If Not Now, when? Later. Cuz Oana got so lost into the track and what the guys announced to have prepared for march, that she forgot to write her soul about it. Cosmic Gate & Jes – If Not Now, was released on February 9th and received such an amazing feedback from the trance community. The guys did great for so long, you could not expect less than greatness for their new track. Also, they announced a new compilation due March 16th that will most likely blow our minds!

A match made by heavens. Yes. Because Jes’s voice fits perfectly to everything the guys produce. Her voice is so clean, so angelic, so astonishing. And because Nic and Bossi are some of the few that made me fall in love with this music because of their unique sound. This match is perfect with each track they release.

Across its two Chapters of Materia, her voice instilled heart and soul to no fewer than three of its number. None though highlighted her expressive songwriting and vocal range to quite the same degree as new single ‘If Not Now’. Backed by the intensity of Nic & Bossi’s sophisticated ever-evolving, production, ‘If Not Now’s metaphorically implicit verses, imploring chorus and straight-from-the-heart delivery prove thoroughly irresistible in this brand new 2018 Club Mix.

With matters ‘Materia’ to attend to, Cosmic Gate’s ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions’ series went on hiatus last year. Absence, as they say, only makes the heart grow fonder and today the news those left bereft in ‘17 wanted, nay needed to hear… ‘WYMS’s back, baby!! Reinstated to its traditional release March slot, it’s ready to springboard you headfirst into Spring!

So what’s what with ‘003’ then? Well – dare we say – it’s bolder in vision and even wider in its style & power-band. Bigger too, by virtue of an even higher ratio of exclusives, premieres and first-listen tracks – all threaded into the mix. Leaving no studio door un-knocked or creative avenue unexplored, Nic & Bossi have – as ever – been tireless in sourcing its sonic ordnance. That’s resulted in music, mixes and mash-ups as far as eye can see & ear can hear!

Included among them, ripe from the studio desks of Estiva, Eskai and Leo Reyes, are new reworks of some of ‘Materia’s most majestic moments. You’ll also find freshly inked Wake Your Mind Records signings courtesy of Greenhaven DJs, Noise Zoo, Patrick White and Marcus Santoro. Mash-ups abound too, with Cosmic Gate getting their hands on artists as diverse as Third Party and Marco V. And naturally they all fall between the hottest, latest soundware from a super-starry tracklist cast – Above & Beyond, Gabriel & Dresden, Kyau & Albert & Genix, Wellenrausch & Gai Barone and Tim Mason to mention but a few.

As ever, a great deal of thought went into the structuring of these mixes. The first person we played it to really put their finger on it: ‘CD1, I turn on at work and CD2 I listen to in the car before I go out’ Music to our ears – that was exactly what we were going for! – Bossi

As laser meets disc, the atmosphere-soaked pads of Eskai’s intro-tweaked ‘Fall Into You’ mix get us underway. Early tone dialed-in, mix.01 plots a cool path through the progressive sound-fields. Staking their righteous claims there are Above & Beyond & Richard Bedford, with the Spencer Brown reworking of ‘Northern Soul’ and Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor’s instrumental take on Wellenrausch/Gai Barone collab ‘Heroes of Light’.

Signaling a subtle-yet-perceptible upswing in feel, Cosmic Gate & Alastor’s ‘Fight The Feeling’ has ‘WYMS003’ cross from prog into trance. Courtesy of Greenhaven DJs ‘The Unexamined’ and Tim Mason’s jacked-up ‘Switcher’, techier and more distortion-heavy vibes seize its centre-ground. Bringing Mix 1 to its mercurial apex are Maor Levi’s deliciously warped ‘Juno’ and Cosmic Gate just-released rephrase of Gabriel & Dresden’s ‘Only Road’.

Through Estiva’s ethereal rework of CG x Super8 & Tab outing ‘Noom’ and ‘Find The Sun’ by Raz Nitzan & Moya Brennan, Mix 2 opens in cooler waters. This being Cosmic Gate though, you know it’s but a momentary calm before the storm. Ahead of the album’s mixing, the Wake Your Mind Records contract pen’s seen action aplenty and Nic & Bossi use the second disc’s midpoint to break out their latest signings.

“We were blessed with a mass of exclusive track submissions from young & upcoming producers. In the end there proved to be too much great work to choose from! (We wanna send an especially big shout out to all the producers from around the world who sent us tracks!!). In the end we signed material from Australia’s Markus Santoro, Patrick White from Poland, Holland’s Noise Zoo and Greenhaven DJs from the USA. All exclusive on this album and later to be released on our label WYM Records. Keep a close ear out for them. Nic & I reckon you’re going to be hearing a lot more from these guys in the future!!” – Bossi

As it hits the home straight, CG reopen ‘Materia’s track-trove, lining up Ferry Corsten collab ‘Dynamic’, current single ‘If Not Now’ and – exclusively – Leo Reyes’ blistering remix of CG & Markus Schulz’s ‘AR’. To gift the mix a fitting finale, Nic & Bossi have included two new, thoroughly locomotive mash-ups for it. ‘Like This Body Of Conflict’ twists their (what else but!) classic ‘Body Of Conflict’ around last year’s pulse racing hit from Third Party. ‘WYMS003’s valedictory track (and a celebration of all things ‘V’) ‘Muraco’s Godd’ sees Marco V’s most recent and most revered tracks united as one, for the techiest, most fearsome of tie-offs. Flowing and gazelle-like in places, charging rhino-like in others, ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions 003’ is another deftly mixed Cosmic Gate masterpiece. 160 minutes of cortex-wobblingly music to enjoy in the privacy of your own party, you can pop it on digital pre-order here or for the CD edition here.

Tracklist: ‘Cosmic Gate – Wake Your Mind Sessions 003’

Mix 01.
01. Cosmic Gate & JES – Fall Into You (Eskai Intro Remix)
02. Di Rugerio – Aeternis
03. Max Freegrant & Slow Fish – Sweet Lies
04. Tinlicker featuring Thomas Oliver – Nothing Without You
05. Paul Thomas & K3V – Aquamarina
06. Above & Beyond featuring Richard Bedford – Northern Soul (Spencer Brown Remix)
07. Wellenrausch & Gai Barone – Heroes of Light (Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor Remix)
08. Max Ruby – Awaiting
09. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Fight The Feeling
10. Nato Medrado – Small Room (Tinlicker Remix)
11. Greenhaven DJs – The Unexamined
12. Tim Mason – Switcher
13. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Tonight (Fatum Remix)
14. Maor Levi – Juno
15. Gabriel & Dresden featuring Sub Teal – Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Mix 02.
01. Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab – Noom (Estiva Remix)
02. Raz Nitzan & Moya Brennan – Find The Sun (Rafael Frost Dub)
03. Adam Sobiech – Rush Hour
04. Noise Zoo – Freefall
05. Cosmic Gate & JES – If Not Now (Club Mix)
06. Patrick White – Reason
07. Sunny Lax – So Long
08. Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten – Dynamic
09. Marcus Santoro – Whispers
10. Dennis Kenzo & Clara Yates – Other Side
11. Kyau & Albert & Genix – Mantis
12. Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn – Folded Wings (Rafael Frost Remix)
13. Cosmic Gate vs. Third Party – Like This Body Of Conflict (Cosmic Gate Mash Up)
14. Arkham Knights vs. Fred Baker – Total Vibration
15. Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR (Leo Reyes Remix)
16. Marco V – Muraco’s Godd