New track! New Track! New AMAZING Track! Or at least, I am loving it. And I am having it on repeat for a couple of hours now. Mohamed Bahi – Hope for a Cure was just released on January 19 and it is a dream of a track! It is his first single of 2018 and it is here to give us the right start for 2018! It sounds very playful and it puts me into a very good mood.

It is the first time I heard of Mohamed Bahi (shame on me), but I understood he is a Vandit regular now. He also released Atlas Highland, In a Perfect World and Habanium and he is quite present between VONYC listeners.

This track is full of positivity. It breaths the joy and optimism. It touches all your hopes and dreams and it makes you fly. Fly to the land of all possibilities. Fly to the land of promises. Where everything becomes true and disappointment fades. The echoic piano, the hooky intro, the cascade of note arrangements, the sensationsal pad and the chord swirl are just a couple of the elements that make this track sounds so great. The drop makes your energy go higher and higher, so that it ends with a full release of all the elements into one big and euphoric uprush.

Hope For A Cure is available now here via Beatport, or you catch a listen via VANDIT’s Soundcloud page here.