After 10 years of making the trance scene better with his music, ReOrder finally released his first album. He took his time, but he took it well. It may be easy to say: “I am gonna do an album”, but the decision on actually doing it is the hardest one. 

After releasing greatness with labels like Black Hole, FSOE, Subculture, monster, and many others, last month he released the most important of his career: IAMREADY. 

It’s inherent in the album medium, but you only get one shot at your first longplayer. That blank canvass, the proverbial clean sheet – the one and only chance to drop that flawless debut into the discography. Artists approach their firsts in many different ways: the eclectic, the collaborative, the headline-chasing, the all-in/bases-covered. 

“Deliver an album with as fewer preconceptions attached as possible. I wanted this record to be a ‘book’ impossible to assess by its cover. One for people to listen to, to absorb and make their own minds up on. One that carried as fewer advance notions or biases as possible. – Tibor

Listened to the whole for a couple of times and I must say: my favourites are: not the vocals. don’t get me wrong, the vocals are great too, but the other tracks appealed to me more. 

In Resinstate,  the piano is so sensitive, so warm, it actually invites you to listen to the whole album. That is the role of an intro track and ReOrder did this very well.

Alone may sound sad, but the track is actually a good one to listen in that state. It doesn’t make you actually feel alone. Lower bpm, sensitive and driving. The piano, the melody, the voice  of the whole track is about being part of something.  

Digital World is where I get to be really excited about this album. I am into this strong sound of ReOrder, this darkness and I would put it on repeat without thinking. It reminds me a bit of Our Nature (with Katty Heath) in the best way possible. I love that one so much, it made instantly fall in love with Digital World too. <3 

All There Is. Ohhh my. I am a sucker for “angel ish” voices in trance tracks, and this makes no exception. It really pulls me out of any state I might be and send me straight to trance heaven. I really love the vibe and happiness it gives me. 

The whole album is a nice journey. A TRANCE journey. It really deserves a listen and why not, some replays. A lot of replays. 

A brilliantly structured and staged recording, which explores the full range of trance music’s frequencies, you can listen or stream (without prejudice!) here:

Tracklist: ReOrder – IAMREADY
01. ReOrder – Reinstate 
02. ReOrder & Weldon – Entropy 
03. ReOrder & Emma Chatt – Alive Tonight 
04. ReOrder – Alone 
05. ReOrder & Weldon – Gravity
06. ReOrder – Back In The Days
07. ReOrder & Cassandra Grey – Goodbye 
08. ReOrder – Digital World 
09. ReOrder – All Comes Back To You 
10. ReOrder – Beyond Time 
11. ReOrder – All There Is 
12. ReOrder & Susie Ledge – Far Away 
13. ReOrder & C-qnz – Reunited