Album of the year: Cold Blue - 'the sensual' WINTER

Oh my. Cold Blue related news. So, expect for an “awww”, “awesome”, “perfect”, “best” kind of article. You know I can’t hold myself when it’s about Cold Blue and his music.

This article is in my drafts for a week now. It got a while for the whole album to sit, to break the Spotify algorithms because of how much I had it on repeat, and to give me the right words to describe it.

I could say this is Album of the year for me. I know I said it before about other albums, but this ones make it for me. And yes. Because it’s Cold Blue. Because I love everything that comes from his hands, his brain, his SOUL. Only the news of the album convinced me this will be epic. The name. The artwork. COLD BLUE. All this is enough for me to call it album of the year, without even a listen.

When I hit play tough, my life was turned upside down and back to normal. It did convince me even more this is album of the year and it deserves all the attention.  “Winter” is a complete journey through feelings and emotions. A complete saga into trance music. You can grab your copy here:

“Generally I find the winter season to be more of a challenge. Something to be “gotten through”, a necessity before spring and summer are back around. So as much as this album is a “celebration’ of winter, it’s also dedicated to periods when we experience retreat and introspection. It’s a tribute to the ups and downs in life. During every downtime, there are important lessons to be learnt for the next rise. To my mind, in spring we grow, in summer we shine, but in winter we learn.”

And how nice it that? I never thought of winter like that, but now I reading what Tobias is saying, I completely agree. It is a very nice metaphor of what seasons are. Of what seasons can be to us.


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, on stage

Of course, I have to give my full review to this and please, don’t ask me about a favorite. It is too damn difficult to choose. Each track is perfect in its own way and the whole experience is really special to me.

In Peace – this will be my new meditation song. It is exactly what the title says. PEACE. Peace of mind. Peace of joy and happiness. Yes, peace. It is about that feeling of happiness and peace, of a clear mind and soul. Very cool introduction to the rest of the album.

Shine – cheerful. Instantly putting a smile on my face. The mysthical voices, the melody, the whole trakc is hypnotic. Perfect way to get into the meditation place I am talking about in the previous paragraph.

Winter Gates – Or more: Travel to the Winter Gates? It feels like a travel to me, this one. Driving. Strong. Motivating the listener to reach that place, which the Winter Gates hold. It feels like it is the last step before reaching it.

Golden Leaves – A classic in disguise. The melody of this track is taking me back to that meditation ‘peace’ of mind. The piano in this one is so soft, so emotional, so gentle. Like a caress. I can feel its touch till my bones. Till my last atom. Goosebumps to the soul.

November Rain – It feels like November. Like a cold, but still cozy one. Good for a retrospective. A quick look back to what was before, but still with a thinking ahead. It’s optimistic.

Frozen – Contradictory to the name, this track is quite hot to me. It makes winter feel lighter. Softer. Warmer. It shatters all the “ice” with its warmth. It feels like a hug.

In Madness – darker. Proper name for it. It sends me to …And madness remains? Could be a follow up. Could be linked. Could be not. Thing is, in combination with it, it’s a very strong statement. And one I completely agree with. Because madness is not bad. Madness is not negative. When you put it to work, you can only do good in the world. We are all mad. Mad with our passions, mad with our dreams. We just have to make them happen. 🙂

Colors – Dreamy. Covering the full spectrum of colors, I can see this track filling its name shoes. It’s like a travel through the rainbow. Through the universe. It sends me a bit to Interstellar and the feelings I have every time I listen to that soundtrack. Optimism. Hope. Happiness.

Recovery – Uhhhh this one. This one takes the morning mediations even further. It somehow highlights all my thoughts and wishes. It puts them in order. It perfectly aligns the stars in order to reach my goals. Calmly. In no rush. This is the vibe I am getting from this one.

Ode To The Sun – SPECIAL. Something really really special. Not only it is dedicated to one of our life sources, but it feels like the star itself. Grandious. But still small on our sky. Powerfull. But still gentle. Energetic. It makes you cherish each small thing in life. It makes you gratefull.

Reflections – Romantic. Sensual. Sexy I would say. Like a summer breeze. Like a night at a cabin, in the middle of the mountains. Like a FOREVER moment. It is a very good track to think of all these. To plan them. To enjoy them. To never miss a joy in life. To never miss a smile. To never miss the love.

The whole album is like a love letter. At least I see it this way. It is dreamy. It is full of hope and ful of thoughts. Thoughts of good moments. Joys and happiness. Thrill and butterflies. It can be a love letter to a lover. To a friend. To a moment. To anything that YOU want.

This may not be the usual album review, some may be used to, but it is how I see this music. I could never write about technicalities. Music is not about that. It is about feelings. The feelings it gives you when you first hit the play button. The feelings it gives you when you have it on repeat. The feelings you have on the dancefloor. The everyday feelings.

What’s your view on the album?


Another day, another track: Another life by Cold Blue [Subculture]

Cold Blue just had the proper start of this year's releases! Another Life has been in our hearts for a while as part of his sets, but on January 25th this track just saw the daylight!

As usual, I am listening to the track on repeat and I am thinking what this track means to me. What it does and how I can describe the feeling better. And one thing comes through my mind: peace. Peace of mind.

This track is about quiet, tranquility, melody. Melody of life: another life. The life where you have nothing to worry about. The life where everything is quiet, but loud. The life where everyone is calm, but excited. The life where there is melody, but also noise. The life where there is a pure harmony between all these.

I am in love with the track. It's a great one to have in the playlist and as usual I grabbed my copy. Another Life is (of course) released with Subculture and received such great feedback till now. You can grab your copy here:

Remix of the year: Cold Blue for Joint Operation Centre feat. Kate Miles - Behind The Silence [Subculture]

When I first heard the original I fell in love with it and had it on repeat for days. Literally on repeat. There was no other track that could make me feel what this one made me feel: A deep good darkness. Buuuut, when I heard this remix there were some serious goosebumps involved. 

Cold Blue released this on August 24, with Subculture. You can grab your copy too, from here: 

If the original meant darkness to me, the remix is something else. As usual, Cold Blue managed to spin the track, the melody, the vibe of it into something le-gen-da-ry. Don't get me wrong. They both are legendary. And could easily be named some of the best tracks of this year. But Cold Blue made me love this even more. If that is possible. 

This music man's touch is out of this world. I know. I sound like a complete Cold Blue junkie again. But I can't handle it. I really like how he played with it and gave it a special light. The remix sounds a little bit more playful. A little bit dreamier. At least to me. At least to my soul. Just hit play and you' hear exactly what I mean. You'll see the dance party from my heart. The happiness, the joy, the eargasm this track gives. 

Enjoyed it on the dancefloor this year at Luminosity. I enjoy every second of it every time I hit the play button. It is one of my favorites for this year. Actually a lot of Subculture tracks are in my favorites this year. Really hope some are in your playlist too. They are doing great in the scene. They do this music justice.

cold blue rush track

Summer rush. Goosebumps rush. Euphoria rush: Cold Blue released a new track with Kearnage Recordings

New Cold Blue track alert! New Cold Blue track alert! He just released Rush, with Kearnage Recordings and it is one of my favourite tracks of this summer! This one went straight to my cart today! It is too great not to buy it and show some support for it.

Cold Blue makes a welcome return to Kearnage and showcases his immense talent for creating peak time trance monsters. Rush is destined to be one of the standout trance tracks for the summer of 2018 and has received early support from Bryan Kearney & John O'Callaghan. Don't miss out.

Early support from Bryan Kearney and John O'Callaghan. And how couldn't they not support it? It is huge!

Banged my head so hard on this one. Again, my colleagues at the office were a little bit surprised of what music can do to me. You'd believe after 2 years, they should be accustomed to that. But no. :) And I blame Cold Blue for this. He always finds new ways to amaze me and make me "manifest" on his music. 'Cuz it is a true manifestation on his latest track Rush. There is not only a dance party in my soul. It is a true journey. A true spiritual journey. I went to the moon and back. Definitely one of my favourites this summer. This year!

He opened his Luminosity set with this one. And it was the perfect opening, if you ask me. Right there, front row, on the dance floor, this sounded amazing. And other hundreds of people agree with me. They were right there. Next to me. Dancing like crazy. Crying. Feeling the joy. The pureness of the melody. Experiencing the magic. Enjoying it. Loving it.

Grab your copy of Cold Blue - Rush here:

I briefly saw him right before his set. And of course, like always, I forgot my own name. I forgot to speak English. I was on the verge of tears, while telling him how much his music means to me and how much it makes me happy. While telling him how much I look forward to his set.Even now, as I am writing this, I get really emotional. That short meeting gave me such a huge smile. Like always, Tobias was kind. And grateful. And simple. That's why I have this huge music crush on him. Because no matter what he is on of the most genuine music men around this industry. Because he always takes the time to bare with my emotions. With my thoughts. My music thoughts. Thank you, Tobias! Looking forward for the next one!

