New track: Alessandra Roncone & Jak Aggas - Vivi La Musica [Degenerate Records]

A new track that caught my ears lately is the latest one from Alessandra Roncone, a collaboration with Jak Aggas, called Vivi La Musica, out with Degenerate Records.

And it caught me because of its simplicity. Because it is easy to listen. Because it is a very nice declaration for music and about music. I really like it. It starts powerful, it continues with a very nice uplifting melody and it gives you that good vibe you may need from time to time.

To be honest the meaning of the track is in what I say: music is not just music. Music is life and we have to let it flow inside us. This was the meaning. I made the melody as always: a normal arp following the chords I choose for the break. Nothing different from others of my tracks. It may seem like a simple meaning to the track, but it is what it is. Not as big in meaning as 'For Our Angels', but bold in statement: Don't just listen the music, but live it! - Alessandra

I also like the voices on it. Plus, its statement (told through Alessandra's voice): "La vita è musica. Falla scorrere dentro di te." (Music is life. Let it flow inside you). A very simple statement, but one that means a lot. A lot about trance music, about any music we might like and listen to every day. 

And to be clear: I heard a lot of rumours about who is actually working on its own music or not, about who is using help or not. And I do not care. The truth is known only by the people involved, and it shouldn't impact our attitude towards music. If a track is good, it is good no matter what. No matter who worked on it or not. No matter who needed help or not. No matter who's name is on it or not. Music is music and it shouldn't be lead by names, but by the actual feelings it gives us. 

Vivi La Musica is a good track and you should have it in your playlist too. Grab your copy here:

New Track: Jak Aggas - Strangers Like Me [FSOE]

Strangers like me, strangers like you, strangers like anybody else. Strangers on the streets, strangers at the gym, strangers on the dancefloor. But are they actually strangers? Or just humans, humans we'd like to be friends with? That is the question that popped into my mind while I had this track on repeat. Jak Aggas - Strangers like me was released yesterday on FSOE and it is definitely a track to have in your cart.

This track is about energy, positivity and dreams. Dreams of those we met past years, dreams of those we'll meet someday. It is about people. Simple people. Happy people. Beautiful people. This track gave me a very strong feeling of a community, of a whole. It is a cheerful uplifter and true choon. My thoughts might sound weird, but this is the vibe I am getting while listening to it.

I get a lot of happy thoughts and it puts me in the right mood. The mood of dancing, the mood of losing myself. The mood of pure joy and goosebumps. It is a great track to hear on the dancefloor and that could've been seen at ASOT too, when Fila dropped it for the first time. It's easy to lose it on this one. It is easy to close your eyes and just enjoy the purity of music.

Track has got already a lot of support from of course, Aly & Fila and most of the trance community, so  you might wanna give it a spin too. Grab your own copy: and support Jak Aggas in his adventure!


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