New track: Cosmic Gate spreads some 'Universal Love' [Wake Your Mind Records]

More news on the Cosmic Gate front these days: Nic and Bossi just released a new track called Universal Love, under their own label Wake Your Mind Records.

Also, WAKE YOUR MIND DEEP RECORDS opens its doors with first release from Marcus Schössow and Matthew Felner's Gardenstate project. 

Their latest update before the release of their fourth "Wake Your Mind Sessions" compilation, is the release of their 'Universal love'. A track that takes them off the Cosmic Gate''s grid, as never before: a dazzling, convention-shaking tale of two tones.

Something different and fresh, a sonic safari, upping the thump (& funk!), letting the filters rip and bringing it with some tech n distort tumult. The guys played with everything and more for this track: from piling on the speaker pressure with analogue bass, FX grind, 3030 whip and cranked reverb, to the break that brings an nice proportioned script-flip and drops FX-effected chorus from Natural Born Grooves classic 'Universal Love'. "Peopleeeeee geeet readyyy for this Universal Love" and enjoy this timely vocal that only spreads the message of love and happiness far & wide!

In other breaking Cosmic Gate news this month, the coming of ‘Wake Your Minds Sessions 4’ has served as the perfect springboard for Nic & Bossi to launch the new division of their record label. With Wake Your Mind Records romping past its 50th release, its new Deep imprint commenced release operations earlier in the month. ‘Delta’ from Marcus Schössow and Matthew Felner’s gardenstate project had the honours of opening Deep’s discography, which (naturally enough!) can also be found within the grooves of the May 1-released ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions 4’ album!  

Cosmic Gate’s ‘Universal Love’ is out this week and is available to stream/purchase here. (, while Wake Your Mind Sessions 4 can be pre-ordered here.

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Light Years. A journey through the Cosmic Gate.

There is no secret. I like Cosmic Gate. A lot. I loved them. Their music shaped my ears through the years, made me love trance music more and contributed a lot to my dance parties in the office, at home, in the bus, pretty much everywhere.

Recently, they launched a new single, called Light Years. The track is taken from their Forward Forever Backward Never LP, coming on August 23.

Track first.

It is a journey. It is the Cosmic Gate journey they take us to, each time. It makes you instantly recognize it is a Cosmic Gate track. You already know the sounds that give you goosebumps, the one that make you jump and the ones that make you lose your mind on the dancefloor. It is classic. New, but classic.

And of course, I like it. There is no saying Cosmic Gate, without me liking it. This track reminds me of something old, but something new. I really like the euphoric sounds and the drive this track has. Sugar, spice and everything nice. This were the first words that came through my mind when I first hit the play button.

Cool and melodic in all the right places, euphorically summit scaling everywhere else - you can experience that ‘Light Years’ feeling for yourself right here, right now (stream or download here:

Now, the album.

[Previously] Fair to say Cosmic Gate have had a pretty charmed start to their milestone twentieth year. The first six months alone have seen the duo serve the aforementioned brace of Beatport #1s with the MINT-playlisted ‘Come With Me’ and the “profound” (say DJ Mag) “9/10” ranked ‘Need To Feel Loved’. January brought word of their first Grammy nomination and further saw the group kick off their Forward Ever, Backward Never tour – one that to date has touched 30 cities globally. 

I listened to the album, and it has some really interesting tracks in it. Some classics reworks (like The Wave and Not Enough Time), some remixes from Cosmic Gate for Tracks like Need to Feel Loved or Lizard (I really likee their take on Mauro Picotto's classic <3), remixs from other artists (like Ilan Bluestone or Andrew Bayer), but also new stuff. You'll definitely be in for a treat.

Side not. Maybe because I like the track too much, the album name it remindes me of Forward Forever from Orkidea (the Indecent Noise Remix), but I may be only me. Beside all this, the album is great and it definitely deserves your attention.

You can head to your portal of choice ( to see what’s what, but hold up another minute and we’ll give you a couple of useful insights!  

On its announcement Cosmic Gate commented that it was their intention to “take us closer to the 360 of who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. In order to do this, the group junked the ‘greatest hits album’ blueprint and approached their 20 years commemorator from four separate production angles.

Tracklist: Cosmic Gate - 20 Years [Forward Ever Backward Never]

01. Cosmic Gate – Come With Me (Album Intro Mix)
02. Cosmic Gate & Foret – Need To Feel Loved
03. Cosmic Gate - Light Years
04. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Be Your Sound (Ilan Bluestone Remix) 
05. Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Cosmic Gate Remix) 
06. Cosmic Gate & Jan Johnston - I Feel Wonderful (Greenhaven DJs Remix)
07. Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Andrew Bayer Remix)  
08. Cosmic Gate & Denise Rivera - Body Of Conflict (Elevven Remix) 
09. Cosmic Gate - The Wave 2.0 
10. Cosmic Gate - FAV (Patrick White Remix) 
11. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Not Enough Time 2.0 
12. Cosmic Gate - Human Beings (Rolo Green Remix) 
13. Rank 1 - L.E.D. There Be Light (Cosmic Gate Remix)
14. Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space (Grum Remix) 
15. Cosmic Gate - Analog Feel (Estiva Remix) 
16. Cosmic Gate - Conciousness (Genix Remix - Cosmic Gate Edit)


COSMIC GATE & FORÊT - Need to Feel Loved [Wake Your Mind Records]


The closing days of 2018 saw Cosmic Gate break news of sweeping plans to commemorate 20 years of artistic partnership. Now, following Ilan Bluestone’s reworking of the Emma Hewitt-sung classic ‘Be Your Sound’, Cosmic Gate deliver their next LP trailblazer.

Occupying a singular place in the genre’s history, ‘Need To Feel Loved’ is the trance anthem that was never meant to be. Caught between the emphatic prog house intentions of its producers and a trance remix that supercharged it to classic status, it was released on the cusp of an evolutionary moment in Cosmic Gate’s history.

Bossi from the group elaborates: “the release of the original ran in almost complete parallel with a time our sound was undergoing its first significant change. During pre-production on ‘Earth Mover’, the depth and emotional complexity of ‘Need To Feel Loved’ was highly influential on Nic & I.

For their interpretation Cosmic Gate spent many an hour forensically re-exploring what made ‘Need To Feel Loved’ so unique.

What was most important to us in reinterpreting it, says Nic Chagall, was that we didn’t retrace any musical ground already covered. What we’ve come up with gives us the perfect new version to play on the 20 years tour!

Their mix brings drum, percussion & depth charge bass, which prefaces its deliberately elegiac pianoforte and Thomas Newman’s almost impossibly moving Road To Perdition strings. Break-side it equalises with trance synth shimmer, LFO-generated sub riffs and the heartfelt chime of its mainline.

To do full and complete justice to their version, an extraordinary vocal from a singer of singular and very specific tone was required. The search ended in Holland at the door of Forêt. The very epitome of ‘bittersweet’, her quiet implore, mixed with the unending reach of her delivery swings an emotional wrecking ball through the track’s heart. 

The next piece of Cosmic Gate’s 20 years celebrations (more info on which here is in place and ready to stream/purchase here Having already touched Australia, phase-2 dates for the 20 Years tour, which continues through to the early summer, have just been announced. They’ll see Cosmic Gate make a return to Ultra in Miami, alongside much requested dates in New York, London, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Full details and tickets available here (