We all have seen the announcement on his socials. We all watched the short videos of his updated concept of 'studio-in-a-case'. We all booked tickets to at least one event where he will be doing this. 2020 is the year of Giuseppe Ottaviani 3.0.

New decade, new gear. Having changed electronic music’s live performance game once, Giuseppe Ottaviani does it again. We've seen him create music, in-club, in real time, launch that music (Evolver album), doing some stellar shows with Live 2.0. But now, he steps up his game, advancing it to give the musician near limitless control over each & every sound he delivers.

Giuseppe expands: “trance starts and finishes with its music and our shared experience in hearing it. That’s what sets our sub-genre apart and makes it unique. The artist who can customize the floor experience to the audience to the greatest degree is the one who’ll reap the greatest crowd response. That thinking has been central to everything I’ve done for many years now and without doubt is the driving force behind the Live show experience. My goal is to make every element of the music played exclusive and unique to the set, the night and the moment. Live 2.0 was heavily geared towards that, but I think through 3.0, I’ll be within touching distance of that aim”.

While its previous version was all about creating new music live on stage, he continues, Live 3.0 is about individualising the performance of the music that the previous version helped birth. Performing a track generally means you can play it a number of different ways. With 3.0 though, that’s rendered near infinite. Adding or subtracting sounds depending on the setting, time of the night or read of the crowd - every track played can - and will - take on a new profile, effectively being tailor ‘remixed’ to that moment.

What’s inside the case --- 

To do this, from its casing up, Giuseppe’s completely rethought his technological marvel. With performance at its heart, it has for the first time a striking lighting/visual aesthetic. “With 2.0 people couldn’t see me play its keyboard component as it was desk level and within the box. With 3.0 the two keyboards and the drum machine are raised up high, which will naturally brings a far greater connection between what the audience sees and what the audience hears”.

Technically I will have one laptop running 6 stems per track, which will harness full control of the kick drum, bass, leads, pads, vocals and drums of every single track. The second laptop will hold all my keyboard sounds and additional loops & effects. In this way I can, for example, mute the original kick drum of the track and play a break-beat loop from the drum machine, or I can mute the lead and play a different melody on my keyboards, or even solo the vocals, applying something in their place… Sonically, it’s gonna be the wild west!”

Where & when ---

Throughout 2020, at festivals and arenas around the planet, Giuseppe will bring the tracks you love, albeit sounding studio-box-fresh and with the additional anything-can-happen thrill of live. Edging musician and machine that much closer together, Live 3.0 rolls out Q1, 2020.

For more information and updates, connect through the links below.


Album of the year: Cold Blue - 'the sensual' WINTER

Oh my. Cold Blue related news. So, expect for an “awww”, “awesome”, “perfect”, “best” kind of article. You know I can’t hold myself when it’s about Cold Blue and his music.

This article is in my drafts for a week now. It got a while for the whole album to sit, to break the Spotify algorithms because of how much I had it on repeat, and to give me the right words to describe it.

I could say this is Album of the year for me. I know I said it before about other albums, but this ones make it for me. And yes. Because it’s Cold Blue. Because I love everything that comes from his hands, his brain, his SOUL. Only the news of the album convinced me this will be epic. The name. The artwork. COLD BLUE. All this is enough for me to call it album of the year, without even a listen.

When I hit play tough, my life was turned upside down and back to normal. It did convince me even more this is album of the year and it deserves all the attention.  “Winter” is a complete journey through feelings and emotions. A complete saga into trance music. You can grab your copy here:

“Generally I find the winter season to be more of a challenge. Something to be “gotten through”, a necessity before spring and summer are back around. So as much as this album is a “celebration’ of winter, it’s also dedicated to periods when we experience retreat and introspection. It’s a tribute to the ups and downs in life. During every downtime, there are important lessons to be learnt for the next rise. To my mind, in spring we grow, in summer we shine, but in winter we learn.”

And how nice it that? I never thought of winter like that, but now I reading what Tobias is saying, I completely agree. It is a very nice metaphor of what seasons are. Of what seasons can be to us.


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, on stage

Of course, I have to give my full review to this and please, don’t ask me about a favorite. It is too damn difficult to choose. Each track is perfect in its own way and the whole experience is really special to me.

