Something to fuel the soul: Nikolauss - Overdrive [Extrema Global Music]

It is very difficult for me to talk about Andrei's work. I say this every time I want to write about his work. I fear I might be too subjective. Because, of course I am Nikolauss's biggest fan. Because, of course, I like each track he releases and I can't wait to see what else the industry has in store for him.

He released last Monday, Overdrive. A very strong track, perfect to celebrate 200 releases from Extrema Global Music. The label is doing great and Nikolauss is the right man for such a milestone. The track is so driving, so powerful and it got a lot if nice feedback from the fans. Grab your copy too here:

Here we are. When we started thinking about who deserved this particular milestone, the answer was immediately clear. Andrei has been one of the most successful, consistent and ever evolving artist we ever had the pleasure to work with, he became a core team member of the Label and ultimately a true friend. We are very proud to introduce you Nikolauss - Overdrive, the 200th. Extrema Global Music release. There's nothing more to say. Just press play and be amazed. - Astuni

I called it "something to fuel your soul" for a reason. The track is one of those tracks to instantly pump you with energy and make your day better. It is a track to wake up to. To dance in the bus station. To run to. To run towards all your goals and dreams and smash everything that might come between you. I listen to this track after I read an email I might not agree with and immediately feel better. I listen to this track after I feel like there is no motivation, and I instantly get up and do better. I listen to this track for a while now to dream it and know each sound of it. To know each goosebump I'll get.

Just hit play and try it too.

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New Track: Unbeat - Won't let you in again [Extrema Global]

As part of the Extrema Global Music team, I get to listen to our releases before anyone else, enjoy and get really excited about them on the first listen. I have been a fan of Unbeat and his work for quite a while now, and when I heard his latest track, I remained speechless. He is one to watch in the scene. He deserves it. He works for it.

Usually, it is not ok for me to get speechless while working on writing the description for a track, but with this one I was actually happy. It's been a while since a track did that to me, and I had to really put my mind to hard work to find the proper words to describe it.

This track is dreamy enough, sensible enough, but also strong enough! I really like the beginning, the ending, everything! I am easily getting bored of the intros, but here is not the case. It catches my attention from the very first seconds. I love the angelic voices, the raspy male one, everything! I had it on repeat since we got is as a demo, and I do not regret it.

You can try it too, by buying your own copy here.


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New Track: Ronny K. & Ben Ashley - Every Single Moment (Astuni & Nikolauss remix)

First Astuni & Nikolauss remix - a remix for Ronny K & Ben Ashley - Every Single Moment,  was just released today, of course on Extrema Global Music. YEEEEES! I was waiting for this collaboration to happen for years! I know they started a lot of projects, but (84 years later...) they finally released something. I really like what they did with the original. You can actually hear Astuni's touches and Nikolauss's #140 power on it.

This remix is driving. It is powerful. It is uplifting. Truly uplifting. I know I may be biased with everything I am saying about it, 'cuz I love both the guys, but tell if I am wrong. Isn't this something you'd listen on repeat? Isn't this something you'd wanna color your morning with?

This is something that gave me energy at the gym, that made fill a little bit invincible and that made me happy Every Single Moment I listened to it. It snapped me out of the ordinary and it brightened my days at the office, on the street, in the bus, at the supermarket, everywhere. I just love it. It is something to hold on.

I already have my copy (perks of having the boyfriend working on it and working with Extrema Global Music), but I will definitely buy one too. Because I like to support artists I like and also buy the music I love. It just got released today and you can grab your copy here: 

Also, support the artists, because they deserve it!

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On the Road: The Time Machine, Milan [+Extrema Global Music team reunion]

Well, this not fresh news, but we're going to Milan in a couple of days for The Time Machine! We're gonna experience a 6 hours b2b set with the amazing Extrema friends Manuel Le Saux and Astuni on March 18, all powered by Trance Gate events.

I will be able to enjoy a night full or trance classics. Even if some of the tracks may be older than me (much older), I am huge fan of classics and I am always giving my heart and soul on the dance floor when I hear them.

Sorted hotel, plane tickets one month ago and my excitment levels are going higher every day! I am finally gonna personally meet the two guys I am working with for a year now on the Extrema Global Music. Both of them, Manuel and Astuni are artists I'm following for quite a while now and to finally see them playing is one of this year's goals. I am pretty sure I don't have to worry about the tracklist, they are amazing at sorting tracks for an unforgetable night.

Aaaand I have some big plans for 2017 starting this trip! If everything goes well, this would be the #ontheroad vlog you'll see from me and one from many more to come! I will try to keep you posted as much as I can.

Will reunite in real life with the two guys and I can't wait. Even if for them is kinda of a short trip, I am planning to take advantage of it as much as I can. Also, I can't wait to recreate this pic. ^_^

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ON PROMO: Nikolauss vs. Asteroid - Earthbound [Extrema Global Music]

This is huge! Two of our favorite Extrema artists, Nikolauss and Asteroid got together and delivered this beauty! Both great artists, both produced great tracks, but the result exceeded our expectations. Earthbound is THE track. The track you need to It is all about true feelings and real passion. Passion for nature, passion for sound, passion for life itself. It has a special energy to it. So, just click that play button, feel that energy and enjoy it to the fullest! Trance on! 

I was writing the other days the description for this track and I had to tell you more about it on the blog. Not just because it is a great track, you should know about, but because of the two people that made it.

