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Looking for a trancer to trance with

This is a post I never thought possible to write, but here it is! is a project very close to my heart and for a long time it's been a "one man" job. But lately, the project grew up so much, and it is in need for some help. 

I am looking for someone who loves trance music and who also likes to share thoughts on it. Someone who doesn't necessarily follow the trends, and looks for good tracks anywhere. Someone who wants his/ her voice heard and wants to learn more about the industry. Someone I will be proud to work with and share the advantages of this project.

Love for trance music is the biggest quality I am looking for, but there are some technical requirements too. If you: 

  • know your way around English 
  • like to write 
  • have a thing for storytelling
  • are a teamplayer

Give me a message: on email:, Facebook page, here, wherever you feel comfortable to. If you also have any question, again, send a message. 

You can find a history of events I collaborated with here, interviews I took here and other articles on the blog. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Trance on! 

Trance Horizons: The Next Journey with Mark Sixma, Matt Bukovski and Antony Waldhorn

The guys from Sounday Events never stop! They had their first event last year with Alexander Popov, Dj Feel, Nikolauss and Deepshader and they continue! They announced a while ago the next journey, this time with Mark Sixma, Matt Bukovski, Anthony Waldhorn and WAYR on February 24th at Atrium Concert Hall!

After waiting for so long, they finally announced the new event, and I could not be happier! Mark Sixma is amazing behind the decks and his music is perfect! Matt Bukovski releases true trance music and he will make me goosebump a lot! Saw him last at Luminosity, and he had a real pleasure of a set!

Tickets are on sale online. You can grab yours here: You can also buy tickets locally from the Afisha's office on Ion Neculce Street, no. 5 every Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Price is only 200 MLD (aprox. 40 Ron or 9 euro). 

They also have a nice contest for those music talented people who would like to open up the event. They ask only for a one hour proper warm up mix. Interested? They have more info here. Good luck!

I will definitely be there and enjoy another trance party with the Moldavian Trance Family. We already are a couple of people that will be joinig this from Iasi, and we all cannot wait! 

Trance on! See you there!

5+ reasons I am not missing Paul Van Dyk - From Then On @Kristal Club, Bucharest

This is getting closer and closer with each day. I cannot belive there are only 2 weeks till I go to Bucharest to experience what sounds like an amazing event. ^_^ I have no doubts I will enjoy every minute of it and I cannot wait to be there.

Beside me beeing really excited to be there, I also have some specific reason of why I chose to go and why I am expecting nothing but greatness from it:

1. Paul Van Dyk. The trance god himself is coming back to Romania. Even tough I never saw him playing in Romania before, but in other countries, I cannot wait to experience his work once again. He is an amazing DJ and his live sets are to die for. Also, he is one of my trance crushes, so no other words needed.

2. Jordan Suckley. This man is an amazing artist and a true show-man. If you are not following his journeys on his Social Media accounts, then you're losing something great! His scratches, his playings with the decks are great and I cannot wait to experience those live.  I always like when a DJ is more than a DJ behind the decks and when there is something extra added to the performance.

3. Bogdan Vix. It's been a hard year for him, for the trance community and for the Romanian Trance scene. He got through all of what happened with all the goods and the bads and he seems to be doing a lot of great music lately and getting a lot of support. (3uphoria just got released. Take a listen and grab your copy. It will definitely worth it.) I am glad he does this last trance event for us for this 2017 and I hope he will not stop here. 2018 already sounds promising. I heard some rummors. ;)

4. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - I first saw him at Luminosity and he had a really good set. I want to repeat that experience. Plus, there are some of his tracks that I will never forget: An Angel's Love (w Sylvia Tosun), The Reason (w Natalie Gioia) and others that make me his forever fan.

5. A new TRANCE gathering. I am always saying trance is connecting good people and that the trance family is something really good for the world. I cannot wait to see some dearly missed faces and to reconnect. It has been a while since we last saw each other and nothign compares with a good old get around face to face (not just online) with all the memories and plans for future getaways.

New trip to trance heaven. Amazing music to celebrate again and again. This reason doesn't need a number. It is the first, the second, the third, the forever reason for every event I chose to go to. I love this music so much. It is a huge part of my life and I cannot imagine what I'd do if it weren't for TRANCE music and all its feelings.

Do you think it this enough to let people not miss this event? Do you have more thoughts? Just let me know below! Trance on!

Trance places to visit: Bistro Moo (Iasi)

Ever wondered what a trancer does in his spare time? Beside listening to trance all day long and supporting her favorite music and artists? A trancer, of course, like any other simple human beeing does eat, does go out, does enjoy some of the best places in town, etc. But a trancers that blogs also writes about them. They may not play trance music inside, but I had to associate it with a trance masterpiece. So hit play and enjoy my story. :)

The other day I've been invited to test out a new place in Iasi: Bistro Moo. New as in "re-branded" and switched to the food industry, 'cuz they were already seelling the best ice cream in town for a couple of years under Moo Cafe. I've heard about the change,  and I hoped they won't give up on the sweetso. I was also expecting something at the same quality level as their ice cream. For someone who does it that good, there were small chances for them to screw up with the food.

Before feeding us, the Bistro people made us feel welcomed. With a smile, some good words and an amazing mood. They also told us some stories about home made pasta and even let us try cutting some from the special pasta machine. Beeing a pasta fan that was pretty incredible to watch. I tried my best to also find out the recipe, but the chef wasn't coping. :D

A post shared by ( on

All good, all awesome. The served us with some good wine (Their selection is a pretty great one) and asked us what have we choosed from the menu. Since I am on a diet, I tried my best not to order some pizza or some pasta and I went with some grilled salmon and vegetables. And that was one of the best cooked pieces of salmon I have ever had. Charcoal grilled salmon. And steamed juicy vegetables. Treated also with a very nice lemon juice sauce. Hungry yet?

I also got the chance to taste their cooked pasta. Went for tagliatelle alla bolognese. The pasta tasted good, but I was a little bit surprised by the sauce. Maybe I was expecting too much, cuz my trips to Italy this year influenced my taste buds too much (haha). Even though it wasn't what I expected, it tasted good and I can say Bistro Moo is one of the few places in town where you can have good pasta.

Also, did I told you yet about their sweets too? They started with them and they will never give up. They have the best gelato in town and of course some of the best sweets. If you're ever craving for an eclair, this is the place to go. I just tasted the one with pistachio and a little bit of another one with walnuts and they were a-ma-zing! Nothing compares with a good not too sweet, but very tasty eclair. Taste buds went to heaven and back and all that thanks to the talented people from Bistro Moo.

My fellow trance Italians have a flag: Pasta, pizza and party hard. And those were the first words that crossed my mind when I entered Bistro Moo. All reorganized. All linked to Italy and its good food and awesome taste. It made me think of them instantly and I am sure the place will have a special place in my heart because of that. But also because of the food and sweets I had there. And the wine. You know, I like wine.

If you ever come to Iasi, you might want to check this place. Your taste buds will definitely be pleased and you'll never walk out of there hungry. The choices they have are for all tastes and ages and the place is warm and cozy. If you are a local, you'll definitely become a regular. They also have a business menu, that changes every day, so you can explore something new with every lunch. You can find out more about them on their Facebook page.

If you liked this story, you want to follow for the next ones. If you ever looked for a place to visit, to eat or  to hang out in your trance quests and couldn't find exactly what you needed, well I'll be sharing more in the upcoming months. Trance on!

Trance Gate Winter Edition with Gai Barone, Cold Blue and Shugz

Italy is a very special country for me. Beside having great food and wine, they also have beautiful trance people. People which I met this year. People I am already missing too much. Yes. They are crazy party people, but amazing ones to have beside you while singing along and dancing to yout favorite tunes.

And on December 2nd, Trance Gate has its Winter Edition and invited some really cool artists on the line-up: Cold Blue, Gai Barone and Shugz.

So, when I saw this event I said there is no way I could miss it, but I haven't discovered how to teleport myself yet.  My first time in Milan was amazing. The city, the hotel, the venue were perfect. So, I can't belive I cannot repeat the experience again this year. The Romanian Trance Community is already partying on December 1st with Paul Van Dyk, and available flights are not helping me to get there on time. Buuuuut, I will definitely recover with their next event next year!

If this event is possible for you, don't miss it. The venue is great and the sound is perfect. I am pretty sure everything will be ok and that this will be an event to remember.

