Here we go! On the road again. This time to FSOE 450 Kingdoms in Manchester, UK! And I can’t express enough my happiness regarding this one. As soon as I saw the line up, I knew I have to get there and enjoy heaven on earth again. On October 1st, we all unite again and feel the most beautiful sounds. We’ll be one big happy trance family dancing on the dance floor all night long!

The line up is pretty perfect, if you ask me and I can’t wait to finally see all these amazing artists: A & ZAlan MorrisAly & FilaAmir HussainDan StoneDarren PorterDriftmoonFady & MinaFerry TayleJames DymondJordan SuckleyLiam WilsonMohamed RagabOmar SherifSolarstoneGiuseppe Ottaviani Pres. Pure NRG LIVE, ReOrderSimon O’Shine and Simon PattersonI saw Aly & fila a couple of times, Darren, James, Jordan and Simon O’Shine this year at Luminosity, and can’t wait to see them again. Also, the other artists I never saw. They are all amazing and deserve all the support in the world.

Aaaaaaaaaand the special guest they announced on July 9th – Gouryella! Even since I got the tickets, I knew it will be great, but when they confirmed Gouryella as their special guest, I was thrilled. I always wanted to experience a live set from Ferry under this alias and now I finally can. ^_^

And the location they choose is great: Victoria Warehouse. On October 1st it will definitely fill up and we’ll all smash it! Just take a look at some pics of the venue and imagine the possibilities.

victoria warehouse manchester uk

I know trance scene is quite strong in UK, but this event just raises the bar even higher. After the huge success of FSOE 350 in 2014, FSOE 400 last year (the event that got a special celebration at The Great Pyramids!!!), over 40 DJs playing at these events in Egypt, USA, Australia, Poland, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico and Belarus this radios show and its celebration made indeed history for all the trancers out there.

It is not just the line up that draws me into this event. It is the story. The connection with Egypt. With Ancient Egypt. I’ve always been a fan of Ancient Egypt, his legends, the architecture, their religion and everything related. I love how they incorporated all these elements into the FSOE culture: from music to flyers. From people to vision. Just look at Anubis on the flyer and you’ll understand my point.

There is no need to say more about it. I know during that period (September – October) that there will be a lot of trance events, but if you want something different and unique you’ll definitely want to come to this one. I am just glad to have by my side the same people I went to Luminosity with and I am sure we’ll have a blast. So Andrei and George get ready for a perfect weekend. I wish I would’ve convinced more Romanian trancers to come, but there is still time. I just hope my pitch will be good enough. If  not, the trailer will sum it up. Just watch it, love it and share it with the world:

Also, the guys behind all this madness Goodgreef and Rong Manchester already planned the pre party aaaand the after party, so we’ll enjoy around 20 hours of pure trance music. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. For the pre party they got Allen & Envy as headliners and for the after party they will announce soon more details. Stay close I’ll be sharing them with you too.

You can find the official FB event here and RSVP. Also, you can find more details on their website and also buy your tickets from there. Hurry up, there aren’t too many left.

Also, if you wanna meet just come to the short brunette with the Romanian flag give her a hug and say hi. I love to meet new people and trance people are the best. Also, I may have some goodies with me to give.  Trance on!