This is a post I never thought possible to write, but here it is! is a project very close to my heart and for a long time it’s been a “one man” job. But lately, the project grew up so much, and it is in need for some help. 

I am looking for someone who loves trance music and who also likes to share thoughts on it. Someone who doesn’t necessarily follow the trends, and looks for good tracks anywhere. Someone who wants his/ her voice heard and wants to learn more about the industry. Someone I will be proud to work with and share the advantages of this project.

Love for trance music is the biggest quality I am looking for, but there are some technical requirements too. If you: 

  • know your way around English 
  • like to write 
  • have a thing for storytelling
  • are a teamplayer

Give me a message: on email:, Facebook page, here, wherever you feel comfortable to. If you also have any question, again, send a message. 

You can find a history of events I collaborated with here, interviews I took here and other articles on the blog. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Trance on!