Full line-up:

Gai Barone (ita)
 Cold Blue (Ger)
Shugz Music (Uk)
Opening by: Francesco Sambero

Other info:
- VENUE: SPACE 25 Toffetti
- SATURDAY 02/12/2017
- START: 23.00 (Closing: 05.00)
- TICKETS: Only Door-tickets | price: 20€
- Infoline: +39 3289650326

Facebook RSVP
Trance Gate On Facebook 

Trance memories of this summer: TND stage at Timeshift [Day 1/3]

I was editing the photos the other days and all the feels hit me back! The TrancENDance stage at Timeshift was the highlight of this year for the Romanian Trance Community. I wrote about the festival and my expectations here, so I won't be bothering you again with these. I will just tell THE story.

Even though the festival started on Thursday, the first day meant for me and for a lot of people Friday. Friday, because that was the first day with trance music. The first day where we could go and enjoy the sets of Hazem Beltagui, Estiva, Ruben de Ronde, Cosmic Gate, John O Callaghan, Ben Nicky and Bogdan Vix.

And this above picture sums it all for me: amazing music, people and great artists. Of course I chose John O'Callaghan as representative for the first night, because it was the best set of the night (at least for me). It was the set that made me put down the camera, the phone and just enjoy every second of it. Starting with Two Trees and going on with so many amazing tracks, from which I remember: John O'Callaghan ft. Audrey Gallaghar - Big Sky, John O' Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself, Cold Blue - Once in Time, Maria Healy - Desiderata (Giuseppe Ottaviani remix) made indeed a perfect set. I would love to re-live it, but sadly there is nowhere to be found. Aaaand the highlight of the highlight set was when John played one of my all time favorties: PPK - Ressurection. That made me go all goosebumpy and forget about the world. The only things that mattered were right there. On the dancefloor. The music. The artist. Me. My friends.

Of course I enjoyed the others sets too. Of course I enjoyed seeing again my duo music crush Cosmic Gate and relive all the nice memories I have with them. The crowd went crazy on their set. No matter if it was a newer track or a classic we grew up with. I enjoyed seeing Ben Nicky and the crazy man he is.

I enjoyed Ruben De Ronde's set and I still belive he is the right man for the job when we talk about warm-ups for a great party. I am not too much into the progressive / warm up sound because I am the type of girl that could go straight into crazy mode on the dancefloor at any time and I prefer the more uplifting part of trance. I listen to progressive at the office, I am ok with it at events and I get the need of it, but 3 full sets of that were a bit too much for me for the first day of Timeshift. I am not saying I didn't enjoyed them. Hazem Belatgui had a really good set and crushed my soul into pieces when he played Paul Van Dyk - New York City (do not recall if it was the original, a remix; I am too bad in properly recognizing this). Estiva is an uber energetic man and I liked what he did with and for the crowd. I just got into a point where I was very close to boredomness. I just wanted a change in the rythm. But that's just me. Beside that, I enjoyed seeing the crowd feeling it. I enjoyed seeing the crowd sing along almost every song and have a great time.

It was overall a very good day and I am happy I got the chance to reconnect with some friends. I am glad I got to see again Bogdan Vix, the man that hold the fort for 3 full days for all of us. It was a very emotional reunion for the whole community as well, because of all that happened with Snatt and we knew this event happened because of him and his dreams too. Snatt & Vix was (and still is) a representative duo for Romania and for the Romanian Trance Scene. Huge huge thanks to them for keeping it alive and kicking!

DSC_0699 copy

If I would have to mention some of the downsides of this festival, these would be: bad/ pour management/ organization, pricy, but very pricy, and few to zero security. It all began with me going for my press badge and waiting for it for around one full hour. Don't get me wrong. I am not in for the free pass hunt. I am in this for the music. And for all the artists I appreciate and try to support every day. But, if I can take the blog with me I will take it everywhere. It is a part of me. It is the part where I tell all my trance stories. Either it is all unicorns and rainbows, either it's not.

I need at least a paragraph or 2 to let it all out (well, the long story short, at least.) The organization and people behind the festival were a bit overwhelmed by the situations. At the entrance no one would check your bag or at least your entrance pass. No one seemed to care a bit about security. No one seemed to care too much about the consequences about not properly check the people entering at the event.

The TrancENDance stage was the best stage that could happen to this festival. It was the soul of it. It made it the soul for me. Timeshift couldn't be the festival it was without it, no matter what others might say. I know this business can be pretty harsh, and it is not that easy to manage a festival of this magnitude, but the only good thing was the TND stage. The artists, the music, the people and the overall management of things. Kudos to Bogdan, Eko and the other nice people that put their lives, their souls into making this happen! Trance on!