In Peace – this will be my new meditation song. It is exactly what the title says. PEACE. Peace of mind. Peace of joy and happiness. Yes, peace. It is about that feeling of happiness and peace, of a clear mind and soul. Very cool introduction to the rest of the album.

Shine – cheerful. Instantly putting a smile on my face. The mysthical voices, the melody, the whole trakc is hypnotic. Perfect way to get into the meditation place I am talking about in the previous paragraph.

Winter Gates – Or more: Travel to the Winter Gates? It feels like a travel to me, this one. Driving. Strong. Motivating the listener to reach that place, which the Winter Gates hold. It feels like it is the last step before reaching it.

Golden Leaves – A classic in disguise. The melody of this track is taking me back to that meditation ‘peace’ of mind. The piano in this one is so soft, so emotional, so gentle. Like a caress. I can feel its touch till my bones. Till my last atom. Goosebumps to the soul.

November Rain – It feels like November. Like a cold, but still cozy one. Good for a retrospective. A quick look back to what was before, but still with a thinking ahead. It’s optimistic.

Frozen – Contradictory to the name, this track is quite hot to me. It makes winter feel lighter. Softer. Warmer. It shatters all the “ice” with its warmth. It feels like a hug.

In Madness – darker. Proper name for it. It sends me to …And madness remains? Could be a follow up. Could be linked. Could be not. Thing is, in combination with it, it’s a very strong statement. And one I completely agree with. Because madness is not bad. Madness is not negative. When you put it to work, you can only do good in the world. We are all mad. Mad with our passions, mad with our dreams. We just have to make them happen. 🙂

Colors – Dreamy. Covering the full spectrum of colors, I can see this track filling its name shoes. It’s like a travel through the rainbow. Through the universe. It sends me a bit to Interstellar and the feelings I have every time I listen to that soundtrack. Optimism. Hope. Happiness.

Recovery – Uhhhh this one. This one takes the morning mediations even further. It somehow highlights all my thoughts and wishes. It puts them in order. It perfectly aligns the stars in order to reach my goals. Calmly. In no rush. This is the vibe I am getting from this one.

Ode To The Sun – SPECIAL. Something really really special. Not only it is dedicated to one of our life sources, but it feels like the star itself. Grandious. But still small on our sky. Powerfull. But still gentle. Energetic. It makes you cherish each small thing in life. It makes you gratefull.

Reflections – Romantic. Sensual. Sexy I would say. Like a summer breeze. Like a night at a cabin, in the middle of the mountains. Like a FOREVER moment. It is a very good track to think of all these. To plan them. To enjoy them. To never miss a joy in life. To never miss a smile. To never miss the love.

The whole album is like a love letter. At least I see it this way. It is dreamy. It is full of hope and ful of thoughts. Thoughts of good moments. Joys and happiness. Thrill and butterflies. It can be a love letter to a lover. To a friend. To a moment. To anything that YOU want.

This may not be the usual album review, some may be used to, but it is how I see this music. I could never write about technicalities. Music is not about that. It is about feelings. The feelings it gives you when you first hit the play button. The feelings it gives you when you have it on repeat. The feelings you have on the dancefloor. The everyday feelings.

What’s your view on the album?


Light Years. A journey through the Cosmic Gate.

There is no secret. I like Cosmic Gate. A lot. I loved them. Their music shaped my ears through the years, made me love trance music more and contributed a lot to my dance parties in the office, at home, in the bus, pretty much everywhere.

Recently, they launched a new single, called Light Years. The track is taken from their Forward Forever Backward Never LP, coming on August 23.

Track first.

It is a journey. It is the Cosmic Gate journey they take us to, each time. It makes you instantly recognize it is a Cosmic Gate track. You already know the sounds that give you goosebumps, the one that make you jump and the ones that make you lose your mind on the dancefloor. It is classic. New, but classic.

And of course, I like it. There is no saying Cosmic Gate, without me liking it. This track reminds me of something old, but something new. I really like the euphoric sounds and the drive this track has. Sugar, spice and everything nice. This were the first words that came through my mind when I first hit the play button.

Cool and melodic in all the right places, euphorically summit scaling everywhere else - you can experience that ‘Light Years’ feeling for yourself right here, right now (stream or download here:

Now, the album.

