I am a huge fan of Cold Blue and his music. He’s definitely one of my music crushes and he never disappointed. I developed (and still have) an obsession for Poseidon, a track I loved from the first listen, a track I wanted to hear live at Luminosity and a tracks that always makes me smile. I think I got Tobias crazy, asking him to play this track, every time he posted something about Luminosity. He kindly replied that it will be present in the set, but the moment I actually heard it was priceless. Goosebumps all over and no control for me from there. I loved it. I cherished it. won’t forget it.

Buuuut, chances are to develop another obsession for Cold Blue’s latest track. I listened to a preview a couple of weeks ago and I was literally begging for the full track. Couldn’t wait to hear it all and enjoy those beautiful sounds. And the day finally came. Nevada was finally released on October 17th, as part of the Future Sound of Egypt 450 compilation, mixed by Aly & Fila, Dan Stone & Ferry Tayle and Mohamed Ragab, next to some other great names like Ahmed Rohmel, Fady & Mina, The Thrillseekers, Talla 2XLC, Sean Tyas, Standerwick, , Suncatcher and many more.

This track is just perfect, if you ask me. It brings a fresh sound to the table. It brings an energy I desperately wanted to feel again. It brings hope. It brings optimism. It brings happiness. It brings goosebumps. I will enjoy energizing my mornings with it. Also, I will enjoy driving my colleagues crazy again, by having it on repeat and on full volume (sorry. not sorry 😀). But I can’t help it. When a track is this good, I never get bored even if I listen to it hundreds/ thousands of times. And I think this is what is all about in a good track. To never get bored of it. To never forget it. I know I’m sure I will never forget Nevada. 🙂

Just hit the play button and let me know what you think about this track. Am I crazy, or you think this is pure happiness too? Also, don’t forget to grab your own copy from Beatport and support Cold Blue, because he deserves all the support in the world. ^_^ Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Beatport.

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