DSC_0041 copy

Interviewing artists: AIRBASE

I am saying this in every interview, but it is real! Every interview I have is very special to me and each one has a special place in my heart. This time, Airbase "takes the stand" and makes me over joyed. Met him at Luminosity for the first time and instantly fell in love with the nice man he is. My music crushes are my music crushes and the most special crushes in my life. Of course I had to ask him if he wants to have an interview with Of course I also ambushed him with my #IHaveAThingForTranceProducers photo and I am thrilled he didn't say no.

A couple of days ago I sent him my interview and he replied quite quick. But imagine my face looking even more surprised when I read his answers. He really invested the time to answer and make this even more special. Thank you, Jezper! And you , trancers take your time to read all of his answers and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Trance on!

Hey Jezper, nice to speak to you. How are you doing? Where are you reading this interview?

Hello, thanks for having me! I’m great, just in the middle of a long vacation. I’m doing this interview from inside a sailing boat in the Swedish west coast archipelago. I know I should be outside, but the sun is taking it’s toll on my not so sun resistant skin. :)

Let’s start with the beginning. Who is Airbase and when did the idea to produce music first occur?

Airbase is me, Jezper Söderlund, a 36 year old guy living in Sweden. I come from a very musical family, so I’ve been actively listening to music for as long as I can remember. I was super hooked on the early nineties euro techno wave (2 unlimited, Capella, Ice MC etc). During a vacation with relatives in Finland (I’m 50 % Finnish), I was introduced to a software called Scream Tracker by one of my cousins. I was immediately hooked. I got a copy of it on a 3,5“ diskette, and got busy when I got home. Scream Tracker led to Fast Tracker, and later on I moved to Cubase. I was making so much (crappy) music back then. I had moved on a bit from the euro dance, getting into more German music (Members of Mayday, RMB etc) and somehow discovered trance music around the time Ferry, Armin and Tiesto really started to nail the modern trance sound. So I learned a lot about arrangement of trance music and tried to replicate and understand what makes a good track. From there on, I just tried to get better. So … that’s how it started.

Why trance? Why did you choose this music genre?

I don’t know, I guess I discovered trance at just the right time. It was the right sound for my mind at that time. I loved the melodic nature and energy of euro dance, but was also totally hooked on symphonic music after seeing the old movie The Rock. It was the first time I really noticed the music in a movie. I’m such a sucker for the melancholic sound of symphonic music, and to me, trance music was the mix of high energy melodic dance music with that anthemic and symphonic feel to it.

How would you describe the day by day Airbase? How would you describe your life?

Oh, that is quite boring. I’m not spending as much time in the studio or on the road as I used to. These days I keep busy with other projects, there’s so much I want to do. I’m one of the founders of the largest tech podcast in Sweden, we’ve been going since 2009 and won multiple awards for best podcast within the science and technology category. I’m also currently working on a new online service for charity. Basically we’re letting anyone contribute to charity when shopping online, for free (we make the stores they shop from pay). And every once in a while, I’m in the studio.

What do you consider to be your biggest musical accomplishment when you look back in the past till now?

This is a tough one. I can’t say any specific track, remix or event. I believe the biggest musical accomplishment for me is that I’ve simply made a name for myself in this genre. I was such a big fan of trance music before releasing my own music. To now be a part of the scene I was such a fan of, means a lot to me. Most people with any reasonable interest in trance music knows who I am, and that is very humbling. Basically, being a part of the whole trance music industry and history feels like my greatest musical accomplishment.

Which single track that you’ve produced has had the greatest impact on your career?

That must be Denial with Floria Ambra. It is funny, the tracks you least expect to have an impact, most often has the most (Escape was written in a few hours, basically as an album filler). Denial was basically thrown together in a few days, due to a super short deadline for In Search of Sunrise. We were pretty sure they wouldn’t go for it, but they did. It also led to being part of Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise Tour which took me to London O2 Arena, Tomorrowland, Privilege @ Ibiza and Scotland. It was an awesome tour!

How do you find inspiration for your tracks? Do these tracks tell a story? Are they a part of your life?

