new kind of darkness. 

11. Cosmic Dawn - with Mark Sherry. This combo is ecstatic! Saw them in a b2b at Untold Festival and they blew the crowd's minds with the set. And this track does the same. It is cosmic! 

12. Vortex - with Marco V. Ohhhh Marco V. He is a legend! The techyness of this track is soooo good! I am already dancing only by thinking of it. 

13. Toxic - This track is dark. A deep dark. I really like how it builds up the mystical energy. 

14. Savage - Ohhhhh this one. I gave it a full review when it was first released and I stand to everything that I said back then. 

15. Pelican Rouge - Dark. 

16. Boogieman - Very dark. 

17. Enigma - Like title, like track. Enigmatic. 

18. Lagun - Electric. 

19. The Air I Breathe - The vocal. With Christina Novelli. I must say. The vocal sounds nice. Richard told something about making a vocal, but couldn't share the vocalist at that time. He was very excited and made excited for him, too. Listened to the acoustic version, and it was a surprise. I listened to this and it was a surprise again. 

It is what it is. This album is pure magic and it takes a while till your soul feels ready to write about it. It took me almost 3 weeks of continuous listening to find the right words to describe my feelings about Richard's work. I cannot congratulate him and his hard work enough. I cannot thank him enough for THE MUSIC. I cannot thank him enough for being THE person he is. For the MUSIC man he is. 



A new compilation is coming to you this autumn. This time, from the mighty Grotesque and its Ram and Daniel Skyver. "Grotesque Reworked and Remixed 2" serves you one mix of the best from trance's freshly released and remixed crop, whilst the other cliff-dives into the archives to rework some of the genre's classier classics. 

Over 230 minutes, the release has a posse of on-point remixers to hand, with Alex M.O.R.P.H., Ferry Tayle, Jordan Suckley, Sneijder, Robert Nickson, Roger Shah just some of those flexing their remix-muscles. They’ve had a starry cast of legends to work on too, with productions from Tiësto & Armin, Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten, Gabriel & Dresden, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andy Moor andLange among those coming under the remix laser.

Having handled Volume 1’s duties solo, Master of Grotesque ceremonies RAM shakes up the album system some. For its second outing he’s drafted in head of Grotesque A&R Daniel Skyver to co-mix the edition. With RAM’s focusing on the ‘now’ and Daniel on the ‘then’, between them they’ve delivered a mixcomp that’s as big a salute to the time honoured trance remix as you’ll hear this year!

On his mix Daniel has dug deeper into the crates to focus on still remix-fresh trance heritage. A ‘Café Del Mar’/‘Greece 2000’/’1998’-rerun this is not! Over its opening half you’ll hear reworks like Ruddaz’s much-champed take on Coast 2 Coast’s ‘Home’, Roger Shah’s reimagining of ‘Somewhere Inside’ from Allure & Julie Thompson and Alex M.O.R.P.H. uptick of Kamaya Painters’ ‘Wasteland’. Further in Joy Kitikonti’s ‘Joyenergizer’ gets a lightning bolt retouch from 2nd Phase, Armin & Tiësto Pres. Major League’s ‘Wonder?’ dazzlingly comes to the remix attentions of that man Jordan Suckley and Indecent Noise overhauls DJ Wag’s Overdose classic ‘Man On The Moon’. Bringing his disc to an adrenaline-charged conclusion, Daniel lines up David Forbes’ fresh-off-the-desk remix of Hennes & Cold’s ‘The Second Trip’, while the mix and heads to the dawn with Binary Finary’s elevating spin on Mauro Picotto’s ‘Komodo’.

On Vol. 2, RAM’s tasked himself with handling the cherry-pick of 2018’s remixes and in the search has left no stone unturned. He frontends’ the mix with Robert Nickson reshaping of Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns ‘Brightheart’, Sneijder’s restoration of Lustral’s ‘Everytime’ and the Ciaran McAuley refit of Aly & Fila/Ferry Corsten collab ‘Camellia’. As the mix crosses over into its second - even more uplifting - phase, RAM spikes the punch with some reworks of his own material. ‘Forever And A Day’ and ‘Circle Of Life’ feature in their Allen Watts and Amir Hussain reinterpretations, while his and Mark Sherry ‘Nordic Nights’ gets hit by a Darren Porter rebuild. He reaches its final apex with Dan Stone’s remix of Aly & Fila’s ‘We Control The Sunlight’, Davey Asprey’s ‘Sunbreaker’ and HP Source’s H.P Lovecraft-esque take of Sneijder’s ‘Neutralize’.

