First Astuni & Nikolauss remix – a remix for Ronny K & Ben Ashley – Every Single Moment,  was just released today, of course on Extrema Global Music. YEEEEES! I was waiting for this collaboration to happen for years! I know they started a lot of projects, but (84 years later…) they finally released something. I really like what they did with the original. You can actually hear Astuni’s touches and Nikolauss’s #140 power on it.

This remix is driving. It is powerful. It is uplifting. Truly uplifting. I know I may be biased with everything I am saying about it, ‘cuz I love both the guys, but tell if I am wrong. Isn’t this something you’d listen on repeat? Isn’t this something you’d wanna color your morning with?

This is something that gave me energy at the gym, that made fill a little bit invincible and that made me happy Every Single Moment I listened to it. It snapped me out of the ordinary and it brightened my days at the office, on the street, in the bus, at the supermarket, everywhere. I just love it. It is something to hold on.

I already have my copy (perks of having the boyfriend working on it and working with Extrema Global Music), but I will definitely buy one too. Because I like to support artists I like and also buy the music I love. It just got released today and you can grab your copy here: 

Also, support the artists, because they deserve it!

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