Ohh my! Ohh my! Ohh my! Cannot believe I’ve been so ignorant till now and that I didn’t know about this guy! Danny Eaton – Concentration was just released on Beatport today and for me, it was love at first listen!

This is Danny’s debut release, taken from Solarstone’s Pure Trance, Vol. 6. The key to Concentration’s brilliance is its simplicity, a hallmark which echoes trance’s halcyon days. Propelled by a phasing, gated pad progression, the conscientious rhythm programming and restrained, understated synth-work result in a club track which builds relentlessly to a sublime break and perfect pay-off.

I was just looking into yesterday’s releases and when you see Pure Trance, you cannot scroll without hitting the play button. And that play was indeed a great play! I listened to the preview, re-listened, grabbed my copy and put the track on repeat. It is so driving, so pure, so magical! It took me instantly into the trance phasis, the Trance[IS] as I like to call it.

This track sounds amazing and Pure Trance is definitely the right label to be released with. It has that pure trance vibe on it. It also has that “old days” trance vibe that will make a lot of trancers lose themselves. Lose into the memories. Lose into the music. Lose into the greatness.

Grab your copy: pure.choons.at/concentration.

If I didn’t know about Danny Eaton till now, this track made me know about him. And to put a flag on the name. To look for more. To look for future productions and to enjoy them all. I am pretty sure he will do great.¬†Follow his work and adventures:¬†Soundcloud (he has some cool and free downloads too), Twitter.