[Previously] Fair to say Cosmic Gate have had a pretty charmed start to their milestone twentieth year. The first six months alone have seen the duo serve the aforementioned brace of Beatport #1s with the MINT-playlisted ‘Come With Me’ and the “profound” (say DJ Mag) “9/10” ranked ‘Need To Feel Loved’. January brought word of their first Grammy nomination and further saw the group kick off their Forward Ever, Backward Never tour – one that to date has touched 30 cities globally. 

I listened to the album, and it has some really interesting tracks in it. Some classics reworks (like The Wave and Not Enough Time), some remixes from Cosmic Gate for Tracks like Need to Feel Loved or Lizard (I really likee their take on Mauro Picotto's classic <3), remixs from other artists (like Ilan Bluestone or Andrew Bayer), but also new stuff. You'll definitely be in for a treat.

Side not. Maybe because I like the track too much, the album name it remindes me of Forward Forever from Orkidea (the Indecent Noise Remix), but I may be only me. Beside all this, the album is great and it definitely deserves your attention.

You can head to your portal of choice ( to see what’s what, but hold up another minute and we’ll give you a couple of useful insights!  

On its announcement Cosmic Gate commented that it was their intention to “take us closer to the 360 of who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. In order to do this, the group junked the ‘greatest hits album’ blueprint and approached their 20 years commemorator from four separate production angles.

Tracklist: Cosmic Gate - 20 Years [Forward Ever Backward Never]

01. Cosmic Gate – Come With Me (Album Intro Mix)
02. Cosmic Gate & Foret – Need To Feel Loved
03. Cosmic Gate - Light Years
04. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Be Your Sound (Ilan Bluestone Remix) 
05. Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Cosmic Gate Remix) 
06. Cosmic Gate & Jan Johnston - I Feel Wonderful (Greenhaven DJs Remix)
07. Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Andrew Bayer Remix)  
08. Cosmic Gate & Denise Rivera - Body Of Conflict (Elevven Remix) 
09. Cosmic Gate - The Wave 2.0 
10. Cosmic Gate - FAV (Patrick White Remix) 
11. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Not Enough Time 2.0 
12. Cosmic Gate - Human Beings (Rolo Green Remix) 
13. Rank 1 - L.E.D. There Be Light (Cosmic Gate Remix)
14. Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space (Grum Remix) 
15. Cosmic Gate - Analog Feel (Estiva Remix) 
16. Cosmic Gate - Conciousness (Genix Remix - Cosmic Gate Edit)


Compilation to listen: Afterdark 002 Los Angeles [mixed by Snejder]

I haven't wrote a word in a while, and also haven't had the chance to be on board with everything that happened in the Trance community. But when I went to Beatport and see what else was released, I came across a very good compilation from Snejder: Afterdak 002 Los Angeles. This compilation seen the light of day on May 24 and seen that is received some very nice feedback till now. I also received my copy a couple of days ago, so the happiness of enjoying this is even bigger.

2 CDs and 16 tracks. A fine selection that starts with Snejder's Back Home. I think we can all agree this is a huge track and amazing on the dancefloor. Collectively Cold Blue's synth-storming "Another Life", "Redemption" from Alessandra Roncone, newcomer Billie Gillies, master Giuseppe Ottaviani and the one and only Craig Connelly make this compilation one TO LISTEN.

Album-exclusive ‘Here Once Again’ sees the mix go up a gear, opening it up into its tougher second act. Stoneface & Terminal’s ‘Mind Games’, Mandy Reid’s ‘Infiltration’, ‘Taipan’ from Renegade System and others orchestrate the floor action before Sneijder’s harmonic, anthemic revision of Ben Gold & Sivan’s ‘Stay’ kisses it off.

One of my favorites from disc 1 is, of course, Starpicker - Elated. This man is on the run and his track is definitely one of this year's best trance tracks. I don't know how he came up with the melody, but is hypnotic. It gives me the "dance party" vibe, no matter where I am: in the bus, in the car, at the office, at home. Dance party all day long, having this track on repeat.

From disc 2’s outset, Sneijder drops straight back into a tougher groove. Alex Di Stefano dives ‘Into The Flames’, Shugz explores ‘The Darkside’ and David Forbes produces a ‘Phenomenon’ - each raising its pressure by degrees. Into that slipstream comes another swathe of Sneijder’s own, with his recent rewire of Nick Callaghan’s ‘Kill Jester’ and his team-ups with David Forbes (on ‘Flashback’) & Nick Callaghan (‘Marching Orders’) bringing techier tones. The second mix reaches its dizzying zenith with some weapons-grade gear from O’Callaghan & Kearney’s Key4050 project. ‘Egon’ and ‘Utterly Butterly’ viscerally bookend James Dymond’s bringback of Maria Nayler anthem ‘Angry Skies’ and Simon Patterson/Sam Jones pair-up ‘Rotavator’. 

If you’ve not clubbed in LA before, this compilation will all-but secure those credentials for you. Across its 30+ tracks, two or more musical hours and disc deuce, Sneijder musically divines LA to a forensic level. You can order/bookmark ‘Afterdark 002 – Los Angeles, Compiled & Mixed By Sneijder’ here (

Sneijder - Afterdark 002 [Los Angeles] - tracklist

Disc 01
01. Sneijder - Back Home (Club Mix) 
02. Cold Blue - Another Life 
03. Alessandra Roncone - Redemption 
04. Billie Gillies - Evolve 
05. Sneijder - Resonate 
06. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Panama 
07. Starpicker - Elated 
08. Sneijder & Karen Kelly - Be With You (Craig Connelly Remix) 
09. Sneijder - Here Once Again
10. Project 8 - Reason I Say This 
11. Stoneface & Terminal - Mind Games 
12. Renegade System & Ed Lynam - Redux 
13. Mandy Reid - Infiltration 
14. Manuel Le Saux & Unbeat - EVO 
15. Renegade System - Taipan 
16. Ben Gold & Sivan - Stay (Sneijder Remix)       
Disc 02
01. Sneijder - Violate 
02. David Forbes - Phenomenon  
03. Shugz - The Darkside 
04. Alex Di Stefano - Into The Flames 
05. Nick Callaghan - Kill Jester (Sneijder Rework) 
06. Sneijder & David Forbes - Flashback 
07. Sneijder & Nick Callaghan - Marching Orders 
08. Simon Patterson featuring Lucy Pullin - Blink 
09. Ashley Bradbury - Sesh Gremlin 
10. Sneijder - Break The Silence
11. Dante - Cognitive Behaviour
12. Key4050 – Egon
13. Billy Gillies - Open Your Mind
14. Maria Nayler - Angry Skies (James Dymond Remix) 
15. Simon Patterson & Sam Jones - Rotavator (Sam Jones Remix) 
16. Iain M – Serotonin
17. Sneijder - Decimate 
18. Key4050 - Utterly Butterly 


8 reasons to say YES to TranceCode pres. ReOrder / Starpicker / The WLT / Skydreamer

On May 25th the Romanian Trance community has a new reason to smile: TranceCode pres. ReOrder + Starpicker, The WLT and Skydreamer. The event will be, again, at Club Azzero and start around 22:00. I like they kept the venue, 'cuz last time was pretty great! Tickets are ~9 euros and you can grab one here:

I knew this party was coming. They also announced it officially at their last event Exposure w/ Daniel Kandi, Suncatcher, Exolight, Tesla System and Guard14. But beside my love for the music, I also have other reasons I am saying yes to coming to Bucharest on May 25 for this party:

Starpicker - the man is killing it at the moment. His music is great and I really want to see him more behind the decks. He is my no.1 reason of why I am coming to Bucharest for this party. Not only because I am managing his PR and Social Media, but because I am a huge fan. Love everything he does in the studio.

One of my Tunes of this year: Starpicker - Elated [GO Music]

Disconnection. Of life. Reconnection to my rave self. Continuing the experiment of taking my phone down, and only enjoying the party. No photos, no videos. Only feelings.

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

The WLT - It is very nice when you see more women taking down the trance scene. And Dana is one trance artist to follow! Lately she did a lot of good work with originals, but also with remixes. Her take on Darren Tate - Particles is great and soon to be released (May 17th)!

Support the Romanian Trance Community. The guys behind Romanian Trance Family staff/ TranceCode are really trying to keep the scene alive. And only for that they deserve a little support. Buying the event ticket, buying the plane/ bus ticket to go there and find a place to sleep after the party are too little compared to what they have to work for to make this happen. Maybe one time, it may not be your favorite artist, but if you love this music, you have to be there.

