Craig Connelly takes trance music to 'A Sharper Edge'

It was inevitable. We knew it was going to happen again. We knew that Craig Connelly will come up with a new album sooner or later. And the news is finally here now: On May 15, we will all be able to enjoy a trance journey like no other. 

4 singles, 7 vocals and 3 more collaborations in one place. Craig Connelly does knows how to pick the vocalists to work with. Really nice people and voices out there. I only listened to the previews on Beatport and already pre-ordered my copy. I know most of them will also be released as singles later on, but I really want the full experience in my playlist. I recommend you do the same. From all the 14 tracks in the album, I heard a couple in Craig sets and like all the other trance fans, I was waiting for a sign the tracks will have a release date. It started with Tranceatlantic, and then with the newly released Time Machine and now, it is all revealed.

From the previews only, you can start a little dance party in your house. Each track is sharpened to perfection. Strong, but emotional. New, but here to last. I could prematurely say that 'Time Machine' with Tara Louise, is one of my favourites, because super strong vocal :D. But also, 'Earth Dimension C-137' - that somehow has a darker side from my point of view, 'Watch the Way You Move' - it is very dance-ish and it give me some positive vibes, 'The Fire' - the collaboration with Peter Steele I knew it was coming and I really like the end result, 'Tranceatlantic' - the collaboration with Factor B - that I already love and is always sending me on the best trance journey; it's very optimistic, and 'Inhale' with Will Rees and 'Run Away' with Cammie Robinson.

You can pre-order it here:

I’ve so much to talk about with this project, but first I’ll start by saying in my opinion, this is undeniably the best music I have ever created...It’s very a club focused record, every track has been made with the dance floor in mind. There are some subtle moments but I mainly created this album to be an absolute stormer, be prepared for a journey like nothing you’ve heard from me before...

I think we all need this album now more than ever, so if you thought I was taking time off during lockdown think again, this is the start of a years worth of brand new music for you guys to enjoy which I’m sure we will dance to together as soon as we can. - Craig on his Facebook page.

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01. Craig Connelly - Sonic Grey
02. Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - Time Machine
03. Craig Connelly - California 
04. Craig Connelly feat. Karina Ramage - Life Half Lived 
05. Craig Connelly - Earth Dimension C-137
06. Craig Connelly feat Natalie Major - Watch the Way You Move
07. Craig Connelly - Everyone Loves a Triplet
08. Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - What Are You Waiting For 
09. Craig Connelly & Peter Steele - The Fire 
10. Craig Connelly feat. Alex Holmes - Anything Like You 
11. Factor B & Craig Connelly - Tranceatlantic 
12. Craig Connelly feat. Siskin - All for Love
13. Craig Connelly & Will Rees - Inhale 
14. Craig Connelly feat. Cammie Robinson - Run Away


5 reasons to come to: Digital Sounds w/ Craig Connelly, Suncatcher, Nikolauss, Bogdan Vix & Alexandra Badoi [Trance Events Romania]

The news is out for a while: Craig Connelly is coming back to Romania. This time, for the new Digital Sounds event, powered by Trancecode.

On April 4th, starting 11pm, in club Fabrica, we will all join Craig Connelly, Suncatcher, Nikolauss and Bogdan Vix for a very nice trance celebration.

Just announced: Alexandra Badoi will join the DJ booth as well, for the first time!

Tickets: Regular ~ 11 euros / VIP ~25 euros. Grab yours here

1. Craig Connelly. He is one of the best names in the scene right now. Releases choon after choon and it is requested on the lineups all over the world. Upcoming release: Tranceatlantic (collaboration with Factor B)[ FSOE] / March 13. And, of course, it is a killer on the dancefloor. His longest set to date:

2. Nikolauss. One of the men to keep an eye on this year, as Armin van Buuren said in his latest ASOT episode. He had a really nice climb in the industry till now and still goes on and on with every release. Regular with labels like Subculture or Regenerate, but also with releases with Amsterdam Trance, Statement!, GO Music, his music is well received by fans all over the world. Upcoming release: Sean Tyas remixed: Now you see / Matter of time [Nikolauss #140 remixes] [Regenerate]/ March 13. Latest set:

3. Suncatcher. Legend in the trance family. A real music man to follow. His unique sound is easy to recognise and his track are regulars in the charts. Upcoming release: Voices of Jupiter [FSOE Parallels] / March 13. Set to be remembered:

4. Bogdan Vix. One of the pillars of the Romanian Trance Family. Regular with Armada and  InHarmony Music. Latest release: Snatt & Vix ft. Diana Leah – Soapte (Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam remix). Upcoming release: Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam feat. Mona Moua – Stay (InHarmony Music) – debuted by Andrew Rayel at #ASOT950.

5. Alexandra Badoi. For the first time behind the decks, Alexandra will debut as a DJ on April 4th. Used to be in front of the decks, singing for us, now she will start delighting the crowd by also playing the best trance tracks. When I saw her in London learning all the secrets of this job, I got really curious. Looking forward to see her play! Latest release: Airborn, Claudiu Adam & Alexandra Badoi – If Only (included in Find Your Harmony Vol. 1 by Andrew Rayel).

Tickets: Regular ~ 11 euros / VIP ~25 euros. Grab yours here

Time till the event:

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New Track: Craig Connelly feat. Kate Miles - Lost without you [Subculture]

There is no doubt, Subculture is one of THE trance labels to follow constantly. There is no doubt they release choon after choon and that they never settle for less than greatness. And their latest release: Craig Connelly feat. Kate Miles - Lost without you, makes no exception. He definitely knows how to start a new year! After releasing last year his debut album - One Second Closer (a master piece of an album), he kick starts 2018 with this very nice collaboration with Kate Miles!

With her voice instilling its emotional core, ‘Lost Without You’s lyrical theme will resonate with many, and far beyond the walls of a club.  Craig equalizes Kate’s lament with chord & pad empathy, a prime time chiming tempo, and synths, strings & bass that speak directly to the dancefloor. Trance elevation cut from classic production cloth, if you’re in need of New Year uplift, step this way!

Of course, I had the track on repeat today. To write about it, and to dream. To dream about love, happiness and pure joy. Because that is the vibe this track is giving me. Kate's dreamy voice perfectly completes Craig's power within the instrumental. It is an emotional track, and of course quite uplifting. I am pretty sure, a lot of voices will be lost singing along this on the dance floor. Because is it that good.

The track was out today and you can grab you copy from here: I grabbed mine and an sure I will be listening to it for the next days literally EVERYWHERE. Will test it at the gym to, but in my mind it already works pretty well with some cardio.

What about you? What do you think about the track?