The forth chapter of Europe’s best festival, Untold, continues in 2018 with a new story: Wolf Spirit – a theme where new characters are coming in to guide you towards the stages through thousands of fans.

Each Untold edition unravels a new chapter from their untold story of the Magical Land of night and magic, a Land protected by the Millennial Wizard. This year, the fans will meet new characters, that will lead them through a world of love, fight between good and bad, but they will also meet a world where man connects with nature through magic. Wolf Spirit is the fourth chapter the fans will discover on August 2nd to 5th.

The Untold Universe grows this year even more, has a even more spectacular story, which brings to us the Warrior King and the Wisdom Priestess. The Warrior King is the protector of the realm, and the strongest one on Earth. The Wisdom Priestess has the gift of fortune telling and preventing evil to take the Earth. The 2 are destined to a special bond, bond fuelled by their common force – the ability to control and harness their spiritual animal’s powers: THE WOLF. Both are alpha leaders and their union allows them to summon the Wolf Spirit. Together will be the leaders of the wolf warriors and will protect the fantastic Untold realms, alongside the Dragon.

Thank to the Wolf spirit, the Mainstage will become the Wolf’s Nest. The other stages will keep the fantasy real and will have their own stories too: Galaxy, Alchemy, Elements, Daydreaming, Forest, Time, Casino and Trance. All the stages hide a unique world and a unique message. Message all the fans feel alike.

To properly live this fantasy, to properly experience these 2 worlds unite for 4 days and 4 nights, Untold gathers us again in the charmed heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. The participants are encouraged to involve their heart and soul into the story and free their imagination, their creativity, turning themselves for 4 days into their favourite characters. You can all create your own costume and bring them to the magical land of Untold.

Main partners of the event areL Kaufland, Orange & Samsung, 5 minute de Libertate, Banca Transilvania and Ursus. Also partners like Absolut, Coca-Cola, Visa, Engie romania, P&G, Intersnack, UNIQUA Asigurari, Red Bull, Blue Air and Jaguar are ones that make this possible and support the festival.

When: 2-5 august, 2018
Where: Cluj, Romania
How: Tickets and be found on the website

If you didn’t find accommodation yet, there a lot of tips on their website. Just check them out.