3 new names. 3 very special B2Bs. 30 acts. The Untold line up for the Trance scene is final now and good to go!

Well, this is it. We finally have the final line up for the Trance Scene at Untold. They announced 3 more names in the past weeks and they couldn't choose better names. I was telling you in an older article why I want to see each name on the line up, I completed the list now.

  1. Andy Moor
  2. Atma Live
  3. Latam

Andy Moor is such a legend in the trance scene. He did a lot of good for it and still going on. I recently saw him again at an event, where he had 2 sets: one vinyl and one producer set and it was like watching magic. He chose each track so well, build up the energy and made us relieve the love for trance music over and over again.

Atma Live and Latam. I have to admit, I first heard of them this year, after Afterhills. They both played at the Essence stage and from what I heard they did an amazing job. Stalked them a little on social media and I really liked what I saw and heard.

  1. Airwave b2b John 00 Fleming
  2. Omnia b2b Ben Gold
  3. Mark Sherry b2b Richard Durand

3 stunning b2b acts. All 6 are amazing artists and we are really lucky to get to see these special b2b acts on the same stage.

Full line up look something like this:

  4. ATB
  5. ATMA
  13. LATAM
  14. MARCO V
  17. MARLO
  25. SUPER8 & TAB 

If this is not enough for you to grab your ticket now and get ready for Untold, then I do not know what else is. If you already have one, then see you there! If not, then grab one  and (again) see you there!

When: 2-5 august, 2018
Where: Cluj, Romania
How: Tickets and be found on the website www.untold.com.

If you didn’t find accommodation yet, there a lot of tips on their website. Just check them out.

Also, the Trance scene at the festival this year has its own Facebook page and event. Give them a follow for more news and updates!




Untold 2018 presents: Wolf Spirit

The forth chapter of Europe's best festival, Untold, continues in 2018 with a new story: Wolf Spirit - a theme where new characters are coming in to guide you towards the stages through thousands of fans.

Each Untold edition unravels a new chapter from their untold story of the Magical Land of night and magic, a Land protected by the Millennial Wizard. This year, the fans will meet new characters, that will lead them through a world of love, fight between good and bad, but they will also meet a world where man connects with nature through magic. Wolf Spirit is the fourth chapter the fans will discover on August 2nd to 5th.

The Untold Universe grows this year even more, has a even more spectacular story, which brings to us the Warrior King and the Wisdom Priestess. The Warrior King is the protector of the realm, and the strongest one on Earth. The Wisdom Priestess has the gift of fortune telling and preventing evil to take the Earth. The 2 are destined to a special bond, bond fuelled by their common force - the ability to control and harness their spiritual animal's powers: THE WOLF. Both are alpha leaders and their union allows them to summon the Wolf Spirit. Together will be the leaders of the wolf warriors and will protect the fantastic Untold realms, alongside the Dragon.

Thank to the Wolf spirit, the Mainstage will become the Wolf's Nest. The other stages will keep the fantasy real and will have their own stories too: Galaxy, Alchemy, Elements, Daydreaming, Forest, Time, Casino and Trance. All the stages hide a unique world and a unique message. Message all the fans feel alike.

To properly live this fantasy, to properly experience these 2 worlds unite for 4 days and 4 nights, Untold gathers us again in the charmed heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. The participants are encouraged to involve their heart and soul into the story and free their imagination, their creativity, turning themselves for 4 days into their favourite characters. You can all create your own costume and bring them to the magical land of Untold.


Main partners of the event areL Kaufland, Orange & Samsung, 5 minute de Libertate, Banca Transilvania and Ursus. Also partners like Absolut, Coca-Cola, Visa, Engie romania, P&G, Intersnack, UNIQUA Asigurari, Red Bull, Blue Air and Jaguar are ones that make this possible and support the festival.

When: 2-5 august, 2018
Where: Cluj, Romania
How: Tickets and be found on the website www.untold.com.

If you didn’t find accommodation yet, there a lot of tips on their website. Just check them out.

