It was inevitable. We knew it was going to happen again. We knew that Craig Connelly will come up with a new album sooner or later. And the news is finally here now: On May 15, we will all be able to enjoy a trance journey like no other. 

4 singles, 7 vocals and 3 more collaborations in one place. Craig Connelly does knows how to pick the vocalists to work with. Really nice people and voices out there. I only listened to the previews on Beatport and already pre-ordered my copy. I know most of them will also be released as singles later on, but I really want the full experience in my playlist. I recommend you do the same. From all the 14 tracks in the album, I heard a couple in Craig sets and like all the other trance fans, I was waiting for a sign the tracks will have a release date. It started with Tranceatlantic, and then with the newly released Time Machine and now, it is all revealed.

From the previews only, you can start a little dance party in your house. Each track is sharpened to perfection. Strong, but emotional. New, but here to last. I could prematurely say that ‘Time Machine’ with Tara Louise, is one of my favourites, because super strong vocal :D. But also, ‘Earth Dimension C-137‘ – that somehow has a darker side from my point of view, ‘Watch the Way You Move‘ – it is very dance-ish and it give me some positive vibes, ‘The Fire‘ – the collaboration with Peter Steele I knew it was coming and I really like the end result, ‘Tranceatlantic‘ – the collaboration with Factor B – that I already love and is always sending me on the best trance journey; it’s very optimistic, and ‘Inhale’ with Will Rees and ‘Run Away’ with Cammie Robinson.

You can pre-order it here:

I’ve so much to talk about with this project, but first I’ll start by saying in my opinion, this is undeniably the best music I have ever created…It’s very a club focused record, every track has been made with the dance floor in mind. There are some subtle moments but I mainly created this album to be an absolute stormer, be prepared for a journey like nothing you’ve heard from me before…

I think we all need this album now more than ever, so if you thought I was taking time off during lockdown think again, this is the start of a years worth of brand new music for you guys to enjoy which I’m sure we will dance to together as soon as we can. – Craig on his Facebook page.

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01. Craig Connelly - Sonic Grey
02. Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - Time Machine
03. Craig Connelly - California 
04. Craig Connelly feat. Karina Ramage - Life Half Lived 
05. Craig Connelly - Earth Dimension C-137
06. Craig Connelly feat Natalie Major - Watch the Way You Move
07. Craig Connelly - Everyone Loves a Triplet
08. Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - What Are You Waiting For 
09. Craig Connelly & Peter Steele - The Fire 
10. Craig Connelly feat. Alex Holmes - Anything Like You 
11. Factor B & Craig Connelly - Tranceatlantic 
12. Craig Connelly feat. Siskin - All for Love
13. Craig Connelly & Will Rees - Inhale 
14. Craig Connelly feat. Cammie Robinson - Run Away