ReOrder - the man is really good behind the decks and his music always blows the speakers up. I've seen him a little at Luminosity Beach Festival, back in 2017 and I want more.

Skydreamer - seen him behind the decks, and he always delivers.

Friends. It is always nice to see again familiar happy faces, dancing alongside me.

Image may contain: 17 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

What about you? Are you coming to this event? If yes, what is your no.1 reason?

Trance on!

Shine Ibiza has a new anthem by Paul Van Dyk and Alex M.O.R.P.H.

The whiff of sunscreen, the scent of surf, the hint of a mojito - close your eyes and you can almost smell it!! Yup - real terms, Ibiza’s right around that corner and for that you’ll be needing yourselves an anthem! Something equatorially-hot in places, evocatively flyaway in others and one that’s never, ever less than elevating?! 

With summer on their mind, early April saw Paul van Dyk and label-mate/super-chum Alex M.O.R.P.H. whack up the thermostat and hotfoot it into the studio. Channeling their inner sun (wasn’t hard!), the pair co-created this year’s anthem for SHINE Ibiza’s soon-to-be season-long run at San Antonio’s legendary Eden.

Vibe-wise, this year’s hymn to the hot stuff (says DJ Mag in their May issue 8/10 review) was never going to skimp on temperate Balearic feelgooderyPads & chords have palpably cyanic accents, the rich mainline gives it its thermal lift, while its firmer bass conveys all the necessary floor-drive”, the mag continued, concluding “we’re looking at an anthem in both name and nature her.

A track that condenses all the elements of SHINE’s unforgettable experience into seven minutes and eighteen seconds of trance perfection, the night’s 2019 ‘Ibiza Anthem’ is here. The one you’ll hum as you (eventually) head back to the hotel, the track drops today and is available here (

Full details of SHINE Ibiza’s White Isle activities and line-up can be found below, w/tickets available online at

A track that condenses all the elements of SHINE’s unforgettable experience into seven minutes and eighteen seconds of trance perfection, the night’s 2019 ‘Ibiza Anthem’ is here. The one you’ll hum as you (eventually) head back to the hotel, the track drops today and is available here ( Full details of SHINE Ibiza’s White Isle activities and line-up can be found below, w/tickets available online at

11th July (Opening Party)
Paul van Dyk  (3 hour Closing set)
Aly & Fila (3 hour Opening set)

18th July
Paul van Dyk
Bryan Kearney
Menno De Jong
Alex Ryan
Saad Ayub

25th July
Paul van Dyk
John O’Callaghan
Will Atkinson
James Cottle

1st August
Paul van Dyk
Ben Nicky
Jordan Suckley
Paul Thomas

8th August
Paul van Dyk
Aly & Fila
Stephen Kirkwood

15th August
Paul van Dyk
Aly & Fila
Giuseppe Ottaviani

22nd August
Paul van Dyk
Cosmic Gate
Chris Bekker

29th August
Paul van Dyk
Aly & Filab2b Paul Thomas (3 hour opening set)
Liam Wilson

5th September (In Association with Ibiza Trance Event)
Paul van Dyk
Aly & Fila
Jordan Suckley

12th September
Paul van Dyk
John 00 Fleming
Woody van Eyden

19th September (Closing Party)
Paul van Dyk (3 Hour Closing Set)
Aly & Fila (3 Hour Opening Set)


New Track: Betsie Larkin & White Zoo - Tidal Wave [Magic Muzik]

When you see Betsie Larkin, you know the track is a good one. And Tidal Wave makes no exception. Collaboration with White Zoo, this takes Betsie back to the release fore. Songs finished and new productions banked, with a literal wave of emotion she unleashes her first of the year.

A subtle-yet-devastating surge of soul-touch lyrics and heart-on-sleeve delivery, cut into an exceptional production, Betsie sends her ‘Tidal Wave’ your way now.

For its release she’s clubbed together with German boundary-pusher White Zoo, a producer who - through artist albums like ‘Into The White’ and ‘Zooperload’ – has himself generated waves aplenty. 

Across its three mixes, he cuts ‘Tidal Wave’s musical cloth from housier fabric. Percussive loops sit atop substantial bass, as White Zoo checks its funk with cooler warping elements.

