On the Road: The Time Machine, Milan [+Extrema Global Music team reunion]

Well, this not fresh news, but we're going to Milan in a couple of days for The Time Machine! We're gonna experience a 6 hours b2b set with the amazing Extrema friends Manuel Le Saux and Astuni on March 18, all powered by Trance Gate events.

I will be able to enjoy a night full or trance classics. Even if some of the tracks may be older than me (much older), I am huge fan of classics and I am always giving my heart and soul on the dance floor when I hear them.

Sorted hotel, plane tickets one month ago and my excitment levels are going higher every day! I am finally gonna personally meet the two guys I am working with for a year now on the Extrema Global Music. Both of them, Manuel and Astuni are artists I'm following for quite a while now and to finally see them playing is one of this year's goals. I am pretty sure I don't have to worry about the tracklist, they are amazing at sorting tracks for an unforgetable night.

Aaaand I have some big plans for 2017 starting this trip! If everything goes well, this would be the #ontheroad vlog you'll see from me and one from many more to come! I will try to keep you posted as much as I can.

Will reunite in real life with the two guys and I can't wait. Even if for them is kinda of a short trip, I am planning to take advantage of it as much as I can. Also, I can't wait to recreate this pic. ^_^

PS. You can follow the event here: FB event.



ON THE ROAD: Luminosity 2016

Ohhh well, I was announcing the other days that I will start a new series here: ON THE ROAD, series that will show everything that happens when we're on the move at the trance events we attend! And today we're finally make it official with this post about Luminosity 2016!

Hell yeah! After a couple of years following the event, having on repeat the sets and dreaming about getting there, this year we made it happen. Booked tickets in January, found housing in February and finally bought plane tickets in March, we're right now counting the days till the madness begins.

Quick inside about the event: Luminosity is one of the best trance festivals and it takes place at Beachclub Fuel in Blomendaal, Netherlands. It is a 3 days event, from Friday till Sunday and it usually ends with an amazing trance classics after party at Panama Club in Amsterdam. It is a day type event, starting from 12:00 pm and ending around 23:00. It is on the beach and each year gets bigger and bigger.

Since last year Andrei had two tracks played there (Orion played by Manuel Le Saux and Trancendence (remix by Johan Ekman) played by Johan Ekman), this we couldn't miss it and we had to be a part of it. Hopefully, there will be more Nikolauss tracks played.

I am so excited and for the first time in my life I am really looking forward to a summer holiday (usually I work during holidays). I am excited because I get to be part of this amazing event, I get to meet a lot of amazing people and enjoy really really good music. Plus, a lot of Romanians are coming. ^_^

The line up is just perfect. It speaks for itself. And it got all the tickets SOLD OUT. There is no need for more details:

Friday: Markus Schulz, Sean Tyas, Jordan Suckley, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Will Atkinson, Hazem Beltagui, Chirs Metcalfe, Suncatcher (yeah! We have our own Romanian Trance producer in the line up!), Menno de Jong, The Thrillseekers, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Adam Ellis, Dreamy, Talla 2XLC, Eddie Bitar, Stonface & Terminal, RE:Locate vs Robert Nickson, Allan Morrow, Shugz, Andromedha

Saturday: John O'Callaghan, Bryan Kearney, John Askew, Liquid Soul, Signum, Sied Van Riel, Standerwick, Gai Barone, Andy Moor, Max Graham, John 00 Fleming, Daniel Kandi, Airwave, Mark Sherry, Alex Di Stefano, Orkidea, Arctic Moon, Photographer, Simon O'Shine, Rex Mundi, Daniel Skyver, Lostly

Sunday: Paul Van Dyk, Eddie Halliwell (Bosh set), Super8 & Tab (Anjunabeats classics), Kai Tracid (Classics), Indecent Noise (Hardtrance classics), Union Jack (Platipus classics), Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon 90s Classics), Binary Finary (classics), Richard Durand, Sneijder, Vini Vici, James Dymond, Darren Porter, Temple One, Sam Jones, UCast, Cold Blue, Robert Nickson pres RNX.

There is no need to say I don't know which one I am going to right now, I am still trying to cover them all. ^_^ Hopefully these days, a timetable will be available and I will be able to make some sort of schedule. But knowing me, I will most definitely won't keep it. The instincts will play a huge role here. I have so many favorites, so many tracks I want to hear, that in my mind right now is something like this:

Credits to Mayukh Goswami

There is no need to tell that I want to meet even more trancers there. Just look for the small brunette with the Romanian Flag and a trancers.ro / Trancers gonna trance  T shirt , say hi and give her a hug. I always said Trance is connecting awesome people and I am sure my trance family will become even bigger after Lumi. I will try to write every week till the event and daily from there. Also, the plan is to show you the full experience with videos and photos , so follow me on Trancers.ro. Trance on and see you there!

Don't forget to follow Luminosity in social media too: Event, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel.