Another day, another track: Another life by Cold Blue [Subculture]

Cold Blue just had the proper start of this year's releases! Another Life has been in our hearts for a while as part of his sets, but on January 25th this track just saw the daylight!

As usual, I am listening to the track on repeat and I am thinking what this track means to me. What it does and how I can describe the feeling better. And one thing comes through my mind: peace. Peace of mind.

This track is about quiet, tranquility, melody. Melody of life: another life. The life where you have nothing to worry about. The life where everything is quiet, but loud. The life where everyone is calm, but excited. The life where there is melody, but also noise. The life where there is a pure harmony between all these.

I am in love with the track. It's a great one to have in the playlist and as usual I grabbed my copy. Another Life is (of course) released with Subculture and received such great feedback till now. You can grab your copy here:

Subculture [Mixed by John O'Callaghan and Cold Blue]

You've seen this news on their socials. You've heard some tracks before. But I suppose, you never thought this will be the compilation of the year so far!

Call it a compilation, call it an album, call it whatever you like, this is a masterpiece! A masterpiece of handpicked tracks by John O'Callaghan and Cold Blue. Calling it simply Subculture, is just one of the things they "slap" up with.  You already know how huge of a fan of this guys I am. You know already how this article's gonna be. Full of excitement, full of happiness and playful thoughts.

Compilation of the year? Yes. Alongside other great ones, I really believe this deserves to be in your cart, in your playlist and on repeat! The tracks are all of them, so greatly built and they, all, tell a story. A story that turns into a fairytale, once the get all together on this. Subculture is a fairytale of a compilation. It is a dream. A dream came true, thanks to these 2 amazing producers JoC and Cold Blue. They are in it to win it and I hope they will never stop. As long as they are present in the scene, there is no way the trance music will ever fade. These are 2 brilliant minds to hold on, and everything they release is pure gold.

Both have used its occasion to put their own production material on the frontline of its mixes. So often the mainstay of their sets, across its 29 tracks, no fewer than 19 first gleamed from the DJs’ own studios. In doing so, it offers not only the most authentic of representations of their sets, but also as producers in their own right.

Filling in further Subculture shades from their significantly broad palette, you’ll find music from many others from their cadre. Giuseppe Ottaviani, Temple One and Craig Connelly are just some of the Subculture-ists whose work features significantly. Further in you’ll also find music other attuned trance operators - David Forbes, Sied van Riel, Liam Wilson, Alex Di Stefano among them.

First to the decks is the Subculture kingpin himself, O’Callaghan. Included amongst are upcoming single ‘Choice of the Angels’, album-premiering ‘Permutations’ and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s freshly juiced spin on the classic ‘Out Of Nowhere’. Temple One’s made sizeable waves for the label over the past 12 months. Reflecting that in sharpest possible focus, John works Temple’s ‘Encounter’, ‘Sun After Rain’ and ‘Reaching For A Dream’ into the mix. Two of Craig Connelly’s productions strike in succession at the midpoint with ‘A Reality’ and his latest 'Lost Without You’. Sied van Riel and Giuseppe Ottaviani meanwhile edge the mix-needle ever closer to the red with (respectively) ‘Hold Me Close’ and ‘Till The Sunrise’. It’s John’s own production hand that deals the disc its final coup-de-grace. In convoy, you’ll find current single ‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’, built-for-the-album ‘Requiem For An Angel’ and Stine Grove’s seraphim toned ‘Our Destiny’ - collectively bringing it to its zenith.

Now, if all that isn’t a quite, quite enough of a concentrated artistic dose for you, just wait and see what see Tobias Schuh has in store. Since his debut a decade ago, Cold Blue has enjoyed ever-greater acclaim with each year that’s passed. Those still awaiting an album debut can take in-lieu-of solace with what the man from Mainz has lined up. He binds no less than fourteen of his tracks and mixes into a beautifully arranged and thrillingly structured dive into the Blue. Among them are recent singles ‘Speed of Life’, ‘The Clash’, ‘Once In Time’ and ‘On The Outside, as well as current hit ‘Learning To Live’. There’s also a raft of his most recent remixes, expanding the floor reach of Lowland, Alex Di Stefano, David Forbes and others. Premiere material abounds too, with hot-off-the-desk exclusives like ‘Before We Leave’, ‘The Wave’, ‘A New Spirit’ and ‘Daylights’.

You can order your copy of the compilation here: ‘Subculture - Mixed by John O'Callaghan & Cold Blue.

Mix 1 - John O'Callaghan

01. John O'Callaghan - Permutations (Intro Mix)
 02. Liam Wilson - Always With Me
 03. Temple One featuring Deidre McLaughlin - Reaching for A Dream
 04. John O'Callaghan - Choice of the Angels
 05. John O'Callaghan featuring Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
 06. Temple One - Encounter
 07. Activa – Meridian
 08. Craig Connelly featuring Kate Miles - Lost Without You
 09. Craig Connelly - A Reality
 10. Temple One - Sun After Rain
 11. Sied van Riel featuring Natalie Gioia - Hold Me Close
 12. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise
 13. John O’Callaghan - Next Stop Muddy Waters
 14. John O'Callaghan & Stine Grove - Our Destiny
 15. John O'Callaghan - Requiem For An Angel

Mix 2 - Cold Blue

01. Cold Blue - Before We Leave (Intro Mix)
 02. Cold Blue - The Wave
 03. Lowland - We've Been Here Before (Cold Blue Remix)
 04. Cold Blue - A New Spirit
 05. Cold Blue - Speed Of Life
 06. Cold Blue – Daylights
 07. Cold Blue - Learning To Live
 08. Cold Blue - The Clash
 09. Cold Blue - On The Outside (Original Mix)
 10. Jeff Rona - Like Water (Cold Blue Remix)
 11. Cold Blue - Before We Leave
 12. Alex Di Stefano - Never Back Down (Cold Blue Remix)
 13. David Forbes featuring Emma Gillespie - Shadows (Cold Blue Remix)
 14. Cold Blue - Once In Time (Original Mix)


New Track: Cold Blue - Speed Of Life [Subculture]

Cold Blue does it again! Yesterday he released under Subculture a new track: Speed of Life. Aaaaaaaand of course, the new track is a true choon!

I just grabbed my copy from Beatport and I put in on repeat. Not only to write this article, but because I instantly fell in love with it. The track is only $2.49, but Beatport has a coupon code of 10% too is you're interested.

Here comes a tune about the journey of life. About the high speed in which we're rushing through all the stages, but also about the beautiful single moments that wait for us just around the next corner. Life is fast, often hectic and overwhelming, so we might get lost in distractions while missing out on the important things that really matter. Let's remind ourselves to relax, open up and enjoy the speedy ride through our lives!

Right from the first listen, I just fell into that mood. The mood where I lose myself. The mood where I find myself. It made me think of all those small moments that marked my life and made me who I am today. It made me melancholic. But It made me happy. Happy that I got through all of those moments, no matter how bad or good they were, and that I am here. Able to do what I love and to love what I do.

This track is powerfull. This track is uplifting. This track is pure energy in disguise. Cold Blue does an amazing job once again and I do not think he will ever dissapoint. I am so happy for all his achievements and I cannot wait to see what else he has prepared for us. There is one way for him to go from now on, and that is UP!

Now, hit that play button and tell me if I am wrong with all the feelings. With all the toughts regarding it. Trance on!

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