Betsie pushes the envelope again, allowing her delivery a darkly grooving, almost hypnotising feel. Revelatory lyrics unfold, adding the final edge to ‘Tidal Wave’s emotionally charged swell.

A track every bit as much for heads & hearts, as it is for clubbing feet, you can experience ‘Tidal Wave’ here:( 

Image may contain: 1 person


Vandit Next Generation: Paul Van Dyk celebrates 20 years of Vandit with a new imprint

Paul Van Dyk is a pioneer of the electronic music field. Even since he opened Vandit back in 1999, he lead the light in the DJ/producer-owned label revolution. If at first the label was about bringing international artists to the German market, Vandit became and remains a vital instrument in handling his own music as well.

Since the very beginning, the label gave exposure to artists like Zaxx, kickstarted careers like the ones of Giuseppe Ottaviani, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Josh Gabriel, Gareth Emery, Lange and many more. Since the release of "Another Way" / "Avenue", the label became and remained Paul's music always home.

Now, that the label celebrates its 20th operating year, Paul decided to take it to a next level and launch its very first sub-label.

We’re two decades in to VANDIT, he says – and we felt this was the right juncture to make this distinctionWe want to clearly define what - over time - have become the two distinct tracks our artists are on. Musically, those producers already established will remain on VANDIT’s mainline label. The talent that Team VANDIT’s spotted, or those beginning to make names for themselves will start their journey through us on Next Generation. Investment is the key to all our futures, so the team’s aim through VANDIT Next Generation is to nurture that next wave of trance producer and see them on the right course”.

The sublabel's releases will take place every 2 weeks on Wednesdays and the first ones will include material from Steve Dekay, Jamie Walker, Aerotek, Aimoon, Jan Miller, Mhammed El Alami & Alex Wright and Casey Rasch.

VANDIT Next Generation’s first single, ‘The Blooming Era’ from Colombia’s Steve Dekay, is out now. Full details of its early summer launch releases you can find below, which will be available through all good online retailers & streaming agents.

Upcoming releases:

  • 24.04 VANX001 Steve Dekay – ‘The Blooming Era’
  • 08.05 VANX002 Jamie Walker – ‘Fly Away’
  • 22.05 VANX003 Aerotek – ‘Dystopia Is My Utopia’
  • 05.06 VANX004 Aimoon – ‘Dream Stream’
  • 19.06 VANX005 Jan Miller – ‘Sweets’
  • 03.07 VANX006 Mhammed El Alami & Alex Wright – ‘L’esprit’
  • 19.07 VANX007 Casey Rasch – ‘Forget About it’

Good move from the Trance MASTER and I really like seeing big names supporting new (or smaller) artists. Of you think you have what it takes, send your demo to them and maybe, you'll get the release you've been looking for for your track. Good luck!

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a musical instrument and night


Feelings review: [Trance] EXPOSURE with Romanian Trance Family

Ok. It's been a while since the event happened. It's been a while. I supposedly cooled off and I am, now, able to tell you about THE trance party where I remembered how to dance to trance and enjoy it to its fullest: Romanian Trance Family pres. Exposure with Daniel Kandi, Suncatcher & Exolight, Tesla System and Guard14. Came to Bucharest for this party with only one goal: to have fun. And that's exactly what I did.

My first regret is that I lost the warm-up from Guard14 and therefore, couldn't properly dip my toe into the party. Instead, I dived right in with Suncatcher & Exolight's set.

The second one is that I had to leave shortly after Tesla System started playing, and I lost one of my favorite sets of this year! I got the chance to listen to what he played and it was too insane to miss.

I decided to put my phone on "do not disturb" mode and to remember how is it: to party without photographing or filming any of it. Why? Because I wanted to feel the party through music, rather than a screen. The party had already professionals doing that, and me trying to capture something good, was not helping anyone. OK. I have 5 photos on my phone from the event, because I wanted to keep Trancers's socials active, but I failed like a pro on doing so.


I went straight to the first row, said hi to the people I met on the way and that was pretty much it. I may have missed a lot of people on this "quest", and I am really sorry if you saw me I didn't at least smile back. when I am focused on something, I tend to ignore things and people around me. :-s (but working on doing better). Beside a few breaks to breathe some more air outside, I danced my soul off and enjoyed every second of it.

