New music: Andrew Rayel & Bogdan Vix & KeyPlayer ft. Roxana Constantin - Soul On The Run [InHarmony Music]

One week new, but still new! Andrew Rayel, Bogdan Vix, Keyplayer and Roxana Constantin teamed up for the first time and just released Soul on the run with InHarmony Music.

At first read I said: Ok. Cool. New vocalist, new team for a new track. At first listen tough, I was impressed. Even tough this might not be the tranciest track (after some purists), it is still a very good track. I like it. No. I love it. I have it on repeat right now, and it is not only because I am writing about it. I enjoy it. I enjoy the fresh vocals, the piano, the strength, the energy.

A high-octane team-up between Andrew Rayel and Bogdan Vix & KeyPlayer, Soul On The Run finds the middle ground between unequaled power and soul-stirring emotion. Embellished by a tear-drawing breakdown with delicate piano play and Roxana Constantin's angelic vocals, this cut captures the essence of all that Trance music is about.

This track has Andrew's sound and power, Bogdan's soft touch and Keyplayer's well known piano. Roxana comes and completes it perfectly with her crystalline voice. It is a very nice mix. It is driving and quite amazing to wake up to in the morning. 3 minutes dance parties never been better!

It puts me in a very good mood, and that is always a plus for a track. It also reminds of Snatt Dragos (the track is in his memory): the DJ, the artist, the friend, the man. He was a pillar for the Romanian Trance Scene and he will never be forgotten. For everything he's done, for everything he dreamed of. They couldn't honor him better than this.

Track was out on December 1st and you can grab your copy here: It is definitely worth it.


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New track in my cart alert! Airborn, Bogdan Vix and KeyPlayer are on the run. They released a lot of amazing tracks this year, and 3UPHORIA makes no exception! The track was released yesterday exclusively on Beatport, but it is in the trancers's hearts for at almost 2 weeks now, since Armin played it in A State of Trance 838!

Airborn, Bogdan Vix & Keyplayer are becoming something of a fixture here at Essentializm and we LOVE it! Following on from their previous instrumentals 'Kaleidoscope' and 'Liberation' which have received heavy play around these parts, the boys are back with their latest offering '3uphoria'. On the menu are Baleric vibes with a progressive and uplifting flavour, best served: LOUD!

When I clicked play, I didn't expect something like this. I didn't expect to literally take me into an euphoria. The track is sensitive; it is something I cannot find the right words to describe. That piano is a lot to handle.  It touches your heart in a way you get the chills. The chills of happiness, of pure joy. I fell in love at first listen. It gave me that state of "Dance like no one is watching". I am writing this after a 30 minutes dance party with this track on repeat and do not regret a second of it. It was great to re-charge my energy after a strong day at work with this track and to enjoy every feeling of it.

I am really happy they chose to work together, because the results are astonishing. And I really hope they will do even more next year. You can grab your copy now from Beatport, or stream it on Spotify! All other buying or streaming options are right here: and will be available starting November 27.

What do you think about the track? Did it gave you the same chills? Did you experienced something else? Let me know!


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New Track: Airborn & Bogdan Vix feat. Keyplayer - Kaleidoscope

We're back! We're finally back! After a looooong period trying to solve our technical issues, is finally back and running.

It seems legit to start our posts again with some news about romanian trance (romanian + estonian trance)! There is a new track ”travelling” on Social Media right now, an exciting collaboration between Airborn, Bogdan Vix and Keyplayer, called Kaleidoscope. Even though, I got to listen to it quite later, after a couple of days, I am glad I hit the play button, because it sounds amazing!

I heard some collaborations between Vix and Keylayer before (Snatt & Vix feat. Keyplayer - Skyrise) and enjoyed a lot. Since that track sounded perfectly, it was necessary for these guys to do a new track again. I am glad they called Airbon into this one too, cause he's a really great music man. I still remember when I first found out about him and his track ”Hym of heavens”, a track I had it on repeat around 2 weeks. It is that good!

The new track - Kaleidoscope is amazing. And it already got support from Armin Van Buuren in A State Of Trance #764 and nice feedback from the listeners. I fell in love with the piano, with the melody, with everything! There is no need for the technical talks about the track. Just close your eyes, and enjoy the music. Simple as that.

That's why I am writing to you about it too, so you hit the play button, enjoy it and also vote for it as Future Favorite! You can vote in 3 click here.

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What do you think about the track? Should these guys keep collaborating?

Also, don't forget that the track will be officially released on RazNitzan Music - Essentializm on May 30, on Beatport! Trance on!