I’m not much for telling stories with my music. It’s more of a emotional journey for me. Perhaps you’ve noticed many of my tracks have long intros. I really like to build the setting, and then get on the journey. I’ve always been a big fan of Hybrid, they’re extremely talented with building a musical journey, they’ve been my inspiration for a long time. Content wise, I’m always inspired by other music, but never trance. I can find small things in the strangest of genres that I think I could bring in to trance music. I have a Spotify playlist specifically to save away certain tracks with small elements I would like to do something with. It can be anything little as a weird drum fill, a certain chord change, atmosphere or FX work.

What influences you, as an artist?

Creativity. I’m often frustrated with myself for not being creative enough. But I get super inspired when I hear others doing unexpected things. There’s nothing I like more than when songs surprise me. The world (both in general and in the trance scene) is so full of safe music. Same basic chords, same effects and the same basslines. That doesn’t interest me. I want something that dares to do things a little different. No need to totally reinvent music as we know it every time, but having the courage to do something a little different, not paying as much attention to what others do.

For those interested, I’m collecting new and good music in a Spotify playlist (no trance there). That will give you a little feeling of what I’m talking about:

What do you think makes a perfect track?

I wouldn’t say there’s anything like a perfect track. But when you get the emotions of a song just right, and the track sounds like it just couldn’t sound any other way, then you’re close.

It’s hard to convince in this industry (EDM). Are you just like those producers saying: “I am just doing what I love and try to keep it going”? What do you think of the famous EDM “trend”?

With EDM I assume you mean this fast food house music littering radio and dance floors the last few years? I’m divided. On the one side, it drives me insane that it’s so damn generic. On the other side, it’s electronic dance music, and any pop culture recognition of it should in theory be good.

I’ve had moments when I’ve cared way too much what everyone else was doing, trying to compete, and that is like an express ticket to writers block. It’s really tough to get out of that mind set, but I’m getting there. These days, I’m focusing of making music for myself. If I like it, I’ve satisfied my main customer and critic. Of course I’m happy when fans like what I do, but I need to be the first one to like it. So by that, I guess I end up in the camp trying to just do what I love doing. I’m sure I could’ve had way more commercial success if I’d tried to align my sound with musical trends, but that’s not why I make music.

What about the story that is wondering around that” Trance is making a comeback”?

I’m a little disconnected from the trance scene these days to be the judge of that. But a lot of big names have left trance partially or completely, for larger commercial success (I assume), and I’m not sure there are that many new talents out there ready to take the limelight and rise. Unfortunately, what I hear from new trance producers these days, is mostly very much generic. That is not the way to a comeback. I think trance music suffers from sentimentality. There’s new remixes of old tracks, and these days, also new remixes of old remixes of old tracks. That is not the way to keep trance fresh, modern and growing.

What do you think about the trance community?

It’s still amazing. A little scattered over the internet these days, but it never seizes to amaze me that everyone is so friendly in this community. For Luminosity Beach Festival 2017, I had a few friends joining, that have never been near a trance event. And they were so surprised over how nice everyone were. No fights, no arguing, no assholes. It’s just friendly people, young and old, from everywhere, all joined by the same love for trance music. That makes the best possibly crowd to hang out with. Love em!

We just saw you at Luminosity Beach Festival a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed every minute of your set. How was it for you? To be again in front of the crowd?

It felt GOOD. It’s been quite a while since I played out, and it was super fun to play a producer set (even though it was tough to select tracks for such a short set). The support from the crowd was fantastic, and I’m truly humbled by everyone showing up for my sets. I’m not much of a showy artist, I just love to be up there playing good music, letting the music do the talking. I really need to do more sets.

Where we will see you next? Any plans you can tell us about?

Next up is the now famous Monday Bar Cruise from Stockholm to Riga in early September. I’ve done those cruises twice before, and they are off the hook. Can’t wait to play there!

What are your plans for the next year/years? What are you planning producing related? When would we hear a new track from you? It’s been quite a while since Lachrymose. We want more! :)

I got a new single coming out in August. Can’t tell much about it just yet, but it’ll be a vocal track. I’m writing on three new tracks right now. I’m not as fast of a producer now as before (well, I’m super fast in actual DAW work, but I’m more picky these days, so the tracks takes longer). I’m not much for planning years ahead, so can’t tell you much there :)

Have you ever experienced the” creators block”? How did you snap out of it? I know a lot of producers would be grateful for some advices.

