New track: Suncatcher & Exolight - Nothing Like You (Pure Trance Vol. 5)

Ohhh ohhh ohhh! My excitement levels are going up! Remember when we had that interesting chat with Suncatcher, right before Luminosity and he told us about new tracks coming up? Well this is one of them. Also, remember when he told us about his work on new tracks with a coworker? Well, this track reveals it all.

Nothing like you - is a very nice collaboration between Suncatcher and one of the newest names in the trance scene Exolight. Both Romanian producers, both pretty great. This track is a living proof of that. When I first heard it made me slow down everything I was doing. And it did that in the most positive way. Even if the bpm may seem energetic to some, for me it did the opposite. It calmed me down, it relaxed all my senses and made me slowly fall in love with it.

As I always say talking about technicalities is a waste here. Talking about emotions and how this track makes me feel, that is a different story.There is nothing like this track, nothing like the emotions it gave me. It sent me to a happy place. It sent me to my happy place. And a few tracks manage to do that. I am glad Nothing like you is one of them and that it reminds me of some of the most beautiful moments of my life. And I am not the only one. Exolight also feels like he put his soul into this track. And that's a quality I'll always admire in a trance producer.

[no_blockquote text="This track is very special to me because the creation process involved a lot of feelings and emotions and, of course, because it is my first signed track. Many thanks to Suncatcher and Solarstone." text_color="" title_tag="h2" width="" background_color="" border_color="" show_quote_icon="no" quote_icon_color="" quote_icon_size=""]

And many thanks to you, too,  Exolight. For the kind words and for this track. Also, thank you Suncatcher for introducing us to Exolight. We cannot wait to listen what else have you prepared!

Enjoy the awesomeness and also check out the teaser the guys just posted. Apparently something new is on the way. Also, don't forget to support and follow them on Social media too: Suncatcher (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter) and Exolight (Facebook)

Nothing like you is part of Solarstone's Pure Trance V - a three discs mix put together by Forerunners, Solarstone and Sneijder that was out on October 28th. You can have it all here, or just this amazing track from here.

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cold blue nevada

New track: Cold Blue - Nevada (FSOE)

I am a huge fan of Cold Blue and his music. He's definitely one of my music crushes and he never disappointed. I developed (and still have) an obsession for Poseidon, a track I loved from the first listen, a track I wanted to hear live at Luminosity and a tracks that always makes me smile. I think I got Tobias crazy, asking him to play this track, every time he posted something about Luminosity. He kindly replied that it will be present in the set, but the moment I actually heard it was priceless. Goosebumps all over and no control for me from there. I loved it. I cherished it. won't forget it.

Buuuut, chances are to develop another obsession for Cold Blue's latest track. I listened to a preview a couple of weeks ago and I was literally begging for the full track. Couldn't wait to hear it all and enjoy those beautiful sounds. And the day finally came. Nevada was finally released on October 17th, as part of the Future Sound of Egypt 450 compilation, mixed by Aly & Fila, Dan Stone & Ferry Tayle and Mohamed Ragab, next to some other great names like Ahmed Rohmel, Fady & Mina, The Thrillseekers, Talla 2XLC, Sean Tyas, Standerwick, , Suncatcher and many more.

This track is just perfect, if you ask me. It brings a fresh sound to the table. It brings an energy I desperately wanted to feel again. It brings hope. It brings optimism. It brings happiness. It brings goosebumps. I will enjoy energizing my mornings with it. Also, I will enjoy driving my colleagues crazy again, by having it on repeat and on full volume (sorry. not sorry :D). But I can't help it. When a track is this good, I never get bored even if I listen to it hundreds/ thousands of times. And I think this is what is all about in a good track. To never get bored of it. To never forget it. I know I'm sure I will never forget Nevada. :)

Just hit the play button and let me know what you think about this track. Am I crazy, or you think this is pure happiness too? Also, don't forget to grab your own copy from Beatport and support Cold Blue, because he deserves all the support in the world. ^_^ Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Beatport.

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10 reasons - Why I'm going to 10 Years of TrancENDancE with Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate with Emma Hewitt, Ruben De Ronde, Snatt & Vix #ontheroad

You had to see this one coming! I started last month to ask some people why are they choosing a specific trance event and not another one, and the answers completely amazed me. There were some reasons I never thought off, and some that I agreed with instantly. Even if was a bit too busy lately and we couldn't be too active on the event's page, we followed closely what the romanian trance family is sharing, saying, enjoying or requesting there. We even read some of those ”why I am not coming to this event” posts. Buuuut, since we are the positive people and optimism is our middle name, we had to find out the Top 10 reasons why we're coming to this TrancENDance's 10 years anniversary with Aly & Fila, Ruben de Ronde, Cosmic Gate, Emma Hewitt and Snatt & Vix next friday, on October 21st at Arenele Romane! So, find your most comfortable position, grab your popcorn and let's do this!

1. New trance gathering. New TrancENDance party. I always appreciated what others do for trance music, and TrancENDance makes no exception. The guys behind it, Snatt & Vix are really nice to keep doing this even after 10 years, years that I am pretty sure they weren't too easy. Even if it may seem simple to organize an event, it isn't. A lot of things to consider. A lot of people to please. But the guys made it. Managed to bring a lot of awesome names and made the Romanian Trance Family happy. Just take a quick look through their ”history”: Mark Sherry, Daniel Kandi, Markus Schulz, Ashley Wallbridge, Jochen Miller, Ronski Speed, First State, Myon & Shane54, ATB, Darude, Ferry Corsten, Leon Bolier, Sebastian Brandt, Solarstone, Sied van Riel, Kyau & Albert, Heatbeat, Arctic Moon, Johan Gielen, Christina Novelli, Alexander Popov, Susana, Mark Sixma, Simon O' Shine, Aly & Fila, Emma Hewitt. If this doesn't put them on your ”good” list, I don't know what will.

2. Aly & Fila (well, just Fila). Both guys are amazing, and as I said in a previous article, they have one of the best trance radio shows ever. FSOE was, it is and I am pretty sure it will always stay true and faithfull to trance music. I just saw Fila 3 weeks ago at FSOE 450 Manchester and cannot wait to see him again. His sets are always different, always surprising and pretty much perfect.

3. Cosmic Gate. I do have some music crushes and Cosmic Gate are one of them. These guys are some of those who made me feel in love with this awesome trance music and I was desperatly looking to see them again. They are not coming to this side of Europe too often, so when I saw them in the line up that made my day. They came to Romania 3 years ago in Cluj at the Delahoya Music Festival, and I went there just for their set. I am that in love with their music. They had an amazing set, and the crowd, even if it was too small for them, makes me smile every time I remember that night. Looking forward to repeat it, in a week.

4. Emma Hewitt. This woman is just perfect. It's her second time here in Romania, and trust me it worth seeing her again. And again. And again. She's above a lot of artists when it comes to live singing and an awesome person to meet. I can't wait to hear ”Be your sound”, ”Coming home”, Restless hearts”, ”Rewind” again and to relive the beautiful moments from TrancENDance with Emma Hewitt, Sundancer and Snatt & Vix!

5. Ruben de Ronde. I never saw him live, but I listened to a lot of his sets online. Also, I heard he is the real deal when it comes to warm up sets, building up the night for the fans and artists playing after him. Looking forward to meet him and enjoy the magic.

6. Always looking for a trip to trance heaven. If I could, I would live in a trance heaven every day. So whenever there is a trance party near me, I have to be there. Also, the nice people of Iasi made the trips a loooot better by providing 4 flights/ day to Bucharest and better prices than other ways of transportation. So now, there is just one hour separating us from the Romanian Trance Heaven - Bucharest. ^_^

7. The trance family. Here I am just gonna repeat myself and say what I am always saying about this amazing community. Trance is connecting awesome people, and this event makes no exception. I met a lot of beautiful people this year, I will reconnect with them in Bucharest, but I will also make new friends. Here’s the thing with the trance community. Even if it may sound cliche – this trance family term, ohh best family in the world.. and so on, it is actually  TRUE. It is a fact. I am not saying other ”music families” are not awesome, because I don’t know them and most likely they’re awesome too, I am just talking about my opinion about the community I am a part of.  Most of the people I met are so friendly, so nice, so perfect, I couldn’t ask for more.

8.'s secret projects. I am always trying to do new stuff for the blog, for the trance community every time I come to Bucharest and this event makes no exception. So stay close. ;)

9. Forgetting about ourselves for one night. Partying always has been a major stress relief, and if you add trance to the mix is even better.

10. Love for trance. Love for music. Love for sounds. I describe myself through 3 simple things: design, trance music and blogging. Design is part of my life as a job, blogging as a passion and trance music as just simple air to breathe every day. I fell in love with this music back when I was in high school, have a lot of perfect memories with it and I cannot imagine life without it. It is the music that has always been there for me. The music that made me laugh. The music that made me cry. The music that made me love.

If you have more please feel free to share them by commenting below or just message them to me Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I hope I will see a lot of you awesome people in Bucharest, and till then don’t forget to support your favorite artists and keep listening to this awesome music.


Follow TrancENDance on Facebook too, to be up to date with their adventures. Snatt & Vix are also doing live sessions on Facebook every Sunday, so if you're in need for some good music to end your week just tune in! Last episode was all about psy, previous one was about classics. They are trying to come with new things every week, so you definitely find something to suit you.

5 reasons (+ extra) - why I'm going to FSOE 450 UK (Manchester)

Hi there trance family! I am Oana and in the next couple of minutes we'll talk about a trance heaven on earth.

I know I already wrote about it  and I know I will probably repeat myself, but I cannot cannot wait for Future Sound of Egypt 450 in Manchester on October 1st. Bought the tickets in April and since then I am waiting.. And waiting.. And waiting for the day to finally come.  Aaaaaand in 3 days we're finally gonna land in Manchester and enjoy the trance ride of this autumn. I was thinking what can I tell you, how can I convince you of the magnitude of this thing, how can I describe my feelings, and the only I can do this is was a 5 reasons list:

1. Aly and Fila. These 2 guys are simply amazing and FSOE it is in my opinion one of the best trance radio show lately. Simple, true and faithful to this awesome music.

2. Special guest: Gouryella. It is a simple word, it is a classic word. It is trance royalty. I was hyped when  Ferry finally announced this year some Gouyella performances and I am glad I get to experience it at FSOE. Since they announced there will be a special guest. I had my thought about who it might be and Gouryella was defnitely no.1 in my top 3 guesses. Fun fact, I was at a wedding when they made the official announcement, so imagine me staring at the phone, trying to get better service and praying for the perfect news while dancing and sharing happiness with the newly weds.

3. This huuuuuge, but huge line up! Just look at all these names: A&Z, Alan Morris, Amir Hussain, Dan Stone, Darren Porter vs. James Dymond, Fady & Mina, Ferry Tale vs. Dan Stone, Jordan Suckley, Liam Wilson vs. Amir Hussain, Mohamed Ragab, Omar Sherif, Solarstone and Giusepe Ottaviani bringin their Pure NRG act, Reorder vs Driftmoon, Simon O Shine, Simon Patterson,. How can you say no to this line up? I couldn't.  Also, I developed a small crush on Giuseppe a couple of years ago, so I really need to see him again and dance my shoes off on the dancefloor during the Pure NRG set.

4. Only FSOE in Europe this year. Even though I saw Fila to an older event and he's coming back to Romania in October, I wanted more. I wanted for once to experience the FSOE magic. And since I couldn't go to Luxor for a weekend, I choose the simpler version. Simpler because it's closer. But I really hope for a trip to Egypt, next year...

5. The trance family. I always said trance is connecting awesome people, and this event makes no exception. I met a lot of beautiful people this year, I will reconnect with some in Manchester, but I will also make new friends. Here's the thing with the trance community. Even if it may sound cliche – this trance family term, ohh best family in the world.. and so on, it is actually  TRUE. It is a fact. I am not saying other ”music families” are not awesome, because I don't know them and most likely they're awesome too, I am just talking about my opinion about the community I am a part of.  Most of the people I met are so friendly, so nice, so perfect, I couldn't ask for more. I cannot wait to make new friends and as I already said on the blog if there is someone that wanna meet, to just come the little brunette with the trance t shirt, romanian flag attached, come, give me a hug and say hello. And from there I am pretty sure we'll just go with the flow.

These are my main thoughts about the upcoming FSOE, but I also asked the amazing people of FSOE about more. Here is what they said:

1. Biggest trance event
2. Worlds best DJS
3. The amazing trance family
4. 1 massive party
5. Forgetting all you worries for the night
6. Sharing the love for the music
7. Because if you are not there you will definitely regret it


1. Simon O'Shine. Then the obvious ones.


2. Raving is a major stress release!
3. I love pretty much every DJ on the line up!
4. My fella pretty much thinks Ferry Corsten is GOD!
5. I love trance!!!!!

If you have more please feel free to share them by commenting below or just message them to me Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I hope I will see a lot of you awesome people in Manchester, and till then don't forget to support your favorite artists and keep listening to this awesome music.

Trance on!

NEW TRACK: First Sight vs. Emanuele Congeddu & Julia Lav - Alvorada

A couple of months ago I was talking with Emanuele about he as an artist, his tracks, his inspiration and he told me that he's working really hard on some new tracks and that there won't be too many releases from him every year, since he's focusing more on quality and not on quantity. And he was damn right to do so! This new track (new as in released, because the tracks was done way before the interview) is just pure bliss! And, of course, such a good track already got supported by artists like Aly and Fila, Armin van Buuren and many more.

First Sight vs. Emanuele Congeddu & Julia Lav - Alvorada is just emotion in a track. It sends me back when a lot of trance artists were more into that emotional uplifting, than a more powerful one. And it gives me goosebumps every time I hit the play button. You don't believe me? Just try it:

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Just close your eyes and feel those sounds. That piano. That breakdown. It is perfect. Just perfect. Full of emotion, full of happiness. Personally, I think this track is one of the best one from this year and it deserves the highest places in every top. It gives me an euphoria that I cannot describe through words. It makes me daydream. It gives me goosebumps. It gives me tears; tears of joy. It takes me to my happy place in just a couple of seconds. Also, is a very good track to listen before an important task, or before a meeting. It chills me. It gives me confidence. It makes me better.

The track was released on Beatport on 8th July and will be out in all stores on July 22. Also, you can listen to it full on Spotify or rip offs from FSOE or ASOT on Youtube and Soundcloud. Also, this track is the last release for 2016 from Emanuele. He is working really hard to make new tracks, but releasing only those who sound perfect. Quality, over quantity. So, till his next release support him on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and Beatport) and maybe ask him to play at some event or maybe do a podcast? What do you say?

don't forget about supporting First Sight too: Facebook, Soundcloud.

Also, don't forget to follow us too on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube! a lot of video content is on the way! Trance on!

New Track: Airborn & Bogdan Vix feat. Keyplayer - Kaleidoscope

We're back! We're finally back! After a looooong period trying to solve our technical issues, is finally back and running.

It seems legit to start our posts again with some news about romanian trance (romanian + estonian trance)! There is a new track ”travelling” on Social Media right now, an exciting collaboration between Airborn, Bogdan Vix and Keyplayer, called Kaleidoscope. Even though, I got to listen to it quite later, after a couple of days, I am glad I hit the play button, because it sounds amazing!

I heard some collaborations between Vix and Keylayer before (Snatt & Vix feat. Keyplayer - Skyrise) and enjoyed a lot. Since that track sounded perfectly, it was necessary for these guys to do a new track again. I am glad they called Airbon into this one too, cause he's a really great music man. I still remember when I first found out about him and his track ”Hym of heavens”, a track I had it on repeat around 2 weeks. It is that good!

The new track - Kaleidoscope is amazing. And it already got support from Armin Van Buuren in A State Of Trance #764 and nice feedback from the listeners. I fell in love with the piano, with the melody, with everything! There is no need for the technical talks about the track. Just close your eyes, and enjoy the music. Simple as that.

That's why I am writing to you about it too, so you hit the play button, enjoy it and also vote for it as Future Favorite! You can vote in 3 click here.

Also, don't forget to support the artists and follow them on Social media:

Airborn - Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Beatport

Bogdan Vix - Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Beatport

Keyplayer - Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Beatport

What do you think about the track? Should these guys keep collaborating?

Also, don't forget that the track will be officially released on RazNitzan Music - Essentializm on May 30, on Beatport! Trance on!

Andrew Rayel is coming back to Chisinau!

Andrew Rayel will be joining Armin Van Buuren on the stage at Moldexpo on May 31st! This is awesome news! Breaking news! After a lot of people asked about him ad if he will be performing as well on the stage, NRG Moldova finally made the announcement today:


And this only means one thing: the show will be epic! These two amazing artists will make quite a show!

Last time, Andrew was in Chisinau for the pre launch of his first album - Find Your Harmony. That show was an amazing one, and we actually needed 2 days of rest to recover from all the dancing! So, for this one, in May, we're actually training and hoping for the best!

See below some photos and prepare for more! is coming back, Moldova! Is coming back to breathe the music and touch the sounds with you!

[RO] TrancENDance și expediția la Chișinău

Se cere un post în limba română aici. Și se cere doar pentru că cei de la TrancENDance nu au stare deloc și plănuiesc numai nebunii pentru familia trance românească.

De curând tocmai a fost anunțat un eveniment trance foarte simpatic la Chișinău și anume Armin Van Buuren la Moldxpo, pe 31 mai! Șiiii evident că nu se putea fără o expediție marca Snatt and Vix, după experiențele foarte plăcute la ASOT 600 și Armin Only Intense, ambele în Bulgaria.

Detaliile spun așa:

Rezervări Transport & Informații :

Preț Transport / Persoană : 150 Lei

Data Plecare : 31 Mai ( ora 3:00AM ) București / Data Întoarcere : 1 Iunie ( ora 10:00AM ) București

Autocarele sunt unele Premium si sunt dotate cu aer conditionat.Accesul in ele se va face pe baza pasaportului si a buletinului fiecarei persoane in parte.Plecarea se va face Duminica 31 Mai, la ora 3:00AM, din Bucuresti, si vom ajunge inapoi in Bucuresti la ora 10:00AM, pe data de 1 Iunie, Luni. Toți cei care vor dori să meargă la acest eveniment, vor fi adăugaîi într-un grup secret, pe facebook, unde au acces DOAR CEI CARE VOR MERGE SIGUR, ȘI EVIDENT, VOR PLĂTI CONTRAVALOAREA BILETULUI DE TRANSPORT, ȘI VOR FACE ȘI DOVADA ACHIZIȚIONĂRII UNUI BILET DE EVENIMENT, pentru perfecta desfășurare a întregii "expediții". va fi acolo și va transmite de la fața locului pentru cei ce nu vor reuși să ajungă. Dar totuși sperăm să ne vedem cât mai mulți și să reunim încă o dată comunitatea asta de oameni frumoși! TRANCE ON!

PS. Pentru orice întrebare legată de eveniment, sau de expediția de mai sus puteți să ne scrieți chiar aici, sau să trimiteți un email pe

trancendance la chisinau

Results are here. TRANCE Tune of the Year as U chose!

A State Of Trance 694 was a huge episode. Top 20 Tune of the Year was as always full of mixed feelings, but this time it made trancers really really happy. The top is a really strong one and it speaks for itself.