Remix fun for the whole (trance) family, ‘Grotesque Reworked & Remixed 2’ is the release you need to launch your 2018 clubbing autumn the right way. Full tracklist details below, and the album’s available to pre-stream/purchase via this link now:

RAM & Daniel Skyver - Grotesque Reworked & Remixed
Disc 1 Reworked - Mixed by Daniel Skyver

  1. Julie Thompson - Shine (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
  2. DJ Ton T.B. - Dream Machine (Ton T.B.’s After Daylight Remix)
  3. Coast 2 Coast featuring Discovery - Home (Ruddaz Remix)
  4. Allure featuring Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside (Roger Shah Remix)
  5. Jonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene - Fall To Pieces (Daniel Skyver Remix)
  6. Lange & Sarah Howells - Out Of The Sky (Andres Sanchez Remix)
  7. Electrovoya - Effervesce II (Omar Sherif Remix)
  8. Kamaya Painters - Wasteland (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
  9. Basic Dawn - Pure Thrust (Ferry Tayle Remix)
  10. Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (2nd Phase Remix)
  11. Mark Norman - Rush (Paul Denton Remix)
  12. Major League - Wonder? (Jordan Suckley Remix)
  13. DJ Wag - Man On The Moon (Indecent Noise Remix)
  14. Hennes & Cold - The Second Trip (David Forbes Remix)
  15. Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Binary Finary Remix)

Disc 2 Remixed - Mixed by RAM

  1. Orkidea - Nana (Waio Remix)
  2. RAM & Ciaran McAuley - Serengeti (Arctic Moon Remix)
  3. Lustral - Everytime (Sneijder Remix)
  4. Allure featuring JES - Show Me The Way (Dan Thompson Remix)
  5. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns - Brightheart (Robert Nickson Remix)
  6. Aly & Fila vs Ferry Corsten - Camellia (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
  7. Andain - Promises (Chris Schweizer Remix)
  8. RAM & Susana - Someone Like You (ReOrder Remix)
  9. Andy Moor, Somna & Diana Leah - There Is Light (A.R.D.I. Remix)
  10. RAM & Stine Grove - Forever And A Day (Allen Watts Remix)
  11. RAM - Circle Of Life (Amir Hussain Remix)
  12. Mark Sherry & RAM - Nordic Nights (Darren Porter Remix)
  13. Aly & Fila featuring Jwaydan - We Control The Sunlight (Dan Stone Remix)
  14. Davey Asprey - Sunbreaker (Mike Sanders Remix)
  15. Sneijder - Neutralize (HP Source Remix)

New album: Lowland - We've Been Here Before

To introduce ‘We’ve Been Here Before’ as Lowland’s first ‘regular’ album would apply serious pressure to that word. It is however the first Finland’s Petri Alanko has recorded with a broader remit than his conceptually driven and now widely revered ‘Classic Trancelations’ series.

Nonetheless stepping into ‘We’ve Been Here Before’ with a ‘classic trance album’ mind-set might set you off on the wrong foot, as its title proves somewhat ironic. This is a track collection that ventures distinctly into lesser-charted regions, employing techniques, arrangements and sequences that have been honed down through Petri’s production years.

This has resulted in a listening experience that, by turns, is cinematic, orchestral and sometimes avant-garde, but never less than vivid, intense & polished. With originality to burn, its lifeblood flows distinctly with sounds and inspirations from Lowland’s home country and its surrounds. Unlike much of his previous works however, its heartbeat is aimed centre mass at the clubs.

One of the greatest liberations and joys in Lowland’s music making (as the man himself explains) is, well, just that… “Music itself wants to be free. So I never felt any pressures of urgencies with this album. I always thought it'd be best for ‘We’ve Been Here Before’ to come naturally, without pushing or forcing.”

Master of the understatement, it’s a collection that has – in one form or other – been in process for many a year. On the album’s instrumental side, numbers like ‘Blackbird’, ‘Stains’ and its title track quickly start pushing that club nature to the fore. Each in their own right forceful, dynamic & purposeful, their darker ethers and storm-approaching drums summon fantastical, not to mention dystopian imagery.

‘Fusions’ and the album’s spear-tip single ‘The Other Side’ (of which DJ Mag said, in their 8/10 review, “bristled with provocation, emotion and front”) usher male voices onto the album. On the female vocal side meanwhile, MARiANNA strikes early with the brilliantly wrought and drama-seized ‘Infinite Loudness’. It is however the evocatively Nordic tones of Ylona  that casts the most prominent of silhouettes across ‘We’ve Been Here Before’. Bringing voice and song to no less than 5 of its 13-strong contingent, she displays absolute range and flexibility. Whether its the quiet storm of ‘Each Other’, the 80s synthpop channelling ‘Machines Have Hearts’, neo-ballads like ‘Forever For A While’ or the full-throated uplift of ‘Frozen Butterflies’ & ‘Sand On My Skin’, her muse-like effect is always striking.

Each a portrait, together a gallery, Lowland has reconciled and arranged its works of audio art into a long-player that has both individual track distinction and lava-like flow. Galactic in scope and feel, ‘We’ve Been Here Before’ is a late-summer/early autumn must-have for music lovers ready to leave the album status quo and ennui behind. You can experience it here:


  1. An Approach
  2. Infinite Loudness (with MARiANNA)
  3. The Other Side
  4. Blackbird
  5. Machines Have Hearts (with Ylona )
  6. We’ve Been Here Before
  7. Frozen Butterflies (with Ylona )
  8. Stains
  9. Fusion
  10. Tall Shiny Buildings I-III
  11. Forever For A While (with Ylona )
  12. Sand On My Skin (with Ylona )
  13. Each Other (with Ylona )

Strongest message for trancers: Music rescues me - Paul Van Dyk ft. Plumb [Vandit]

Of course you already know about this beauty! But of course I had to write about it too. The message of it is too strong to miss it. Paul Van Dyk ft. Plumb - Music Rescues Me is the track to properly start and make people talk about his 9th album, album with the same name.

After collaborating with Plumb for the perfect "I don't deserve you" in 2012, this track is the perfect reunion of these amazing music people. ‘Music Rescues Me’s song is co-penned by the lyricist behind latter-day van Dyk anthem ‘Home’, Snow Patrol member and long-time personal friend, Johnny McDaid.

Paul & Plumb’s shared history reaches back three whole PvD albums, to ‘EVOLUTION’ and ‘I Don’t Deserve You’. Beloved by fans from both respective quarters, the pair stayed in close contact, looking for the right project to resume the partnership on. That came following a song-writing session between Paul and Johnny. “It took a little while, but, says Paul, in ‘Music Rescues Me’, I knew we had the right follow-up for Plumb”.

If you ask me, this track has the strongest message a track can have: Music rescues me. Music rescues us. I can't even remember how many times listening to a track got me out of a dark place or made my day better. I think we all can't see a life without music and we all have our stories to share. The track is simple, lyrics reach right to the heart and once you hit play you get to the right place: a place of happiness, of joy, of calm. 

Set amidst epic, reverb-rich guitars strains and dynamic rhythms, ‘Music Rescues Me’ is a track whose rapturously positive-thinking/feeling chorus is only equalled by its imaginatively stimulating verses. Paul & Plumb’s ‘Music Rescues Me’ got out on September 14th through VANDIT Records. It’s available to stream/purchase here:

Alsooooooo, great achievement: Paul van Dyk received the Trance Master Award at the 21st annual DJ Awards. Right! Exactly what I am saying for years now. He is a trance master for a lot of us and the one that introduced us to this beautiful music. He deserved this award and deserves many more! 

‘Music Rescues Me’s October album launch show at new London club titan The Printworks is now less than a month out. Having already housed some of the biggest names in electronic music, on October 12, it’ll play host to Paul’s début performance of the album’s music. PvD will become the first artist to deliver trance to the history-steeped surrounds of the former newspaper printing plant. If you’ve yet to secure a ticket, don’t delay - the majority have already been snapped up! Get yours via today.

trancers ro

Looking for a trancer to trance with

This is a post I never thought possible to write, but here it is! is a project very close to my heart and for a long time it's been a "one man" job. But lately, the project grew up so much, and it is in need for some help. 

I am looking for someone who loves trance music and who also likes to share thoughts on it. Someone who doesn't necessarily follow the trends, and looks for good tracks anywhere. Someone who wants his/ her voice heard and wants to learn more about the industry. Someone I will be proud to work with and share the advantages of this project.

Love for trance music is the biggest quality I am looking for, but there are some technical requirements too. If you: 

  • know your way around English 
  • like to write 
  • have a thing for storytelling
  • are a teamplayer

Give me a message: on email:, Facebook page, here, wherever you feel comfortable to. If you also have any question, again, send a message. 

You can find a history of events I collaborated with here, interviews I took here and other articles on the blog. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Trance on! 


2016 saw him ‘Watch The World’, ’17 was the year alter-ego Dakota album-returned and yin to yang, dark to the (literal) Light, Markus Schulz will deliver the seventh long-player under his own name this fall. Final recording of ‘We Are The Light’ wrapped during the first week of August. With an October release spot looking likely, Markus heralded it as “musically both a close cousin and spiritual successor to Watch The World”.

Year-starting singles ‘Calling For Love’ (feat. JES) & the Emma Hewitt-sung ‘Safe From Harm’ were both confirmed amongst its order. As, naturally, was the just out-there festival-rocker ‘Upon My Shoulders’ (ft. Sebu from Capital Cities). While further tracklist details and a full collaborator list are still pending, Markus did lift the curtain high enough for us to see Christina Novelli, Smiley, Adina Butar, Nikki Flores, Jared Lee and Alina Eremia and amongst its co-writers and singers.

Full ‘We Are The Light’ tracklist details and a first look at its artwork is all to come within the next month. So keep a close eye on, & electronic music portals for more news as it breaks!

Paul Van Dyk latest news: new album - Music Rescues Me and Ldn Launch show @ The Printworks

- ‘Music Rescues Me’ - The Album - forthcoming October 2018
- Pre-registration for 12/10/18 launch show at London’s The Printworks now open @

In behind-the-scenes production for the greater part of a year, Paul van Dyk surprise-revealed this week that a new artist album – his ninth - is inbound this autumn. Signalling a newly galvanized creative stream from the electronic music legend, it will hit October 2018 - just 12 months after his wildly successful, critically embraced comeback LP, ‘From Then On’. 

Arriving under the appellation ‘Music Rescues Me’, it will develop and expand on the theme first set by the album’s vanguard (and namesake) single. Part tribute to/part personal mediation on music’s seemingly limitless capacity to heal, restore and lift, it’s a subject that has rapt Paul to the greatest of degrees.

Additional to the announcement of the album, PvD also gave a first tranche of details regarding artists co-writing on ‘Music Rescues Me’. Further to Plumb’s turn on its eponymous first single, other collaborative returnees mentioned included ‘From Then On’ contributors Jordan Suckley, Giuseppe Ottaviani and James Cottle. Debut pairings were also among the names released, with London’s Delta One, Saad Ajub (of ‘Crazy Whisper’ fame) and young Colombian talent Steve Dekay confirmed by Paul to have shared studio time on ‘Music Rescues Me’.

Allowing fans the clearest possible idea of ‘Music Rescues Me’ landing date, the other major newsbreak today is that pre-registration has commenced for the album’s October launch show. It’s an extra special, first-of-its-kind deal too, with new London club titan The Printworks playing host to its début performance. Having already housed some of the biggest names in electronic music, on October 12 van Dyk will become the first artist to deliver trance to the history-steeped surrounds of the former newspaper printing plant.

If you want to secure yourself one of the limited day-1 places available to experience ‘Music Rescues Me’s show, now’s the time to activate! You can pre-register for tickets via here.

New track: Alessandra Roncone & Jak Aggas - Vivi La Musica [Degenerate Records]

A new track that caught my ears lately is the latest one from Alessandra Roncone, a collaboration with Jak Aggas, called Vivi La Musica, out with Degenerate Records.

And it caught me because of its simplicity. Because it is easy to listen. Because it is a very nice declaration for music and about music. I really like it. It starts powerful, it continues with a very nice uplifting melody and it gives you that good vibe you may need from time to time.

To be honest the meaning of the track is in what I say: music is not just music. Music is life and we have to let it flow inside us. This was the meaning. I made the melody as always: a normal arp following the chords I choose for the break. Nothing different from others of my tracks. It may seem like a simple meaning to the track, but it is what it is. Not as big in meaning as 'For Our Angels', but bold in statement: Don't just listen the music, but live it! - Alessandra

I also like the voices on it. Plus, its statement (told through Alessandra's voice): "La vita è musica. Falla scorrere dentro di te." (Music is life. Let it flow inside you). A very simple statement, but one that means a lot. A lot about trance music, about any music we might like and listen to every day. 

And to be clear: I heard a lot of rumours about who is actually working on its own music or not, about who is using help or not. And I do not care. The truth is known only by the people involved, and it shouldn't impact our attitude towards music. If a track is good, it is good no matter what. No matter who worked on it or not. No matter who needed help or not. No matter who's name is on it or not. Music is music and it shouldn't be lead by names, but by the actual feelings it gives us. 

Vivi La Musica is a good track and you should have it in your playlist too. Grab your copy here: