Me telling you for the Nth time I am a huge fan of Cosmic Gate and their music is old news. Me telling you how awesome Super8 and Tab are is again old news. But me telling you I am also into Estiva‘s work may be something newer. Wake Your Mind Recordings just release his remix on Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab – Noom and it is mint!

Nic, Bossi, Janne and Miika mastered the original, but Estiva wrapped it into a mystical journey! Less released, more unleashed, when ‘Noom’ came spinning out of ‘Materia Chapter.Two’s clear white yonder last year, scene-wide fever followed. Every bit equal to the sum of its artists, its cruising pads, thermal chords, synth elevation and mother of all mainlines bossed primetime like no other.

That magical whistle, the progressive touch, the build up are just perfect. Moodying up ‘Noom’s tone, the Dutchman’s also Prydz-out its tempo, lent extra roll to the drums, applied more steel to its synths, flint to its FX and furthered its epic soar.

It is a track to lose yourself too. It is giving me a very free spirit vibe and I just close my eyes and my mind goes beyond this world’s perspective. I am going to a land of mysteries. To a land of joy and happiness. To a land of possibilities. It is a track to wake up to. A track to dream to.

One to steer you into the spring, Estiva’s remix of Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab’s ‘Noom’ hits stores & floors this week. Lay hands and ears on it here.