When these two get together, be sure they will blow your mind with what they release. Two masterminds, one track. One hell of a track! Jordan Suckley and Sam Jones released “Pursuit” on April 6 with Vandit! Having previously left crater-sized impressions on clubfloors with their ‘Hijacker’ and ‘Wilma’ team-ups, this particular twosome already have an impressive track record together.

With expedited beats, furiously hissing hi-hats, staccato percussion and whip-crackin’ FX, the track shifts into fifth in no time at all. A tempo less measured in bpm and more in bhp, it sends wild stabs, crowd inciting pitch-bends and shunting bass roaring through its cylinders.

End-of-the-night, techier-minded mayhem”, (said DJ Mag in their 8/10 review) that “resolves around a right old razorblade of a mainline”, you can pick up the ‘Pursuit’ from today:beatport.com/release/pursuit-extended/2233717.

Do not even know what to say. The track speaks for itself. It is so powerful and so dark, you cannot miss it on the dancefloor. It is a track I would have in my gym playlist too. Cuz it driving enough to make me go through the routine flawlessly. It gave me some shivers, the track has some of mystery in it. Shivers of excitement, shivers of energy, shivers of magic. Magic to believe I can do everything I want everytime I hear this track in my earphones.