This is now just a “new track is out” type of article. This is pure happiness put into words. Happiness because Cold Blue just released a new masterpiece: Learning to Live with Subculture literally 4 days ago, on January 26.

I still can’t believe. I still can’t understand how this man can come up with such beautiful melodies and F everything up in my brain when I hit that play button. It does F everything up, but in the most pure and beautiful way. This track is so airy, so driving, so romantic!

Cold Blue has been on the run these past years and he will rule 2018 for the whole trance community! From releasing choon after choon in 2017 with labels such as Subculture, Kearnage, Pure Trance, FSOE or Damaged to do even a greater job in 2018!

From its outer limits, deliciously doomy bass & pad movements beam, connecting with the haunt of its horns and strings assuredly chilled in nature. As its sub-melodies subside, the mainline synths take over, serving ‘Learning to Live’ with its final elevating crescendo. Trance to move the mind, body & spirit. 

Learning to Live – for me – is one of the greatest tracks to start this year. From the very first second to the last one, this track caught me. It caught me to listen to it. To put it on repeat. To enjoy it. To have a hell of a dance party on it. To make my day better. To make me smile. to make me happy. And when a track does that, words are beyond anyone and anything.

I don’t even know how to express what this track is making me feel. The drive of it gives me the push. The push to dream. But also to work for those dreams. ‘Cuz what are dreams if we don’t work to make them real?

The track is a full explosion of colours. Colours of love. Colours of joy. Colours of happiness. Colours of hope. Colours of melancholy. Colours of falling down. Colours of getting up. Colours of life. Of learning how to live it, no matter what. No matter the bads, the goods. But live it.

Put hands on it here. Or listen to it below. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

Tobias, you killed it. And I can’t thank you enough for it.

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