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Summer rush. Goosebumps rush. Euphoria rush: Cold Blue released a new track with Kearnage Recordings

New Cold Blue track alert! New Cold Blue track alert! He just released Rush, with Kearnage Recordings and it is one of my favourite tracks of this summer! This one went straight to my cart today! It is too great not to buy it and show some support for it.

Cold Blue makes a welcome return to Kearnage and showcases his immense talent for creating peak time trance monsters. Rush is destined to be one of the standout trance tracks for the summer of 2018 and has received early support from Bryan Kearney & John O'Callaghan. Don't miss out.

Early support from Bryan Kearney and John O'Callaghan. And how couldn't they not support it? It is huge!

Banged my head so hard on this one. Again, my colleagues at the office were a little bit surprised of what music can do to me. You'd believe after 2 years, they should be accustomed to that. But no. :) And I blame Cold Blue for this. He always finds new ways to amaze me and make me "manifest" on his music. 'Cuz it is a true manifestation on his latest track Rush. There is not only a dance party in my soul. It is a true journey. A true spiritual journey. I went to the moon and back. Definitely one of my favourites this summer. This year!

He opened his Luminosity set with this one. And it was the perfect opening, if you ask me. Right there, front row, on the dance floor, this sounded amazing. And other hundreds of people agree with me. They were right there. Next to me. Dancing like crazy. Crying. Feeling the joy. The pureness of the melody. Experiencing the magic. Enjoying it. Loving it.

Grab your copy of Cold Blue - Rush here:

I briefly saw him right before his set. And of course, like always, I forgot my own name. I forgot to speak English. I was on the verge of tears, while telling him how much his music means to me and how much it makes me happy. While telling him how much I look forward to his set.Even now, as I am writing this, I get really emotional. That short meeting gave me such a huge smile. Like always, Tobias was kind. And grateful. And simple. That's why I have this huge music crush on him. Because no matter what he is on of the most genuine music men around this industry. Because he always takes the time to bare with my emotions. With my thoughts. My music thoughts. Thank you, Tobias! Looking forward for the next one!

New track: Cold Blue - The Clash [Kearnage Recordings]

Ohh  my! Ohh my! Ohh my! There is no secret I am a huge fan of Tobias (Cold Blue) and his work! There is no secret I couldn' fall in love with his newest track and not have it already on repeat! I am no music specialist. I am not a trance specialist. I am not good with technicalities. But I listen. I listen to the music. I listen to the sounds. I listen to other people's work and I am happy I am able to enjoy such amazing tracks.

The Clash - is his debut with Kearnage Recordings and it is one of the best tracks I listened lately. It is the definition of strength. Of energy. It reflects a very powerfull story between all those notes he so graciously arranged into perfection. He says:

It's the untamable power of unmet inner needs. There seems to be just one way to dissolve this stressful force: Fighting for our needs! Don't avoid any clashes. It's your life, it's here and now and this is your chance to build way for your bliss.

And I couldn't agree more! Right after I listened to the preview, I knew what tracks goes straight into my cart on the release day and I am sooooooo gonna abuse the repeat button with this one. It is indeed a track that drives people. It drives people to do better. To do more. To fight. To fight for dreams, for needs, for anything they always desired. I am listening to this on my way to the office, at the office, on my way back home and a couple of times more while I work on other projects. And it is doing his magic! Walks to the office have never been nicer, my colleagues have never been crazier because of hearing this in my headphones and I couldn't be happier because of the positive energy I am getting from this track.

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I am thankful for this one. It helped me stay motivated to work everything out. It helped me get through all my to do lists and it gave me the energy to come back on the blog and prepare even more articles and interviews for you! So thank you Tobias, for this beauty and I really hope we'll hear more from you soon! Trance on!

The track just got out on July 10th and it deserves all the support in the world. Just go and grab your copy on Beatport now and share your thoughts about it!


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