I’ve touched the subject in a previous answer, but I sure have experienced it. After my album We Might Fall, I felt empty of ideas. I couldn’t write anything. It felt like I had forgot the basics. Couldn’t even nail a decent bassline. This led to me listening a lot to what others were doing, but that just made it worse. That’s many years now, and it’s been a very slow recovery, constantly reminding myself not to care what others are doing. Never let the choice of melody, arrangement or sounds be dictated by “would anyone else do it this way”. Nowadays, I try to replace “is this too weird” with “is this good weird or bad weird”.

What would you say to someone new in this industry? What to avoid doing? What to never stop doing? :)

Learning the basics of music production takes time. Some are faster, some are slower, but everyone needs to do the grunt work, figuring out what makes a track. This is going to sound like an oxymoron, but in the beginning, it’s very helpful to try and replicate tracks of others that you like. Disect the tracks, figure out what goes where, why it’s there, how it would’ve sounded if it wasn’t there. That way, you get a good understanding of arrangement, and the way musical energy works. Music is very much about tension and release. Build up, break down. Not only on intro-breakdown-buildup-climax-outro level, but also on a sub-level, small fills, variations, fx-work etc. Those details are what elevates a track to “release worthy”. Once you’ve got a good understanding of that: stop listening to what others are doing. Try it your way. What you might think “this doesn’t sound like other artists” might actually mean you got something unique already. I wish I had realized this sooner, that when your music doesn’t sound like others, it’s positive, not negative.

I know this may be one of the hardest question for a trancer, but what is your top ten biggest trance tracks of all times?

Wow, ten? That’s a lot, but let’s try. With comments!

  1. Gouryella – Tenshi (Ferry, Tiesto and Vangelis, three of my favorites in one track. Still love it!)
  2. Midway – Monkey Forest (Always loved Ralph's metallic sound. So much energy, and the theme is so simple yet so memorable)
  3. Mesh – Esthetic Visions (Love the theme!)
  4. Questia – Crystal Clouds (One of those themes I wished I had written myself. This list could actually be 10 Vincent De Moor productions, but I chose my favorite. It’s brilliant!)
  5. Naxos Project – Cold Fusion (A track that pretty much no one knows about, but I love the edgy production. Simple theme but unique sounding and full of energy!)
  6. Cliff Coenraad – Gone South (Cliff really nailed this one. It’s as perfect as they come. This track couldn’t have sounded any other way.)
  7. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Remix) (Childhood favorite, still love the summery vibe. I was a big fan of Armin's sound at that time).
  8. Push – Strange World (That theme is so simple yet so powerful. Love the chord changes!)
  9. Andain – Beautiful Things (One of the best produced trance tracks to date. A wonderful fusion of organic and digital. Great atmosphere, wonderful vocals)
  10. Sander Van Doorn – AKA (Sam Mix) (Old gem by young Sander. This version is fantastic. Great use of sounds, and that build up is massive).

With which artist, would you like to swap the places for one day if you could?

I wouldn’t want to swap a day with any artist. :)

We're reaching the end of this interview; do you have a message to our readers?

Thank you for your support, and enjoy your summer! And why not follow me on Twitter, the best place to follow me for musical updates:

Everyone’s got a hidden talent. What’s yours?

Hehe, let’s go with the most useless hidden talent. I can ride a bicycle with my body reversed (back facing to the front). Reason for having this talent: Unknown. Amount of times this talent has been of any use: 0.

Thank you, Jezper! Thank you again for this wonderful interview!

And thank you guys for reading it all and don't forget to leave your thoughts here or on Social Media. Trance on!


Credit photo: Alan Donaldson @Luminosity Beach Festival.

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10 reasons - Why I'm going to 10 Years of TrancENDancE with Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate with Emma Hewitt, Ruben De Ronde, Snatt & Vix #ontheroad

You had to see this one coming! I started last month to ask some people why are they choosing a specific trance event and not another one, and the answers completely amazed me. There were some reasons I never thought off, and some that I agreed with instantly. Even if was a bit too busy lately and we couldn't be too active on the event's page, we followed closely what the romanian trance family is sharing, saying, enjoying or requesting there. We even read some of those ”why I am not coming to this event” posts. Buuuut, since we are the positive people and optimism is our middle name, we had to find out the Top 10 reasons why we're coming to this TrancENDance's 10 years anniversary with Aly & Fila, Ruben de Ronde, Cosmic Gate, Emma Hewitt and Snatt & Vix next friday, on October 21st at Arenele Romane! So, find your most comfortable position, grab your popcorn and let's do this!