Aly and Fila had an amazing year and without doubt deserve those 4 positions in the top. Andrew Rayel, Cosmic Gate, Alex Morph, Marlo, Bobina are regular names in this show, great producers and their winnings come naturally.

Top 5 is perfect. Top 3 is brilliant. Trance gone BIG this year! We're really happy with this one. What about you? Voted for something else?

20/ Aly & Fila Ft Jaren Cerf - For All Time [FSOE Recordings]
19/ Aly & Fila w/ Skypatrol Ft. Sue McLaren - Running [FSOE]
18/ Armin van Buuren Ft. Laura Jansen -Sound of The Drums (BobinaRemix) [Armind Recordings]
17/ Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah Ft. Sylvia Tosun - Eye 2 Eye [FSOE] {FSOE 350 Anthem}
16/ MaRLo Ft. Jano - Haunted [ASOT]
15/ Andrew Rayel Ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - One In A Million [Armada Music]
14/ Jorn Van Deynhoven - New Horizons [ASOT] {‪#‎ASOT650‬ Anthem}
13/ Above & Beyond Ft. Alex Vargas - Blue Sky Action [Anjunabeats]
12/ Dash Berlin Ft. Roxanne Emery - Shelter (Photographer Remix) [Armada]
11/ MaRLo - Visions [ASOT]
10/ Andrew Rayel Ft. Alexandra Badoi - Goodbye [ASOT] {From the album 'Find Your Harmony'}
09/ Bobina - Winter [Magik Muzik]
08/ Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong [Armada]
07/ Armin van Buuren - Hystereo [Armind]
06/ Cosmic Gate (official) Ft. Eric Lumiere - Falling Back (Mark Sixma Remix) [Wake Your Mind Records]

05/ Armin van Buuren & Andrew Rayel - Eiforya [Mainstage Music]
04/ Luke Bond & Roxanne Emery - On Fire (Aly & Fila Remix) [Garuda Music]

03/ Alex M.O.R.P.H. Ft. Natalie Gioia - The Reason [ASOT]

02/ Gaia - Empire Of Hearts [Armind]

01/TUNE OF THE YEAR Gareth Emery Ft. Bo Bruce - U (Bryan Kearney Remix) [Garuda]

Armin Only Intense Romania - eveniment ce se anuta SOLD OUT curand

Biletele la Armin Only Intense se vand mai ceva ca painea calda. Cu cele de early bird si cele de 110 de ron sold out, evenimentul se anunta a fi evenimentul anului 2014 pe meleagurile noastre in materie de EDM. Credeti-ne pe cuvant cand spunem ca nu va fi un fan al lui Armin care sa spuna pas la revenirea lui in Romania.

Anul acesta, Armin Only e si mai special decat precedentele. Asta datorita colaborarii DJ ului cu directorul de teatru Jos Thie si "geniul in creatie" Sander Reneman. Acestia au pus la cale un adevarat spectacol, dand astfel evenimentelor din domeniu noi idei de a uimi publicul.

"Show-ul ARMIN ONLY este o abordare neconventionala si fresh. Sufletul evenimentului va ramane dj set-ul, dar ca acesta sa fie si mai interesant pentru public, totul este pus in scena ca o productie teatrala”  Armin van Buuren.

Fugiti repede si luati-va bilet. Fugiti si luati-l la 130 de ron cel Regular. Daca vreti de VIP, gasiti SILVER la 225 de RON si GOLDEN la 450 de RON. Fugiti la cea mai apropiata dintre locatii (reteaua de magazine - Eventim are ca puncte de vanzare magazinele: Orange, Vodafone, Domo, librariile Carturesti si Humanitas) sau fugiti cu clickul pe Nu maine, nu poimaine ci astazi. Stiti vorba aia: "Nu lasa pe maine ce poti face azi!"

Detaliimaigasitiaici sau pe Facebook. TRANCE ON!