Rising energy and a little bit of mystery: Cold Blue - A New Spirit [Subculture]

Cold Blue released a new track! Cold Blue released a new track! A New Spirit was out on May 4th and it couldn't be a better follow up for Learning to Live!

Having effected a career breakout last year, the opening months of 2018 have seen Cold Blue shift up another couple of gears again. With debut festival performances for the young German incoming at Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas and Airbeat One, studio-side he’s cemented his position equally firmly with a salvo of new heat-seekers.

His disc of the recent ‘Subculture’ mixcomp served as a de facto artist album, which showcased in ever-greater focus his artistic capabilities and there, amongst its number, was the indomitable ‘A New Spirit’. Few realised it at the time, but ‘A New Spirit’ had enjoyed first light several months early at last winter’s Dreamstate. Cold Blue flew it under the ID radar during his SoCal performance, as a blind taste test for the tune. The crowd’s reactive energy wave was all it took to convince him that it was ‘Learning To Live’s follow-up.

In the run up to Dreamstate, EDMIdentity described Cold Blue as “fresh, original and risk-taking”, all adjectives which serve ‘A New Spirit’ equally. Tobias draws celestial FX and cursive cruising sub-melodies into the track’s midrange, setting ‘Spirit’ on a deliberately measured climb to the heavens. Into that he adds epic guitar hooks and raincry harmonies, furthering its ether. As its mainline evolves, builds, swells and finally resolves at improbable heights, its godly synths will draw you into an embrace you may never fully emerge from!

For me this track building energy so nicely. It is is a continuous rising energy. It doesn't take you to a higher place and leaves you there. It takes you higher and higher. It literally lifts your spirit up. It has a mystery I couldn't figure it out yet. It draws my soul through different states, so different I can't find the proper words to describe them. This track is magical, and it really worked for me while working, while writing, while designing. I found it to be perfect in situations where you might need a little more motivation, where you might need a little more energy.

You can discover Cold Blue’s essential ‘ A New Spirit’ here.


An explosion of colours in one track: Cold Blue - Learning to live [Subculture]

This is now just a "new track is out" type of article. This is pure happiness put into words. Happiness because Cold Blue just released a new masterpiece: Learning to Live with Subculture literally 4 days ago, on January 26.

I still can't believe. I still can't understand how this man can come up with such beautiful melodies and F everything up in my brain when I hit that play button. It does F everything up, but in the most pure and beautiful way. This track is so airy, so driving, so romantic!

Cold Blue has been on the run these past years and he will rule 2018 for the whole trance community! From releasing choon after choon in 2017 with labels such as Subculture, Kearnage, Pure Trance, FSOE or Damaged to do even a greater job in 2018!

From its outer limits, deliciously doomy bass & pad movements beam, connecting with the haunt of its horns and strings assuredly chilled in nature. As its sub-melodies subside, the mainline synths take over, serving ‘Learning to Live’ with its final elevating crescendo. Trance to move the mind, body & spirit. 

Learning to Live - for me - is one of the greatest tracks to start this year. From the very first second to the last one, this track caught me. It caught me to listen to it. To put it on repeat. To enjoy it. To have a hell of a dance party on it. To make my day better. To make me smile. to make me happy. And when a track does that, words are beyond anyone and anything.

I don't even know how to express what this track is making me feel. The drive of it gives me the push. The push to dream. But also to work for those dreams. 'Cuz what are dreams if we don't work to make them real?

The track is a full explosion of colours. Colours of love. Colours of joy. Colours of happiness. Colours of hope. Colours of melancholy. Colours of falling down. Colours of getting up. Colours of life. Of learning how to live it, no matter what. No matter the bads, the goods. But live it.

Put hands on it here. Or listen to it below. You'll see exactly what I mean.

Tobias, you killed it. And I can't thank you enough for it.


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New Track: Cold Blue - Speed Of Life [Subculture]

Cold Blue does it again! Yesterday he released under Subculture a new track: Speed of Life. Aaaaaaaand of course, the new track is a true choon!

I just grabbed my copy from Beatport and I put in on repeat. Not only to write this article, but because I instantly fell in love with it. The track is only $2.49, but Beatport has a coupon code of 10% too is you're interested.

Here comes a tune about the journey of life. About the high speed in which we're rushing through all the stages, but also about the beautiful single moments that wait for us just around the next corner. Life is fast, often hectic and overwhelming, so we might get lost in distractions while missing out on the important things that really matter. Let's remind ourselves to relax, open up and enjoy the speedy ride through our lives!