Suncatcher & Exolight . These 2 guys do magic no matter what: producing, djing, being nice friends, you name it. Their set was awesome. Even though it started at a lower bpm, than I usually fancy, I liked it. A lot of that Anjuna vibe at first, but right into the emotional uplifting in hour no. 2.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

I went straight to Goosebumps City when I heard Footprints on the Moon Soul and continued so when I don't deserve you from Paul van Dyk (the Giuseppe Ottaviani remix) kicked in. It is impossible to have 2 of your favorite tracks one after the other and not close your eyes to feel every sound, every second of the moment.

I could talk and praise the guys for hours, but I think showing you what (1/2 of) their set was about, is best: here is a link.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Daniel Kandi. This man, needs no introduction. Every trance fan knows him, knows about him, knows about his music and his energy. He played a very good extended set, showcasing new tracks perfectly matched with old tracks.

Favorite track: The Perfect Match (with Aligator). This track brings up so many good memories, so many good moments, I am always close to bursting into tears. But these would be happy tears.

Image may contain: 1 person

Tesla System. Oh well, he was the surprise of the night for me. Listened to some of his online sets, talked about our vision for the trance scene, but never experienced him behind the decks. I knew he is good, but never believed he is this good.

Incorporating a lot of his mashups, gave the set a really personal touch and this was turning point for me to enjoy it even more. Also, his energy is contagious. You cannot stand still, seeing him go mad and really loving what he does. Test it yourself: link of the set. There is, also, a very special moment dedicated to Snatt Dragos, one of the pillars of the Romanian Trance scene. His passing has a hard hit for the community and it is very nice to always remember him and his work.

Image may contain: 17 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

The party was very nice and I am happy the Romanian Trance Scene has found its way again. The venue was good; much better than the previous smaller parties and I hope this will be the start of nice collaboration. They already announced a new party on May 25 (more details about that soon).

Technicalities, like sound system, and other stuff like that, I leave it to you to tell if it was good or not. Only mention: at some point I felt that my party earplugs are a lifesaver, 'cuz (at least) in the front row, some sounds couldn't be processed properly by my ears. Maybe it was only me, or maybe not, I just felt the need to mention it.

Also, another thing that kinda didn't work for me, were the visuals. The setup was great, but the actual played visuals were too much on the eyes. Also, sometimes quite off with the vibe of the party. Cartoons should remain cartoons and never combined with trance music. My opinion. Maybe some liked them, maybe not. I know I didn't. But hey!, there is always room for improvement. :)

Overall, I left the party with a broken heart for not being able to stay till the end, but happy this party happened. It was good. And kudos for all the people involved to make it happen. Cheers to many more!


Photos in this article: Claudiu Atanasoaie Photographer.

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OUT NOW: VII Solo Vol. I - Mixed by Simon Patterson

Ohh well... After the amazing success with their first ever compilation, VII returned with a new pack of goodies: VII Solo Vol. I - mixed by the one and only Simon Patterson.

VII's magic lies into the concentration on the music of 7 artists. This very exclusive group, gathered in one place some of trance's cooler and more underground-respected names. This year, they chose to continue the compilation awesomeness with the Solo series (that "vol.I" makes me hope on more).

At the top of his game for a decade +, Simon Patterson inimitable sonic ethic needs little by way of introduction. A powder keg composite of psy, tech & acid, astutely synthesized with elements of the uplifting & the vocal, its formulation has been crafted over time. It’s one that since has made him as audibly identifiable as any DJ currently spinning within the genre. 

To ‘Solo Vol.1’s twin discs, Patterson brings that identity with renewed vengeance. Showcasing forty tracks (eighteen of which will only ever be available through this collection), it’s as defining as mixcomps come. Featuring masses of soundware from VII’s seven (Avalon, John Askew, Will Atkinson, Sean Tyas and Alex Di Stefano among them), there’s naturally also a wealth from Patterson, himself. Around the side you’ll find club ordinance from Astrix, Greg Downey, Sam Jones, Activa, Vertical Mode, UDM, Amir Hussain, David Forbes and others, uniting music on an album that doesn’t so much open the door to the clubbing spring, as boot it wide.

