Outburst is one of my favorite labels. And they announced Prism Volume 2, I couldn’t be happier. I knew it would be great, ‘cuz everything they do is great! Fresh madness, synthesized madness, Outburst’s colorfully – explosive second trip through Prism is one of the highlights of 2017!

Prism 2 is a very bold compilation. It is one of THE compilations of the 2017. And that because it dares. And the one that is making all of this happen is the one and only Mark Sherry. He put together 43 tracks and transformed everything into a journey. A journey made possible also with the help of the trance master Tempo Giusto.

What’s on board musically? Well if we throw tough-trance names like Markus Schulz, Mauro ‘Megamind’ Picotto, Stoneface & Terminal, Richard Durand, Lostly, Orkidea, Arkham Knights, Robert Nickson and David Forbes at you, you should get the idea! Likewise raining down an ungodly synth, string, bass & drum firestorm, there’s much from our two mixing protagonists in there too!

Disclaimer: In this recording, zero regard has been paid to your general well being and/or safety. No height or age restrictions apply and should you wish too proceed, the label accepts no liability for the outcome!

Courtesy of ‘Any Time’ from Thick As Thieves (Sherry’s new techno-tipped project with David Forbes) and his own purpose-built, album-exclusive ‘Imbecile’, Mark’s mix spills early thrills at the speed of sound. His 2nd Phase team-up ‘Killer Twist’ is up next, which in turn paves the way for Mark’s reshapes of Schulz’s ‘The New World’ and Megamind’s ‘Taub’ and ‘No Regular’ from Ricky Fobis. Further down the wormhole you’ll find Stoneface & Terminal’s ‘So What’, David Forbes & Richard Durand paired on ‘Coma’ and ‘One Last Look’ from Lostly. The mix’s summit in sight, he fires off a decisive track (out)burst made up of Alan Morris’ ‘Stigmata’, ‘Laserface’ from EverLight and ReDrive’s rework of Sherry/Dr Willis classic ‘Here Come The Drums’.

If these 80 minutes of ‘Prism 2’ haven’t left you thoroughly, deliriously weekend-ready, fear not… there’s another 80 coming right up!

Tempo Giusto’s fought his way through to the trance frontlines in 2017, and here he steps up to claim his debut mix-comp credit. From the off, his disc kicks ass & takes names through an opening fusillade of the Spaniard’sOrkidea ‘Redemption’ remix-uptick, ‘Gravity’ by Arkham Knights and his ‘Pachinko’ collab with his brother Ima’gin. Giving a nod to last year’s ‘Prism’s co-mixer, he drops Alex Di Stefano’s ‘Split’ & ‘What’s The Catch’, as well as his reshape of Sherry/Stefano club-blitzer, ‘Everyone Is Looking For Us’. ‘Survival’ from Aussie lad Exis and Liquid Soul’s ‘Wake Up’ trail-blaze Tempo’s own double-ace closeout, ‘Raindance’ & ‘Burn’.

Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto’s Outburst presents Prism Volume 2 is available to pre-order/order here: http://outburst.choons.at/prism2

Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto - Outburst presents Prism Volume 2

01. Thick As Thieves - Any Time
 02. Mark Sherry - Imbecile
 03. Stuart Ferguson - Rellik
 04. Ikorus - Suplex
 05. Markus Schulz - The New World (Mark Sherry Remix)
 06. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee - Time Travel
 07. Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase - Killer Twist (Cold Blue Remix)
 08. 2nd Phase - Hot Sauce
 09. Megamind - Taub (Mark Sherry Remix)
 10. Stoneface & Terminal - So What
 11. Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano - Everyone Is Looking For Us (Coming Soon!!! vs. WAIO Remix)
 12. David Forbes & Richard Durand - Coma
 13. Mark Sherry - Music Of The Earth
 14. Dr. Willis & Myron meet Ricky Fobis - No Regular (Mark Sherry Remix)
 15. Jamie Walker - Rebound
 16. Mark Sherry & Dr Willis - Here Come The Drums (ReDrive Remix)
 17. Lostly - One Last Look
 18. Alan Morris - Stigmata
 19. EverLight - Laserface
 20. Argy (UK) - Bearpit (Scot Project Remix)
 21. Terry Ferminal vs Mark Sherry - Walk Away (Gary Maguire Remix)

01. Orkidea - Redemption (Tempo Giusto Remix)
 03. Arkham Knights - Gravity
 04. Tempo Giusto & Ima'gin - Pachinko
 05. Casey Rasch - What’s Next (Tempo Giusto Remix)
 06. Alex Di Stefano - What's The Catch
 07. Ben Gold - Atomic (Tempo Giusto Remix)
 08. Tempo Giusto vs HP Source - Foul Language
 09. Amoeba Assassin - Piledriver (Greg Downey Remix)
 10. Lucas Deyong - Spectrum
 11. Mark Sherry - Vengeance (Tempo Giusto Remix)
 12. Robert Nickson - Euphorica
 13. Bobina & Natalie Gioia - My Everything (UCast Remix)
 14. Tempo Giusto - Past x Future
 15. Ana Criado - Still There's You (A.R.D.I. Remix)
 16. Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano - Everyone Is Looking For Us (Tempo Giusto Remix)
 17. Alex Di Stefano - Split
 18. Tempo Giusto & Jace Headland - Super Cool
 19. Exis - Survival
 20. Liquid Soul - Wake Up
 21. Tempo Giusto - Raindance
 22. Tempo Giusto - Burn