Damn, this is hard. But I have to write it down. On February 23, I got one of the worst news ever. I am still struggling to belive that it is real. I still can’t face the truth about you being gone. I still remember our last talk about music and your awesome plans for 2017. And to know that you’re not with us anymore it is too difficult to understand.

It is complicated. It is hard. You were are one of the people I cared a lot and all for one reason: the passion you had for this music we all love; the determination to fight for it and to make people happy. With your tracks. With kind words. With all the events. With all the memories. With being you.

16649435_1436908903028585_5440375436739697378_nI still remember first meeting you a couple of years ago in Bacau at a small trance party. I still remember our first chat online. I still remember we had some arguments back then and that I wasn’t your biggest fan. But, trance managed to solve all the conflicts and all the misteries. We continued to chat about it and soon we started sketching  ideas. About trance.ro, about coming to Iasi to play, about this movement.

We started a beautiful partnership for trancers.ro and I am happy I got the chance to meet a lot of amazing artists because of you; I got to enjoy amazing events because of you. Because of you and Bogdan. Because of a true trance team. You both did so many things for us, the simple listeners. And you did it for more than 10 years! You kept it going, even if it wasn’t that easy every time. You managed to bring a lot of awesome names and made the Romanian Trance Family happy.

16864786_883189198489978_2277609232456732023_n (1)Thank you, Dragos. Thank you for everything you did. Thank you for the fights. Thank you for the happiness. Thank you for the feedback and for showing me there is more than hate on this scene. Thank you for the interviews (no.1 and no.2). Thank you for beeing you.

The Romanian Trance Family definitely took a very hard hit this year. You were and will always remain one of the most driven people I know to fight for trance music and everything you believed in. Rest in peace, Dragos. You’ll definitely be very much missed.