New track: Alessandra Roncone & Jak Aggas - Vivi La Musica [Degenerate Records]

A new track that caught my ears lately is the latest one from Alessandra Roncone, a collaboration with Jak Aggas, called Vivi La Musica, out with Degenerate Records.

And it caught me because of its simplicity. Because it is easy to listen. Because it is a very nice declaration for music and about music. I really like it. It starts powerful, it continues with a very nice uplifting melody and it gives you that good vibe you may need from time to time.

To be honest the meaning of the track is in what I say: music is not just music. Music is life and we have to let it flow inside us. This was the meaning. I made the melody as always: a normal arp following the chords I choose for the break. Nothing different from others of my tracks. It may seem like a simple meaning to the track, but it is what it is. Not as big in meaning as 'For Our Angels', but bold in statement: Don't just listen the music, but live it! - Alessandra

I also like the voices on it. Plus, its statement (told through Alessandra's voice): "La vita è musica. Falla scorrere dentro di te." (Music is life. Let it flow inside you). A very simple statement, but one that means a lot. A lot about trance music, about any music we might like and listen to every day. 

And to be clear: I heard a lot of rumours about who is actually working on its own music or not, about who is using help or not. And I do not care. The truth is known only by the people involved, and it shouldn't impact our attitude towards music. If a track is good, it is good no matter what. No matter who worked on it or not. No matter who needed help or not. No matter who's name is on it or not. Music is music and it shouldn't be lead by names, but by the actual feelings it gives us. 

Vivi La Musica is a good track and you should have it in your playlist too. Grab your copy here:

Captain JoC speaking: Next Stop Muddy Waters [Subculture]

Ohhh yes! This track speaks for itself. This artist needs no introduction. This release promotes itself. John O'Callaghan release last week on February 16th Next Stop Muddy Waters under Subculture, of course, and it is mint! Not less than you'd expect, but a whole lot more! It is sitting in the Top 10 Trance Tracks (no.6 while I am writing this) for a reason!

Leaving the piano-rich, upliftingly themed vistas of ‘Trees’ behind, the Irishman’s next singles juncture sees him head down a markedly different road. Harsher, harder, leaner, faster and altogether later night in its appeal, this is JOC at his most stripped down and pugnaciously ramped-up. An ID set weapon at his shows stretching back to last summer, ahead of its final uncloaking in December, no small measure of fan speculation accompanied its progress.

The track is energy to the core and it drove me good mad when I first listened to it. Mad because of the hype, mad because of the excitement, mad because this track is too gorgeous. It also had an old vibe in it, a vibe that made me think of the early stages of my trance journey. How curious I was about everything and how every sound gave me a different sensation. This track is all in one. It is about the memories, the happiness, the curiosity, the ups and downs.

Primed through bold drums, bracing tempo, three-dimensional bass and no short order of riding percussion and acidic pH-pow, ‘Next Stop’ displays the toughest of sonic signatures. Punching hard around trance’s midrange, churning, curling and finally all-out blistering 303 send its mercury flying. Converging around an unfurling synth struck mainline, John manipulates the two elements to conspire a drop that’ll leave other tracks for dust.

‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’… is out and you can grab your copy now, here.


ON PROMO: Manuel Le Saux & TrancEye - Endless Horizon (Original + Nikolauss #140 Remix)

Lately I am listening  a lot of promos that Andrei is receiving, so I was thinking of starting a new thread here on Trancers: ON PROMO. I think some of the guys are really talented and some tracks are really really good. Even if they are smaller producers, even if they are bigger ones, they all deserve the support. You know, I always tried to support the artist I like, no matter what.

And how should I start this thread, if not with a huge track? This week, my favorite ”on promo” is Manuel Le Saux & TrancEye - Endless Horizon. Both the original and the #140 remix from Nikolauss. I won't go into technical talks here, I will talk just about my opinion about the tracks. Massive ones, powerful ones, these tracks are exactly what trance is all about: energy, feelings, emotion, life. I have them on repeat as I write this article. I had them on repeat for a couple of hours. That much I like them and that much I don't want ”the dream” to end.

If you wanna fell what I fell right now, you just have to close your eyes (after you red the article; haha) and imagine yourself running through the forest with me. Running and feeling no pain. Feeling just the energy. Feeling the power. We're not running from something. We're running to something. We're running to that  Endless Horizon. That Endless Horizon filled with joy. With happiness. With emotion. This is quite a collaboration and for sure one of my favorites from Manuel's album - Destiny. Also, the remix from Nikolauss is great. I could start talking about it even more, but I am afraid I won't be as objective as I should, since I heard this remix while in the making and I know all the ups and downs of it. (Living with a trance producer has its perks :D)

I really appreciate Manuel Le Saux and his work. He is a really great music man. A really great man. Some of you may know I already collaborate with him on his Extrema Global Music label, helping with Social Media and all the design work. Those new artworks are just the start of our journey. Working with him is pretty great and I am glad to be part of the family (next to Astuni and Andrei / Nikolauss).

I always loved also, what TrancEye did for trance music and my love for this music genre. He is amazing! I will never forget the emotions, the feelings, the goosebumps his tracks gave me. He is an amazing trance producer and I think he is not getting the recognition he deserves. And there it is. Another reason for me to start writing about tracks I like, artists I love and true music. True emotion. So more people hear about it, start to like it and enjoy the sounds of our souls.

The original track is not new for some of you, since you may have heard Manuel's album, but the remix is. Both, will be released as singles next week, exclusively on Beatport. So stay close. And don't forget to grab your copy. Trance on!