Ohhhhhhhh! This is soo good! This is sooooo delicious! Richard Durand – Savage finally got out today and of course I grabbed my copy, minutes after it got published. I had it on the to buy list for too long.

Mister Reloaded, Richard Durand, satisfies us with a severe club sound. The track title says it all, Savage stands for the new direction Richard has taken to destroy all the charts. Once again Richard is back to do what he does best, creating high-quality productions.

This is so right. This is so real. This is sooo savage! I don’t even know how to properly express what I am feeling right now. I had the track on repeat for the last 3 hours, already drove crazy my colleagues at the office, I am in a constant dance party since I hit play. Danced on the bus on my way home (it is usual. it is normal) on it. I almost stopped to dance in the middle of the street. That is what this track does to me. And this is one of the criteria I put a track in the cart and grab it.

Another reason is the artist I’ve been following for so long, the artist that never, but never disappoints! Richard has released choon after choon and I am grateful for the perfect music he is putting out there. Savage, definitely,  makes no exception. It is pure energy. Pure fire! It pumped me up, it pumped my colleagues. It pumped the people that had a glimpse of it from my earphones. It is a track I will soooooo overplay and not get bored of. I just hope to hear it played live too somewhere, to completely destroy the dancefloor. 🙂 Maybe Luminosity? Sure Luminosity. Richard will be there, and with something like this in the set, you can never fail. Never.

You can grab your copy too and support the beautiful people that work so hard to give us pure goosebumps: reloaded.choons.at/savage.

What are your thoughts about the track? Do you like sooo much too? Or I am just crazy?

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