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Musically, Patterson will always take you up the mountain. This trip though was never going to start in the foothills. When a music comp calibrates with Astrix & Freedom Fighters’ neo-classic psy-fry ‘Burning Stones’, notice has been fully served. At head-spinning speed you’ll be staring down the barrel of Greg Downey take on Sunscreem’s ‘Perfect Motion’, Amir Hussain’s really very naughty ‘Nefarious’ and Beatman/Ludmilla’s reckoning of Dogzilla classic, ‘Your Eyes’. Crossing the midpoint, Simon ups the charge again with EverLight’s electrifying ‘Slippery Business’, some ‘Found My Silence’-type elevation from Activa and Sean Tyas’ Beatport assaulting ‘Chrome’. With ‘Shining Through’, Magnus beats the final path to disc one’s summit, before Simon plants the flag square with his and John Askew’s ‘Iridescent’.

Between ‘Solo Vol.1’s two mixes there’s no ‘big bomb/not quite so big bomb’. That’s put into the clearest of perspectives as Simon goes headlong into its second disc with his spin on Astrix’s ‘Take A Shot’. UCast’s floor-shifting ‘Motive’ and ‘Blink’ - Patterson’s fifth outing with semi-muse Lucy Pullin are hot on its heels. Not dropping but a bar of pressure, Simon uses the mix’s median to infuse it with a judicious measure of vocal elements. Richard Durand’s forceful revision of Greg Downey & Bo Bruce’s ‘These Hands I Hold’ gets an airing, as does Will Atkinson’s chart-topping rework of JES’s ‘Imagination’. Bringing mix matters to the near vertiginous apexes are Activa & Simon Bostock’s ‘Contour’, ‘Rocket Punch’ from Jordan Suckley (rewhipped by Alex Di Stefano) and Simon’s own purpose-built & album eponymous, ‘Solo’. A dazzling compilation that showcases Simon Patterson’s exceptional ethics to the nth degree, ‘Solo Vol.1’ mainlines April 5. Grab your copy:


Simon Patterson - Solo Vol. I 

01. Astrix & Freedom Fighters - Burning Stones 
02. Greg Downey & Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Short Mix) 
03. Denis Sender & DJ T.H. with Cari - I Found You (Maywave Dub Mix) 
04. Peter Steele & Simon Bostock featuring Kate Miles - My Place 
05. Neptune Project - Temple of Artemis (Rated R Remix) 
06. Amir Hussain - Nefarious 
07. Omega Drive - Crunch Driver 
08. Zach Zlov - Dimensions 
09. Project 8 - Inception 
10. Dogzilla - Your Eyes (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix) 
11. Omega Drive - Crazy Lazers 
12. UDM - Majeifa 
13. Adam Lindburg - Odyssey 
14. Aldous - Summer's Gone (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) 
15. EverLight - Slippery Business 
16. Activa - Found My Silence 
17. Sean Tyas - Chrome 
18. Magnus - Shining Through 
19. Felsmann + Tiley - February 
20. Simon Patterson & John Askew - Iridescent 
21. AudioStorm - Titanium (Outro) 
01. Vertical Mode & Javier Bussola - Galaxy Riders 
02. Astrix - Take A Shot (Simon Patterson Remix) 
03. UCast - Motive 
04. Will Rees - Weapon (EverLight Blackout Remix - John Askew Rework) 
05. Simon Patterson featuring Lucy Pullin - Blink 
06. David Forbes - Violent Skies 
07. Simon Patterson & Sam Jones - Rotavator (Sam Jones Remix) 
08. Avalon & Azax - Universal 
09. Liam Wilson - Textures 
10. Altered State - The Arena 
11. A & Z - Vulcan 
12. Amir Hussain & Alan Wyse - Knockout 
13. Greg Downey & Bo Bruce - These Hands I Hold (Richard Durand Remix) 
14. Prototype - Soundpiercing (Omni Remix - John Askew Rework) 
15. JES - Imagination (Will Atkinson Remix) 
16. Greg Downey & Alex Di Stefano - Among Us 
17. Simon Patterson - Solo 
18. Jordan Suckley - Rocket Punch (Alex Di Stefano Remix) 
19. Simon Patterson featuring Dave Wright - Northern Lights (UDM Remix) 
20. Activa & Simon Bostock - Contour 
21. Mikas - Luna