Nikolauss is not just my boyfriend. He is not just my best friend. He is a great trance producer and I am quite proud about the path he chose. Watching him getting better every day is a privilege. Watching him create and being the first one to listen to his tracks is something I am looking forward everyday after work.

Asteroid is not just one of  the regular artists of Extrema Global Music. He is not only someone with a studio. He is a great guy, and I really hope to meet him soon. He is also studying in the field and trying to reach its potential everyday. Also, so open minded, so down to earth and supportive of all artists, not only his music.

And the track they just made it is perfect. My personal opinion. It gave me an energy to a last for a whole week at the office the other days and it made me feel a bit like a superhero. The lead, the breakdown, the baseline all come together perfectly and I can't be any happier to experience it from its early stages. And to show my appreciation and love for the track, I made a video for it.

I really hope you guys will like it and that you'll grab your copy from Beatport today: . Track was already supported by Manuel on his Extrema 489! Also, don't forget to support these guys on social media, because they do deserve all the support in the world!

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365 days of Extrema Global Music in pixels, sounds and happiness

Happy tranceversary! Today I am celebrating one year since I said yes to one of the biggest challenges: to work on graphics and social media for Extrema Global Music, alongside two of the artists I always appreciated: Manuel Le Saux and Astuni. And of course, my other half, my friend, my lover: the amazing Nikolauss.

During this year I completely changed my mind about the trance scene and learned a lot from its backstage. I got to experience how a label works, how they sort demos and how much can someone help an upcoming artist. I met a lot of new people through it and started some  amazing friendships.

We started  by working on some new artworks to better suit the label and the great tracks they release. We changed how to display the information and gave it a more modern look.  Kept the gradients, but adapted them. We kept the logo in the center, and helped it stand up more by using its arrow as an extra element in the background. Separated the artist information, just to give it a little push and make it easier to read and recognize. And we got a really nice feedback on them as well. People were receiving change better than expected and made us even happier with the result.

We did a lot this year, and not only in terms of design. We released 48 great tracks and discovered some really good artists. We got some strong support from Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Sean Tyas, Darren Porter, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Photographer, Richard Durand, TranceEye and many more. We reached 100 releases with over 80 amazing artists on August 1st and we celebrated in stile with a great track from Nikolauss.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

We had a great time with Recoverworld Label Group, but we chose to make a change and moved to the Abora Recordings family. That made us feel like starting from scratch, but in only a couple of months we managed to take it to a next level. We claimed our spot into the top trance labels and continued going up. Conquered the tops on Beatport and Trackitdown and we're fighting for some more!

We improved our presence on social media and launched our own Instagram, Twitter and Youtube accounts! We reached over 4400 friends on Facebook. We posted 37 videos on Youtube and got almost 10 000 views. These may seem small numbers to you, but for us, for me it is a lot to be grateful for only a couple of months. I have the pleasure to manage them all and I get a smile for every like, dislike, share or comment on these socials. I am happy to have a voice and use it to make people happy.

I am happy to be part of such a team and I am happy to call these guys friends. They are kind. They are driven. They are beautiful people. Manuel, Astuni, thank you for having trust in me and my work. Thank you for all the jokes, memories and hard work. Thank you for pushing me to be better. Thank you for beeing you. I can't wait to finally meet you in real life in Milan in one week. We get to reunite the team in one place and smash the dancefloor. Once Extrema, always Extrema!


New track: Nikolauss - Eureka (Extrema Global Music)

Ohhh well, the day has finally come. Me talking about Andrei's tracks is something that I should always do, but sometimes I am a bit afraid of being too sentimental. Buuuuuut, feelings are perfect in this trance industry, so no more of me ”hiding” and trying to be impartial.

Andrei aka Nikolauss is on the run right now and he's releasing amazing track after amazing track. After his last one, Extrema's 100 release - New beginning it was just right to continue his journey with Eureka. Out on Beatport: October 14th.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Being a producer's girlfriend has it's perks, and one of them is listening to the tracks while in the making and somehow contribute to the creative process. Well, my contribution to this track was its name, because the already thought one had been taken. The possibilities may be huge, while thinking of a track's title, but the reality is completely different. If the artist is not happy, then you have to keep trying. After a loooooot research we came up with Eureka. I felt like it was the perfect match for the feelings this track gave me, aaaand also because I kinda felt like Archimede discovering the mistery in it.

Beside the name (the great name), the track has also a really nice ”je ne sais quoi” around it. Personally, I think it is one of Nikolauss's best tracks ever and I am happy to see him getting better every day. I always judge a track from an emotional perspective, and not necessarily from a technical one, so let's just talk about the goosebumps it gave me; the thoughts and feelings. The real deal.  This track sent me right to the trance journey I needed when I first listened to it. It gave me hope, energy and a shot of optimism. It drove me through some very happy moments and put the huge smile on my face. Also, it is a very nice track to listen at the gym. It really keep you running on that treadmill!

Andrei's tracks are always powerful, but in the same time have the exact dose of emotion in it. He is indeed one of the best upcomers I now in the trance scene and of course my favorite. I am happy to be part of his trance journey and I hope you'll join us too. Big names like Manuel Le Saux, Sean Tyas, Aly and Fila, Astuni, Darren Porter are already Nikolauss fans. :)

Check out Eureka, and don't forget to also follow him on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud. Lots of interesting things will happen' there. Trust me, I am managing that part too. Trance on!