Oh my. Cold Blue related news. So, expect for an “awww”, “awesome”, “perfect”, “best” kind of article. You know I can’t hold myself when it’s about Cold Blue and his music.

This article is in my drafts for a week now. It got a while for the whole album to sit, to break the Spotify algorithms because of how much I had it on repeat, and to give me the right words to describe it.

I could say this is Album of the year for me. I know I said it before about other albums, but this ones make it for me. And yes. Because it’s Cold Blue. Because I love everything that comes from his hands, his brain, his SOUL. Only the news of the album convinced me this will be epic. The name. The artwork. COLD BLUE. All this is enough for me to call it album of the year, without even a listen.

When I hit play tough, my life was turned upside down and back to normal. It did convince me even more this is album of the year and it deserves all the attention.  “Winter” is a complete journey through feelings and emotions. A complete saga into trance music. You can grab your copy here: https://blackhole.complete.me/winter.

“Generally I find the winter season to be more of a challenge. Something to be “gotten through”, a necessity before spring and summer are back around. So as much as this album is a “celebration’ of winter, it’s also dedicated to periods when we experience retreat and introspection. It’s a tribute to the ups and downs in life. During every downtime, there are important lessons to be learnt for the next rise. To my mind, in spring we grow, in summer we shine, but in winter we learn.”

And how nice it that? I never thought of winter like that, but now I reading what Tobias is saying, I completely agree. It is a very nice metaphor of what seasons are. Of what seasons can be to us.


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Of course, I have to give my full review to this and please, don’t ask me about a favorite. It is too damn difficult to choose. Each track is perfect in its own way and the whole experience is really special to me.

In Peace – this will be my new meditation song. It is exactly what the title says. PEACE. Peace of mind. Peace of joy and happiness. Yes, peace. It is about that feeling of happiness and peace, of a clear mind and soul. Very cool introduction to the rest of the album.

Shine – cheerful. Instantly putting a smile on my face. The mysthical voices, the melody, the whole trakc is hypnotic. Perfect way to get into the meditation place I am talking about in the previous paragraph.

Winter Gates – Or more: Travel to the Winter Gates? It feels like a travel to me, this one. Driving. Strong. Motivating the listener to reach that place, which the Winter Gates hold. It feels like it is the last step before reaching it.

Golden Leaves – A classic in disguise. The melody of this track is taking me back to that meditation ‘peace’ of mind. The piano in this one is so soft, so emotional, so gentle. Like a caress. I can feel its touch till my bones. Till my last atom. Goosebumps to the soul.

November Rain – It feels like November. Like a cold, but still cozy one. Good for a retrospective. A quick look back to what was before, but still with a thinking ahead. It’s optimistic.

Frozen – Contradictory to the name, this track is quite hot to me. It makes winter feel lighter. Softer. Warmer. It shatters all the “ice” with its warmth. It feels like a hug.

In Madness – darker. Proper name for it. It sends me to …And madness remains? Could be a follow up. Could be linked. Could be not. Thing is, in combination with it, it’s a very strong statement. And one I completely agree with. Because madness is not bad. Madness is not negative. When you put it to work, you can only do good in the world. We are all mad. Mad with our passions, mad with our dreams. We just have to make them happen. 🙂

Colors – Dreamy. Covering the full spectrum of colors, I can see this track filling its name shoes. It’s like a travel through the rainbow. Through the universe. It sends me a bit to Interstellar and the feelings I have every time I listen to that soundtrack. Optimism. Hope. Happiness.

Recovery – Uhhhh this one. This one takes the morning mediations even further. It somehow highlights all my thoughts and wishes. It puts them in order. It perfectly aligns the stars in order to reach my goals. Calmly. In no rush. This is the vibe I am getting from this one.

Ode To The Sun – SPECIAL. Something really really special. Not only it is dedicated to one of our life sources, but it feels like the star itself. Grandious. But still small on our sky. Powerfull. But still gentle. Energetic. It makes you cherish each small thing in life. It makes you gratefull.

Reflections – Romantic. Sensual. Sexy I would say. Like a summer breeze. Like a night at a cabin, in the middle of the mountains. Like a FOREVER moment. It is a very good track to think of all these. To plan them. To enjoy them. To never miss a joy in life. To never miss a smile. To never miss the love.

The whole album is like a love letter. At least I see it this way. It is dreamy. It is full of hope and ful of thoughts. Thoughts of good moments. Joys and happiness. Thrill and butterflies. It can be a love letter to a lover. To a friend. To a moment. To anything that YOU want.

This may not be the usual album review, some may be used to, but it is how I see this music. I could never write about technicalities. Music is not about that. It is about feelings. The feelings it gives you when you first hit the play button. The feelings it gives you when you have it on repeat. The feelings you have on the dancefloor. The everyday feelings.

What’s your view on the album?