1. New trance gathering. New TrancENDance party. I always appreciated what others do for trance music, and TrancENDance makes no exception. The guys behind it, Snatt & Vix are really nice to keep doing this even after 10 years, years that I am pretty sure they weren't too easy. Even if it may seem simple to organize an event, it isn't. A lot of things to consider. A lot of people to please. But the guys made it. Managed to bring a lot of awesome names and made the Romanian Trance Family happy. Just take a quick look through their ”history”: Mark Sherry, Daniel Kandi, Markus Schulz, Ashley Wallbridge, Jochen Miller, Ronski Speed, First State, Myon & Shane54, ATB, Darude, Ferry Corsten, Leon Bolier, Sebastian Brandt, Solarstone, Sied van Riel, Kyau & Albert, Heatbeat, Arctic Moon, Johan Gielen, Christina Novelli, Alexander Popov, Susana, Mark Sixma, Simon O' Shine, Aly & Fila, Emma Hewitt. If this doesn't put them on your ”good” list, I don't know what will.

2. Aly & Fila (well, just Fila). Both guys are amazing, and as I said in a previous article, they have one of the best trance radio shows ever. FSOE was, it is and I am pretty sure it will always stay true and faithfull to trance music. I just saw Fila 3 weeks ago at FSOE 450 Manchester and cannot wait to see him again. His sets are always different, always surprising and pretty much perfect.

3. Cosmic Gate. I do have some music crushes and Cosmic Gate are one of them. These guys are some of those who made me feel in love with this awesome trance music and I was desperatly looking to see them again. They are not coming to this side of Europe too often, so when I saw them in the line up that made my day. They came to Romania 3 years ago in Cluj at the Delahoya Music Festival, and I went there just for their set. I am that in love with their music. They had an amazing set, and the crowd, even if it was too small for them, makes me smile every time I remember that night. Looking forward to repeat it, in a week.

4. Emma Hewitt. This woman is just perfect. It's her second time here in Romania, and trust me it worth seeing her again. And again. And again. She's above a lot of artists when it comes to live singing and an awesome person to meet. I can't wait to hear ”Be your sound”, ”Coming home”, Restless hearts”, ”Rewind” again and to relive the beautiful moments from TrancENDance with Emma Hewitt, Sundancer and Snatt & Vix!

5. Ruben de Ronde. I never saw him live, but I listened to a lot of his sets online. Also, I heard he is the real deal when it comes to warm up sets, building up the night for the fans and artists playing after him. Looking forward to meet him and enjoy the magic.

6. Always looking for a trip to trance heaven. If I could, I would live in a trance heaven every day. So whenever there is a trance party near me, I have to be there. Also, the nice people of Iasi made the trips a loooot better by providing 4 flights/ day to Bucharest and better prices than other ways of transportation. So now, there is just one hour separating us from the Romanian Trance Heaven - Bucharest. ^_^

7. The trance family. Here I am just gonna repeat myself and say what I am always saying about this amazing community. Trance is connecting awesome people, and this event makes no exception. I met a lot of beautiful people this year, I will reconnect with them in Bucharest, but I will also make new friends. Here’s the thing with the trance community. Even if it may sound cliche – this trance family term, ohh best family in the world.. and so on, it is actually  TRUE. It is a fact. I am not saying other ”music families” are not awesome, because I don’t know them and most likely they’re awesome too, I am just talking about my opinion about the community I am a part of.  Most of the people I met are so friendly, so nice, so perfect, I couldn’t ask for more.

8.'s secret projects. I am always trying to do new stuff for the blog, for the trance community every time I come to Bucharest and this event makes no exception. So stay close. ;)

9. Forgetting about ourselves for one night. Partying always has been a major stress relief, and if you add trance to the mix is even better.

10. Love for trance. Love for music. Love for sounds. I describe myself through 3 simple things: design, trance music and blogging. Design is part of my life as a job, blogging as a passion and trance music as just simple air to breathe every day. I fell in love with this music back when I was in high school, have a lot of perfect memories with it and I cannot imagine life without it. It is the music that has always been there for me. The music that made me laugh. The music that made me cry. The music that made me love.

If you have more please feel free to share them by commenting below or just message them to me Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I hope I will see a lot of you awesome people in Bucharest, and till then don’t forget to support your favorite artists and keep listening to this awesome music.


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