Right from the first listen, I just fell into that mood. The mood where I lose myself. The mood where I find myself. It made me think of all those small moments that marked my life and made me who I am today. It made me melancholic. But It made me happy. Happy that I got through all of those moments, no matter how bad or good they were, and that I am here. Able to do what I love and to love what I do.

This track is powerfull. This track is uplifting. This track is pure energy in disguise. Cold Blue does an amazing job once again and I do not think he will ever dissapoint. I am so happy for all his achievements and I cannot wait to see what else he has prepared for us. There is one way for him to go from now on, and that is UP!

Now, hit that play button and tell me if I am wrong with all the feelings. With all the toughts regarding it. Trance on!

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New track: Cold Blue - The Clash [Kearnage Recordings]

Ohh  my! Ohh my! Ohh my! There is no secret I am a huge fan of Tobias (Cold Blue) and his work! There is no secret I couldn' fall in love with his newest track and not have it already on repeat! I am no music specialist. I am not a trance specialist. I am not good with technicalities. But I listen. I listen to the music. I listen to the sounds. I listen to other people's work and I am happy I am able to enjoy such amazing tracks.

The Clash - is his debut with Kearnage Recordings and it is one of the best tracks I listened lately. It is the definition of strength. Of energy. It reflects a very powerfull story between all those notes he so graciously arranged into perfection. He says:

It's the untamable power of unmet inner needs. There seems to be just one way to dissolve this stressful force: Fighting for our needs! Don't avoid any clashes. It's your life, it's here and now and this is your chance to build way for your bliss.

And I couldn't agree more! Right after I listened to the preview, I knew what tracks goes straight into my cart on the release day and I am sooooooo gonna abuse the repeat button with this one. It is indeed a track that drives people. It drives people to do better. To do more. To fight. To fight for dreams, for needs, for anything they always desired. I am listening to this on my way to the office, at the office, on my way back home and a couple of times more while I work on other projects. And it is doing his magic! Walks to the office have never been nicer, my colleagues have never been crazier because of hearing this in my headphones and I couldn't be happier because of the positive energy I am getting from this track.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

I am thankful for this one. It helped me stay motivated to work everything out. It helped me get through all my to do lists and it gave me the energy to come back on the blog and prepare even more articles and interviews for you! So thank you Tobias, for this beauty and I really hope we'll hear more from you soon! Trance on!

The track just got out on July 10th and it deserves all the support in the world. Just go and grab your copy on Beatport now and share your thoughts about it!


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cold blue nevada

New track: Cold Blue - Nevada (FSOE)

I am a huge fan of Cold Blue and his music. He's definitely one of my music crushes and he never disappointed. I developed (and still have) an obsession for Poseidon, a track I loved from the first listen, a track I wanted to hear live at Luminosity and a tracks that always makes me smile. I think I got Tobias crazy, asking him to play this track, every time he posted something about Luminosity. He kindly replied that it will be present in the set, but the moment I actually heard it was priceless. Goosebumps all over and no control for me from there. I loved it. I cherished it. won't forget it.

Buuuut, chances are to develop another obsession for Cold Blue's latest track. I listened to a preview a couple of weeks ago and I was literally begging for the full track. Couldn't wait to hear it all and enjoy those beautiful sounds. And the day finally came. Nevada was finally released on October 17th, as part of the Future Sound of Egypt 450 compilation, mixed by Aly & Fila, Dan Stone & Ferry Tayle and Mohamed Ragab, next to some other great names like Ahmed Rohmel, Fady & Mina, The Thrillseekers, Talla 2XLC, Sean Tyas, Standerwick, , Suncatcher and many more.

This track is just perfect, if you ask me. It brings a fresh sound to the table. It brings an energy I desperately wanted to feel again. It brings hope. It brings optimism. It brings happiness. It brings goosebumps. I will enjoy energizing my mornings with it. Also, I will enjoy driving my colleagues crazy again, by having it on repeat and on full volume (sorry. not sorry :D). But I can't help it. When a track is this good, I never get bored even if I listen to it hundreds/ thousands of times. And I think this is what is all about in a good track. To never get bored of it. To never forget it. I know I'm sure I will never forget Nevada. :)

Just hit the play button and let me know what you think about this track. Am I crazy, or you think this is pure happiness too? Also, don't forget to grab your own copy from Beatport and support Cold Blue, because he deserves all the support in the world. ^_^ Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Beatport.

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