Ohhh ohhh ohhh! My excitement levels are going up! Remember when we had that interesting chat with Suncatcher, right before Luminosity and he told us about new tracks coming up? Well this is one of them. Also, remember when he told us about his work on new tracks with a coworker? Well, this track reveals it all.

Nothing like you – is a very nice collaboration between Suncatcher and one of the newest names in the trance scene Exolight. Both Romanian producers, both pretty great. This track is a living proof of that. When I first heard it made me slow down everything I was doing. And it did that in the most positive way. Even if the bpm may seem energetic to some, for me it did the opposite. It calmed me down, it relaxed all my senses and made me slowly fall in love with it.

As I always say talking about technicalities is a waste here. Talking about emotions and how this track makes me feel, that is a different story.There is nothing like this track, nothing like the emotions it gave me. It sent me to a happy place. It sent me to my happy place. And a few tracks manage to do that. I am glad Nothing like you is one of them and that it reminds me of some of the most beautiful moments of my life. And I am not the only one. Exolight also feels like he put his soul into this track. And that’s a quality I’ll always admire in a trance producer.

[no_blockquote text=”This track is very special to me because the creation process involved a lot of feelings and emotions and, of course, because it is my first signed track. Many thanks to Suncatcher and Solarstone.” text_color=”” title_tag=”h2″ width=”” background_color=”” border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”no” quote_icon_color=”” quote_icon_size=””]

And many thanks to you, too,  Exolight. For the kind words and for this track. Also, thank you Suncatcher for introducing us to Exolight. We cannot wait to listen what else have you prepared!

Enjoy the awesomeness and also check out the teaser the guys just posted. Apparently something new is on the way. Also, don’t forget to support and follow them on Social media too: Suncatcher (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter) and Exolight (Facebook)

Nothing like you is part of Solarstone’s Pure Trance V – a three discs mix put together by Forerunners, Solarstone and Sneijder that was out on October 28th. You can have it all here, or just this amazing track from here.

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