JOOF Editions Volume 4 [Mixed by John OO Fleming]

I was telling you about this last month and now I finally have more news! JOOF Editions Volume 4, mixed by the man himself John OO Fleming is finally on pre-order and ready to rock you world. I am really happy with this. I am really happy seeing great music put together by a master on a perfection of a compilation. I am really happy this is happening on the scene.

Over 276 minutes you’ll find material from a virtual Who’s Who of prog-trance’s best known and capable. Max Graham, L.S.G., Quivver, Union Jack, Airwave, Orkidea, The Digital Blonde, Moshic – you name ‘em, they’re represented. Equally there’s audio from its 21st Century class - Jerome Isma Ae & Alastor, Guy J, Stan Kolev, Tim Penner, Basil O’Glue, Rick Pier O’Neil, Paul Thomas, Façade all making ‘V4’s cut. For every recognisable name though, there’s a track from a producer in whom John’s seen significant future promise. JOOF Recordings’ arrivals like Alex Morelli, The Stupid Experts, Roby M Rage and Robert Elster all marshal. As naturally does the deep floor conquistador himself, with John including new JOOFware like ‘Planet X’, ‘Protected By Karma’ and his latest single, ‘We Close Doors’.

At its outset, ‘Editions 4’s style-band is locked into the cooler paced, ether-soaked and more celestially esoteric. Zero convulsions or shock value contrivances, its feel is a constant flux of minor ebb & contrasting flow. An engrossing trip, it’s one that looks not out… but up. As it progresses - matched by sounds, by degrees tougher, more impressing and forceful, its pace imperceptibly increases. Galactic in feel, size and tone, piece by painstaking piece, another classic’s been built.

In delivering his fourth ‘JOOF Editions’ odyssey, John 00 Fleming feels that it’s “the most exciting of times” for the album to arrive. “Our sound is finally back where I dreamt it would be… And it only took 14 years he deadpans. That corner’s been turned and it’s become a force again. Year on year since they began, he continues, I see the ‘JOOF Editions’ releases as the ones that most clearly and authentically document that upswing”.

Be of no doubt though, said “upswing” is no chance happening, but the result of a concerted push by John and others. Taking one of trance (or even dance music’s) most inherently underground styles to arenas like A State Of Trance and Dreamstate is something that would have seemed improbable just four years ago. Fresh from playing ASOT’s first ever progressive stage last week, he said: “these things take time to resolve”. That’s healthy though, and naturally all the more satisfying for the time it took. The style, or indeed set of sub-styles, he considers are not ones you can pin words like ‘overt’, ‘instant’ or ‘obvious’ to. Paradoxically that’s one of its main appeals”.

“In essence, our music is the only viable bridge between the trance genre as a whole and a swathe of other electronic music areas. By the same token, the opposite end of Trance had to run out of evolutionary road before the shift to progressive could happen. It had to reach a point where it couldn’t get any harder, or more uplifting, mainstream, extreme, etc. That cycle’s resolved now. Its race has been run. And that’s why we’re here”

On finishing the compiling of ‘JOOF Editions 4’, he’s also 20/20 on where music for future ‘Editions’ will be sourced. "It won’t be coming from trance. Our intake will be from the progressive and techno areas".

JOOF Editions Volume 4 Mixed By John 00 Fleming is released March 12th - you can pre-order it HERE!

Tracklist: JOOF Editions Volume 4 Mixed By John 00 Fleming

1. John 00 Fleming & The Digital Blonde - Amanitas
2. Moshic - Mol-Do-Va
3. Dmitry Molosh - The Fall (Framewerk Remix)
4. The Stupid Experts - Night And Day
5. Matteo Bruscagin & Visnadi - Drps Classic (Guy J Remix)
6. Fausto Fanizza & Thomas Schwartz Feat. Piper Davis - Midnight (Extended Mix)
7. Stan Kolev & Matan Caps - Revive
8. Yunta - Narguile (Subandrio Remix)
9. Golan Zocher, Kamilo Sanclemente - La Luna
10. Alex Morelli -Sleeply Nation
11. Tim Penner - Goodbye (Jeremy Rowlett Remix)
12. LSG - Netherworld - (Rise And Fall Remix)
13. Max Graham - Moonchild (Tim Penner Remix)
14. Basil O Glue - Everyone Has A Story
15. Quivver - The Rat
16. Mark EG Vs Nico Kohler - Underworld (Kreisel Remix)
17. Rick Pier O Neil - Throaty
18. Dezza - Escapist
19. Paul Thomas - Alpha Papa (Extended Mix)
20. Union Jack - Cactus - (Airwave's Dark And Long Remix)
21. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Kubrick
22. Lio Q - A Non Domino (RPO Remix)
23. Orkidea - Nana (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
24. John 00 Fleming - We Close Doors
25. Optimuss - Saturn
26. Paul Anthonee, Haze-M, Inner Rebels - The Love Is Over Feat. Haptic
27. Kalden Bess - UNDFND Kontrol
28. Artbat - Wall
29. Tom Hades ,Irregular Synth - Witches (Stigmata Remix)
30. Royal Wolf - Crveni Djavoli (Roby M Rage Remix)
31. John 00 Fleming & Roby M Rage - The Devils Gates Of Heaven
32.Basil O’Glue - The Mars Project
33.Aquya - Subsystem (You Are My Salvation Remix)
34. Airwave - Dancing Desperado
35. Facade - October
36. Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance (Airwave's Cyberbreaks)
37. John 00 Fleming -Planet X
38.Robert Elster - Straight To Base
39. Allaby & Bedders - Hollywood
40. Visua - The Time Has Come
41. Visua - Dream On
42. The Digital Blonde- Argo
43. John 00 Fleming - Protected By Karma
44. E-Clip Vs Micky Noise - The One
45. Tim Bourne - Akasha
46. Tim Penner - The Guardian

John OO Fleming confirms first JOOF Editions vol. 4 details, inc. Ministry of Sound weekend Party News

Master of the deeper/darker/cooler trance arts, John 00 Fleming began the New Year with news of his first early ‘18 operations. Top of the info-drop was confirmation of a fourth volume in his eminent ‘Editions’ compilation series. With the first three each having posted top #1 positions on Beatport’s all-genres album chart, the expectation x anticipation axis for 4 is substantial. With a mid-Feb release date locked, bet on another ground/rule-breaking four-hour-plus safari through 2018’s progressive, tribal, deeper trance and melodic soundfields.

To give ‘Editions 4’ the reception it deserves, John has lined up a singular night of clubbing for Friday Feb 16th (release weekend for the album).

‘4’ will go to the floor for a one-off OTC expedition at London’s immortal Ministry Of Sound. Long known for its fulsome weekly DJ line-ups, John will join the very-short-indeed honour roll of spinners offered an all-night-long set in The Box at The Gallery.

Trance vet? Well then you’ll know what to expect! If you’ve never witnessed one DJ hold dominion over a floor for six hours straight, this is rite of clubbing passage you owe yourself to take. One way or another, it will be a trip, and a small moment in clubbing history to boot. Tickets have gone on sale: you can secure yours here.

For those looking to make a JOOF weekend of it, the word only gets better. Pushing the boundaries again, John will headline ASOT’s first ever Progressive-dedicated stage/hall on the 17th (the night after the MoS/Gallery launch). Having picked up the phone and masterminded proceedings with Armin van Buuren (hear more on what he had to say about that here), John will bring the sound he’s championed for the greater part of two decades to central Utrecht’s Jaarbeurs arena.

More info on ‘Editions 4’s tracklist, artwork and release will soon follow!