27 artists. One stage. One trance stage. Untold Festival made a very special gift to the Romanian Trance Community

I am looking at the video, and I still can't believe it. I am looking at the announcement, and I still feel like dreaming. There will be a Trance stage at Untold festival, and this is the best announcement they could've make.

I went to Untold for their first edition to experience the festival, and they made a very good impression. In terms of organisation, artists, people, everything went magically. It was a very nice experience and I told all about it in a very long article here. I know the article is in Romanian, bear with me. At that time I wasn't writing for the whole world. Will translate it later. Long story short, the 1st edition of Untold for me was all about the music and beautiful people. Armin did the most for me at that time. He was above everything. I am not the biggest Armin fan, but kudos for what he did there. And the next years after that: his set got longer and longer with each Untold edition. I am sure you all played this at least one time:

Well, this year they thought on making trance fans from Romania even happier. They finally announced for this 4th edition a trance scene. After asking for it, crying for it, making campaign and petitions for it, it finally happened. They made it happen. And they announced one hell of a lineup. I tried to make a short list out of all of these names, but I couldn't. I want to see them all. I want to catch them all!

It was very difficult to pick one track for each of them to put it here. Can you gues each one I chose before clicking on their names?

  1. AIRWAVE (for being such an amazing classics man)
  2. ASTRAL PROJECTION (legends! True legends for what they did since 1993 for the electronic music field. Legends!)
  3. ATB (It will be nice to see him again. :D )
  4. BEN GOLD (because I never saw him live)
  5. BOGDAN VIX (because he is one of the pillars of the Trance Community in Romania. Also, he will have a mint set!)
  6. BRYAN KEARNEY (the man is mad behind the decks, and I am also a huge fan of his music)
  7. CHICANE (another legend. ^_^ )
  8. FERRY CORSTEN (even tough it is not a Gouryella set, I expect to magic either way)
  9. GABRIEL & DRESDEN (more legends!!!)
  10. GARETH EMERY (he knows how to please the crowd)
  11. JOHN 00 FLEMING (on the progressive trance fields, he is doing magic. Definitely one to listen, to follow, to have on repeat)
  12. KYAU & ALBERT (more and more legends!!!)
  13. MARCO V (I will repeat the word legend for every artist here. :D )
  14. MARK SHERRY (ohooooo the power of his sets, his music never disappointed me)
  15. MARKUS SCHULZ (he is part Romanian already. :D )
  16. MARLO (Seen him in Chisinau a couple of years ago, happy to see him again, in Romania this time)
  17. MENNO DE JONG (The man knows what trance is. In trance we definitely trust!)
  18. OMNIA (Never seen him live. But I am in love with his music)
  19. ORJAN NILSEN (The man know exactly what powerful electric sets mean)
  20. RICHARD DURAND (Recently I've been listening to a lot of his music again and fell in love once more with his work)
  21. RUBEN DE RONDE (say progressive. Say Ruben De Ronde. Definitely the man to kickstart a trance night)
  22. SIMON PATTERSON (Trance crush. Music crush. for a very long long time)
  23. SOLARSTONE (Trance crush. Pure trance crush. Music crush. Forever crush. This man knows music. I mean really knows the goosebumps music.)
  24. STANDERWICK (LIVE) (I've experienced his DJ sets, but never a live one. Looking forward to it)
  25. SUPER8 & TAB (Legendes. Legends. Legends.)
  26. THE THRILLSEEKERS (Legend. Again. I know. I am repeating myself. But this man is amazing.)
  27. WILL ATKINSON (Trance crush. Music crush. Forever crush. There is nothing more to say that he will "Numb the Pain" out of me. )

Long post again, but this line up is something we never had in Romania. So, imagine the happiness within the Romanian Trance Family. And not only I might mention. There is already a tradition for a lot of foreigners to visit Cluj only for the festival. And now, with this announcement I expect for more of them to come. I even tempted some of my friends with the line up yesterday.

For those interested I am leaving here a little bit more details about the event:

When: 2-5 august, 2018
Where: Cluj, Romania
How: Tickets and be found on the website www.untold.com.

If you didn't find accommodation yet, there a lot of tips on their website. Just check them out. These may go away soon!