Push THE button - from front row to the stage [The beliver's story]

Ever wondered what it feels like to be on the stage and push that button on one of Above & Beyond's sets? Ever wondered how people work to get there or what are they thinking that very moment? I know I always did. I use to watch that moment on repeat on most of their sets online and I am "going" there. I  am getting the chills and a little piece of the happines they are feeling. I am happy for them and grateful to Above & Beyond for giving the fans this opportunity. It is something no one else does and that is making it even more special.

I finally got to see Above and Beyond for the first time live this year at Timeshift and I was prepared to catch that moment on my camera. Even though I would've loved to see myself there, I knew there are a lot more bigger fans than me that deserve it. Aaaand I was damn right. Once I got pass the fence through the aisle from the middle of the crowd, I got to the front to take some pictures. And then I saw them. I saw them holding a banner. THE banner. And I knew it. These are the guys to push THAT button. I didn't know who they were, where did they came from, but I knew I had to find them and have a chat about that moment. Through the magic of social media, I got to meet Ana and she was kind enough to tell me the very interesting story of their journey: from front row to the stage. I hope you'll be able to get all the feels I am getting only by reading it. Because it raw. It is true. It is pure happiness! 

"Something you cannot express through words. All I can say is that weeks have passed and I still cannot believe this happened. I cannot find real the fact that I was up on the stage, alongside Above & Beyond. Everything happened and it still feels like last night's dream: to meet people I never belived possible. To meet and get up on the stage next to them. A unique experience.

I knew about the "Push the Button" moment, from all the other events I closely followed over the internet. And then I saw they often choose fans that bring banners. So, we worked for 4 hours to build "our way to heaven". Radu said "Pushing the button makes me king for a day" and he was soooo right! It was all worth it! Every second of it. Seeing Above & Beyond at Timeshif festival was one thing. But going up on the stage was THE moment for us. Yes. We came for them. Only for them. Going on that stage was something like "we do not belive this is possible, but let's do it anyway". It was THE moment that turned everything into a dream come true.

When we looked back, Radu said that for him everything it felt like on fast forward; it felt like a dream. But I felt more conscious than ever. When they came to the fence and told us "Come on. Let's go" I tought at how I lost my bet to Radu about this one and how I have to buy him an Untod T Shirt now (haha). We had a lot of questions in our heads before about how will they get us up there: from jumping the fence to literally grabbing us "through" it and we were making all the plans in the world. But once we jumped that fence, I couldn't stop jumping around. Full on enthusiasm! Huge joy and freedom.

The manager told us "I suppose you know What is happening right now". Tony came to us all cute and smiling, huged us all and said a simple welcome. Then he explained what to do, very clear a couple of times, even though the speakers were pumping! By the way, music sounds different on the stage. It felt different. It took us one second (it felt like one second) to go in front of the crowd and get to THE button. Which is a normal button. I was thinking it has glitter, lights or some special aura around it. But no. It is a simple one. :)) There we met Jono. As cute and smiling as Tony. He huged us and let us enjoy THE moment. We pushed the button and that was all. After that we actually realised what was happening. But f*** clarity. F*** judgement. We danced like crazy on Blue Sky Action, and I literally felt like a Queen (King for the guys) for a day.

It is a very hard to explain feeling. Seeing all those people from up there is unique. Seeing all those people who came for THE artists. Seeing them dancing and singing THE music. I tried for a moment to put myself in Above & Beyond's shoes. It felt A-MA-ZING. I felt free. I felt special. A feeling that everything will be ok, replaced every bit of negativity from my head. I felt invincible. Nothing and no one could've let me down that night.

It was great to have Radu beside me for this moment too. He introduced me to their music. 6 or 7 years ago. He is even a bigger Above & Beyond fan than me. And we are friends since then. I just want to thank him for doing this. Made my life better. Made me learn all their songs and sing them along that night. I knew I'd have no voice the next day, but I didn't care.

I looooove Above and Beyond. I like how their music talks feelings. It has a different vibe than the rest of the electronic music. You feel like crying, missing out, smiling. You become agittated, but you chill in the same time on their music. It is like LIFE. With happines and suffering. With longing and sadness. With peace and enthusiasm. In my opinion, they know very well to translate the feelings palet through their music. Who didn't miss anyone listening to Sattelite? Or got a bit sad on Love Is Not Enough? Or didn't find hope on "Little Thing Called Love"? Thank you Above and Beyond. Thank you for everything. Life is literally made of small moments like this! "

Remember Christmas Trance Party

Ma uit si acum, dupa 4 ani juma' , la afisul petrecerii de dinainte de Craciunul lui 2008 si nu-mi vine sa cred cat de simplu si eficient era : fara briz-brizuri si cu Trance pe el. We-Trance (asa se numea organizatia, cumva rudele indepartate ale Trance IS*Tribute) venea dupa o perioada de petreceri organizate ba in Palace Cafe (mai exista ?!?), ba in Venom (asta nu mai exista sigur), direct in inima Tudorului, in Backroom34.

Identitatea We-Trance apartine unui prieten bun, care nu apare pe afis de data aceasta, Glenn dupa numele de scena. Fusese un an bun pentru orgoliul W-T (organizarea evenimentului Thrillseekers la Bucuresti in Club Kado), mai putin bun pentru finante (ceva neintelegeri la bani cu ocazia aceluiasi party).

In line-up, pe langa subsemnatul ii gaseam pe Serge (punct de baza la fiecare warmup), D-Flux (dj din Brasov), ATA (producer din Iasi, inca activ, click pentru Soundcloud).

Petrecerea a beneficiat de un suport sustinut din partea colegilor din Bacau. Glenn reusise sa stranga o comunitate solida in jurul We-Trance, chiar si din alte judete care inca se mai luptau cu monopolul house & shit.

A rezultat o petrecere foarte reusita, mai jos veti gasi poze si set-ul meu de atunci (a fost primul meu set pe AbletonLive!)