Short talk with Nick Parker

We're always trying to talk with trance producers and discover what triggers them to this genre and what makes them come with such beautiful tunes. We talked before with artists like Simon O'Shine, Manuel Le Saux, Alessandra Roncone, Emanuele Congeddu, but upcoming artists deserve a spot here too. This time we had a really nice chat with Nick Parker. Wanna know who is he and what he does? Check out this quick interview with him:

Let's start with the beginning. Who is Nick Parker - the artist? When the idea of producing music first crossed your mind?

Hello, first of all a big thank you for conducting this interview with me. I produce under the name Nick Parker. I believe we're all artists to some extent. What sets us apart is acting on it and going the extra mile. I developed a passion for uplifting trance after being introduced to it by a friend. It's hard to come up with a single moment that triggered the whole thing as much as it was a series of moments where I found myself capable of doing more than just listening. I wanted to express myself and Trance seemed like the perfect genre that translates my emotions.

Why trance? Why this music genre?

Trance is a very diverse genre that holds absolutely no limitations, you can pretty much jam any type of sound into it and it would fit. I had to go with Trance because despite it being melodic for the most part it can trigger all sorts of emotions and take you to whole different world, universe, galaxy, pretty much a ticket anywhere.

Who is Nick Parker in the day by day life? How would you describe your life?

I'm an Astrophysics student so my life is pretty much occupied with doing a lot of research. In my free time I produce music. If I had to describe my life i would probably say it's an endless search for answers.

How do you find inspiration for your tracks?

I'm often inspired by nature, previous or current life events if you find that link it becomes much easier to become expressive through melodies.

What influences you as an artist?

Pretty much everything. I learn from everyone involved in my genre, there are far too many inspiring people to look up to.

Which track had the biggest impact on your career till now?

I would say my latest release on Trancer Recordings ”Without You Now”, i've gotten a lot of positive feedback and support from very big names that I used to dream of being featured on their shows when I first started.

What are your plans for next year? Any upcoming gigs you can tell us about? Any special plans?

For now I'm committed to producing but I'm open for all ideas in the future. My plans are working with other producers and doing remixes as well. I have a few collaboration projects slowly coming to life so 2017 will be a very big year for me hopefully.

Top 10 trance tracks of all time?

In no particular order:

1. Andy Blueman - Time To Rest (Original Mix)
2. Mike Shiver - Morning Drive (Original Mix)
3. SYSTEM F - Out Of The Blue (Original Mix)
4. Afternova - Serenity ( Original Mix )
5. Luminary - Amsterdam (Super 8 & Tab Remix)
6. Aly & Fila - Key Of Life (Original Mix)
7. OceanLab Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Mix)
8. New World - Ushio (Emotional Intro Mix)
9. Aria - Dido (Armin Van Buuren's Universal Religion Remix)
10. Selu Vibra - Divine (Original Mix)

With which artist, would you like to swap the places for one day if you could?

It's gotta be Afternova, he is someone I've become very close to this year and he's truly a genius down to earth person with a lot of ideas and positive energy.

What do you think about the trance community?

It's a beautiful community and such a blessing to be a part of. I've met a lot of interesting people through the trance community that I can call friends.

Everyone has a hidden talent. What's yours?

I'm gonna go with being a good listener. I have a talent of bringing the best out of people i'm close to. It's no more a secret now.

We're reaching the end of this interview; do you have a message to our readers?

Thank you so much for reading and your continues support! Stay tuned for my upcoming release it will be worth it I promise. Thank you Oana for this interview and all the hard work you put into your interviews. You're doing a wonderful job!

Thank you Nick Parker, and you guys don't forget to follow him on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Beatport.

Also, always support your favorite artists and keep listening to this awesome music. Trance on!