Johan Gielen. This trance papa just released a new track called Balearic Reflection and is everything you would expect: legendary. He perfectly encapsulated summer in a track.

It is the right track to end a summer, to start or to just play with. Quite mesmerising and  hypnotic. It puts you in the right mood right after you the play button. And this is what I like in a track. If it is instant love at first listen, then I know I will have it on repeat for quite a while.

Tested the track in the mornings while enjoying a coffee, or just doing the classic stretching. Tested the track in more situations, but it best works for me while meditating. Cannot explain enough how each sound that makes this track complete, makes me fall into that state, where the body and mind are perfectly aligned and I can focus on how my day is going to be, or just de-stress and detach from everything that happened during a day. I highly recommend it.

It came to no surprise too, when the track was included in the newly launched In Search of Sunrise compilation, mixed by Markus Schulz, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Sunlounger. And with this inclusion, Johan also signed his first ever track with Coldharbour Recordings.

With all the hallmarks of beauty illuminated by the sun, Balearic Reflection’s infectious vibes will make this a popular choice for many playlists and DJ sets throughout the final lap of this summer season. Ibiza may be only in our dreams this year, but Balearic Reflection, and its impact on In Search of Sunrise 16, will live long in the memory.

You can grab your copy here: and let me know what you think about and how it makes you feel!

PS. Johan Gielen just did new Trance Energy set for Mysteryland, mixed straight from the hot air balloon. Check it out: