Happiness refresh: Maria Healy - Bay Breeze [GO Music]

I knew about the track coming and I was sure of a love at first listen. Maria Healy just released a new track: Bay Breeze with GO Music on January 25th and it's pure happiness!

This track is something refreshing. At least for me. It instantly put a huge smile on my face when I hit play. It turns each small moment into happiness. Into playfulness. I enjoy how this track makes me have a little dance party on my desk and how it brightens my day; my night; my everything. I enjoy slightly banging my head right and left on the beat. This is a track that makes you put in on repeat.

This track is a happiness refresh. If you feel down, or just don't have a good day, a good moment, this track is a right one to press play to. Or only if you just want to smile like stupid (like me actually right now), hit play. That is exactly what I am doing for the last couple of hours, since I bought my copy. :D

Maria is an artist I follow pretty much lately and I am in love with her work. I am looking forward to see her behind the decks at Luminosity this summer. Looking forward to hear this track while dancing in the hot sand of the Zandvoort beach.

I enjoyed seeing her sign this with GO Music, a label we all follow religiously. Not only because of Giuseppe, but also of his right sense for good music and awesome artists. Maria really deserves this signing and I am looking forward too many more!

Support the artist and buy your copy: gomusic.choons.at/baybreeze.


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New track: Alex Ryan - Cala Conta [Vandit]

Anyone who’s ever made the trip (and guessing that’s a fair few of you) quickly finds their favourite Cala on Ibiza. Whether you figure on Figueretas, feel the bass of Bassa, lounge on Llonga, dart for d’Hort, go turbo for Carbo, or shuck yer shorts on Salinas, quite simply everyone’s got their spot!

For Alex Ryan, its Conta – a sandy enclave due west of San An, that quite clearly has made a special impression on the young producer. Returning to VANDIT’s ranks this week after his club hit ‘Atlantis’ stole hearts back in March, ‘Cala Conta’s a track that’s has soul to bare and spirit to burn.

If ‘Conta’ the track is anything to go by, Conta is indeed a place worth hitting. Sprung on a base of influential kicks, flamed percussion and sonorous bass, Alex stirs up its ether through female vocal harmonics. Every bit as engaging, its sub-melody sets it on its course to the break, where iridescent pads, translucent synths and, finally, ripping elevation await.

Moving, magical, inspiring or just plain up-for-it, whatever you seek, ‘Cala Conta’ will deliver. It’s available now through VANDIT here: https://www.beatport.com/release/cala-conta/2336860.




New Track: Craig Connelly feat. Kate Miles - Lost without you [Subculture]

There is no doubt, Subculture is one of THE trance labels to follow constantly. There is no doubt they release choon after choon and that they never settle for less than greatness. And their latest release: Craig Connelly feat. Kate Miles - Lost without you, makes no exception. He definitely knows how to start a new year! After releasing last year his debut album - One Second Closer (a master piece of an album), he kick starts 2018 with this very nice collaboration with Kate Miles!

With her voice instilling its emotional core, ‘Lost Without You’s lyrical theme will resonate with many, and far beyond the walls of a club.  Craig equalizes Kate’s lament with chord & pad empathy, a prime time chiming tempo, and synths, strings & bass that speak directly to the dancefloor. Trance elevation cut from classic production cloth, if you’re in need of New Year uplift, step this way!

Of course, I had the track on repeat today. To write about it, and to dream. To dream about love, happiness and pure joy. Because that is the vibe this track is giving me. Kate's dreamy voice perfectly completes Craig's power within the instrumental. It is an emotional track, and of course quite uplifting. I am pretty sure, a lot of voices will be lost singing along this on the dance floor. Because is it that good.

The track was out today and you can grab you copy from here: subculture.choons.at/lostwithoutyou. I grabbed mine and an sure I will be listening to it for the next days literally EVERYWHERE. Will test it at the gym to, but in my mind it already works pretty well with some cardio.

What about you? What do you think about the track?

New track: Amir Hussain & Sarah Lynn - Colour of Your Heart [Amsterdam Trance Records]

Did I ever tell you how much I like Amir Hussain? And not only because he looks kinda cute (:D), but because he is a true music man! And that is (of course) better than anything else. :)

Lately I have been more into his music, and not only because he recognized me and my blog while at Luminosity (still hypped about it), but because I burst out of my bubble to see what else is out there beside my musical obsessions. (We'll talk about them later this year). And I don't regret a thing about it. His music is top notch and he deserves all the support in the world. I know I am always saying that about the artists I write, but it is true.

He released last week a very nice colaboration with Sarah Lynn - Color of Your Heart. The track is also the Theme song for Horizons Festival 2017 and it was released with Amsterdam Trance Records (old Razn Nitzan Music). Beside being a fan of Amir Hussain, I also like the vocals of Sarah. She has such a nice and crystalline warm voice and every tune she touches is a "on repeat" for me.

I am very visual person. Being also a designer that makes me always see tracks coming to life in front of me. It makes me feel like touching all those sounds and dance together. And Color of Your Heart made me fall into a dream. An eyes open dream, where I am in my happy place. My happy colorful place, where my heart literally goes through the whole spectrum and turnes into a rainbow. It took me out of the dark place, the place that makes me feel small. The place where I lost all my inspiration. It took me out of all that and it gave me lots of mixed feelings. Lots of happy thoughts. Lots of all those words I needed to be back here.

You know me. I don't talk about technicalities. I do not care about basslines, breakdowns, leads or stuff like that. I do not even know too much about them. I care about how a track makes me feel. I care about the goosebumps. I care about those endless dancing moments with the track on repeat.

And Amir's track definitely did all these for me cuz' I am listening to it for 2 hours now and I didn't get bored of it. And I know for sure, I will get my colleagues crazy again with having it on repeat at the office too. When a track is this good, I cannot help it. I play it. I dance on it. I go to my trance state of mind and completely lose myself in it. And, repeat. That easy. Amir got it really right with this one and I am happy to be able to listen and write about it.

Tha track got a lot of support (obviously) from Armin in ASOT 830 and 831, from Aly & Fila, Photographer, Allen Watts, Steve Allen, Mike Saint-Jules and many more. And it got support because it deserves it. It also got into Beatport's Top 100 Trance and it is sitting as we speak on the 11th place! Very close to Top 10, I really hope it goes there. I know I gave it a little push, by grabbing my copy. You can grab yours here.

Also, don't forget to support him and Sarah on their socials. Amir was lately quite active and I really hope to catch him on a Fb live again soon. ;)

And if you like what I am talking about here, just wait to see what I have in store for you. I know I always promise lots of things, but this time it is for real. I am out of my dark place and ready to rock (trance!). And like I said, Amir's track had a little something with me getting back some inspiration. Thank you for that!


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